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QCA Today: May 29, 2015

This feature collects articles published online by the following Quad Cities-area media outlets: Quad-City Times, Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch, River Cities’ Reader, KWQC, and WQAD. It also includes...

Funny Businesses: Patrick Adamson, Andrew King, and George Strader Discuss the Area-Comedy Renaissance

Funny Businesses: Patrick Adamson, Andrew King, and George Strader Discuss the Area-Comedy Renaissance

“Is that ahi tuna?” “No. It’s a-ha tuna. This is a comedy interview.” So went a not-atypical exchange during my recent conversation with area comedians George Strader, Patrick Adamson, and...

Dove Bard: Magician David Casas at Area Venues April 30 through May 3

Near the end of our recent interview, I ask David Casas a question that, I think, most people would want to ask a professional magician who spends much of his time making doves appear and disappear: “Has...

Persistence Pays: All Iowa Reads Author Robin Oliveira Discusses “My Name Is Mary Sutter,” April 22 and 23 at Area Libraries

In the opening chapter of Robin Oliveira’s My Name Is Mary Sutter, the midwife of the title shows up at the door of a doctor struggling with a childbirth. It is the dawn of the Civil War, and Sutter...

A Band-Aid for Roads: Iowa’s Gas-Tax Hike Is a Short-Term Fix for a Long-Term Problem

When Iowa’s motor-fuel tax increased by 10 cents a gallon on March 1, it represented a road that was both brave and opportunistic. It was also stupid, for two key reasons: Raising the gas tax doesn’t...

A Free Market by Force? The FCC and Net Neutrality in (Mostly) Plain English

Undoing the Arab Spring: Amaney A. Jamal, February 9 at St. Ambrose University

Nacho Radio: Dave & Darren Rescue Themselves from the Airwaves

No Easy Answers: Jessica Lamb-Shapiro on Self-Help and Self-Discovery, January 27 at Augustana College

Art to Heart: Drew Starenko Wanted to Teach Art. Instead, He Became a Local Pioneer in Heart-Bypass Surgery.

Small Solutions for a Big Problem: Sheryl WuDunn on the Oppression of Women, October 21 at St. Ambrose University

“I’m with the Banned!”: Winners and Favorites from Our 2014 Short-Fiction Contest

The Shrinking Gambling Pie: Jumer’s Boosted the Local Casino Market – but It Can’t Hide the Quad Cities’ Decade of Decline

The Forest for the Trees: Lessons from Newspaper Coverage of the Benton Mackenzie Trial and Rock Island County Government

Video: Mayor Gluba Hosts Roundtable on Housing Immigrants in Quad Cities

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Iowa Should Abandon Its Level Playing Field for Education Funding

When Davenport Community Schools Superintendent Art Tate announced in March that he planned to violate state law by spending more money per pupil than the state allowed, it highlighted the strangeness...

Rauner, Democrats Still Worlds Apart

I spent the better part of last Wednesday asking folks around the Statehouse if they had anything positive to tell me. I went looking for anything that might indicate a silver lining to this increasingly...

Republicans Snub Labor in Right-to-Work Vote

Governor Bruce Rauner had several House Republicans over to the Executive Mansion last week to ask them to vote “present” when the House Democrats called their “right to work” bill the following...

How Jury Trials Could Have Softened the Blow of the Financial Crisis

For most of our history, lawyers have thought of themselves as the unofficial fourth “arm” of the government. This view is more understandable from lawyers’ past role as “trial advocates” than...

Pulling Back the Curtain on Secret Working Groups

I recently obtained a document distributed by the governor’s office detailing the membership list and meeting times and locations of the secret state legislative “working groups.” The governor’s...

Few Recourses for Real Change

Rauner Playing Hardball on Budget, Term Limits

The Radical Pragmatist: An Interview with Republican GOP Candidate Mark Everson

Why Is Madigan Refusing to Cast Votes?

No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

Polling, Committee Suggest Rauner’s Roadmap

Get Cozy with the Reality of United States, Incorporated

Constitutional Convention: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Game

Electric Vehicles Should Pay Their Fair Share

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Now Playing: Friday, May 29, through Thursday, June 4

Now Playing: Friday, May 29, through Thursday, June 4

For show schedule information, visit: 61 Drive-in Theatre, Delmar Blue Grass Drive-in, Blue Grass Cinemark Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, Davenport FilmScene, Iowa City Putnam Museum, Davenport...

It’s a Pall World After All: "Tomorrowland" and "Poltergeist"

It’s a Pall World After All: "Tomorrowland" and "Poltergeist"

TOMORROWLAND To the credit of Disney’s marketing team, the intriguingly vague previews for Tomorrowland provided just enough (a grizzled George Clooney, “directed by Brad Bird” in the credits,...

The Fast and the Furiosa: "Mad Max: Fury Road"

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Tom Hardy plays the title character in Mad Max: Fury Road, director George Miller’s continuation-slash-reboot of his legendary post-apocalyptic action series that began in 1979,...

Off-Key: "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Where Hope Grows"

PITCH PERFECT 2 Pitch Perfect 2 opens strongly, with the peerlessly funny Elizabeth Banks (who also directed the film) and John Michael Higgins performing an a cappella rendition of the Universal Pictures...

Feminine Protection: "Hot Pursuit" and "Clouds of Sils Maria"

HOT PURSUIT All movies provide at least one reason to feel grateful, because even the worst movies eventually, mercifully end. Director Anne Fletcher’s action comedy Hot Pursuit provides exactly one...

Super Salad: "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

A.I., A.I. ... . Oh!: "Ex Machina"

The Crash of 29: “The Age of Adaline," "Little Boy," and "Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter"

From ’Puter to Putrid – A Birthday Letter: "Unfriended," "Monkey Kingdom," "True Story," "While We’re Young," and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2"

Crock and Bull Story: "The Longest Ride," "Woman in Gold," and "Wild Tales"

The Fortune of Wheels: "Furious 7" and "Freetown"

A Foot in the Door: With “Nightlight,” Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Go from the Quad Cities to Hollywood

Lay It Forward: "It Follows," "Get Hard," and "Home"

The Woods Beckon: Bluebox Films’ "Nightlight," Available on VOD March 27

Dire to Be Different: "Insurgent," "Do You Believe?", and The Gunman"

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An Unparalleled Experience: The Quad City Symphony with Yo-Yo Ma, May 14 at the Adler Theatre

An Unparalleled Experience: The Quad City Symphony with Yo-Yo Ma, May 14 at the Adler Theatre

Listening wasn’t enough. You had to be there to take it all in. As one of the world’s leading musicians, cellist Yo-Yo Ma is renowned for his compelling tone, masterful technique, and convincing...

Remembrances of John O’Meara Jr.

John O’Meara Jr. died on April 22 at age 58, and the memories and thoughts in this article attest to a much-loved man and musician who played in myriad Quad Cities-area bands in many genres. O’Meara...

Just the Right Bullets: New Albums from Local Artists Busted Chandeliers and Robyn McVey

Busted Chandeliers, Postmarks & Timestamps The first track of the Quad Cities quartet Busted Chandeliers’ Postmarks & Timestamps album is titled “Love Is Bold,” and the song is, too,...

Made with Casual Care: Joe & Vicki Price, “Night Owls”; Performing May 3 at the RME

The new album from the northeast-Iowa blues duo Joe & Vicki Price is called Night Owls, and the cartoonish cover art (by Vicki) features five literally skeletal figures (including a man and woman...

A Fitting Exclamation Point: The Quad City Symphony, April 11 at the Adler Theatre

The closing Masterworks concerts of the Quad City Symphony’s centennial season included a commission meant as a prelude leading, without pause, into Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I was skeptical. The...

A New Way of Seeing: Hey Rosetta!, April 24 at Rozz-Tox

Keepers of the Golden Egg: Shook Twins, April 16 at the Redstone Room

“Everybody’s Game Is Up”: Natty Scratch Celebrates 43 Years with a Reunion

Bloom Where You're Planted: Quad City Arts Visiting Artist Nnenna Freelon, at Area Venues April 8 through 18

Promises Nearly Fulfilled: New Releases by Local Bands Culture Coup and Milk Duct Tape

Keys to the Kingdom: The Quad City Symphony, February 7 at the Adler Theatre

An Anything-Goes Tapestry: All Them Witches, February 15 at Rozz-Tox

Roots Seller: The Musical Journey of Area Icon Ellis Kell

Invigorating Isolation: A 2014 Album

Illuminating a Musical Masterpiece: The Quad City Symphony, December 6 at the Adler Theatre

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Accentuate the Postulant: "The Sound of Music," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through July 25

Accentuate the Postulant: "The Sound of Music," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through July 25

There’s an effervescent joy permeating the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse’s The Sound of Music from beginning to end – minus the Nazi involvement, of course. Director/choreographer Jim Hesselman’s...

Saving Mrs. Bankrupt: "The Way West," at the Village Theatre through May 24

Saving Mrs. Bankrupt: "The Way West," at the Village Theatre through May 24

It was difficult to go into Saturday’s performance of New Ground Theatre’s The Way West without high expectations given the cast of women involved. I’ve enjoyed all four of them in the past and...

Chauffeur Show: "Driving Miss Daisy," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through May 17

Prior to Friday night, my only experience with Driving Miss Daisy was with the remarkable film version starring the incomparable Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman. Although its tenderness sticks with me,...

And the Tony Goes to … : "Antony & Cleopatra" at the QC Theatre Workshop through May 9

Much of Friday’s performance of the Prenzie Players’ Antony & Cleopatra played almost like a romantic comedy. Director Kate Farence’s staging of William Shakespeare’s tragedy feels lighter...

All You Need Is Like: "As You Like It," at Augustana College through May 10

Director Jennifer Popple’s decision to set her Augustana College production of As You Like It in the 1960s is one of the most appropriate changes in time-setting for theatrical material I’ve yet witnessed....

One Plays a Little Mermaid, the Other Flounders: "Fancy Nancy: The Musical," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 15

Top Five with a Bullet: "High Fidelity," at the District Theatre through May 3

I May Not Know Arte, but I Know What I Like: "Commedia Dell'arte," at St. Ambrose University, and April 25 and 26 at Additional Davenport Venues

Whole Lotta Shakespeare Goin' on: "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)," at the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre through April 19

Parent-Screecher Conference: "God of Carnage," at Scott Community College through April 18

Send in the Clowns. And the Acrobats. And the Musicians. And ... . : Daniel Rairdin-Hale Directs "Commedia Dell’arte," April 17 through 19 at St. Ambrose University, and April 25 and 26 at Additional Davenport Venues

Supper Heroines: "The Church Basement Ladies in: The Last (Potluck) Supper," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 16

The Wonderful Whizzers of Odd: "Urinetown," at the Prospect Park Auditorium through March 29

Copping Attitude: "A Steady Rain," at the QC Theatre Workshop through March 29

I Saw a Londoner, I Saw France, I Saw the Lead in His Underpants: "The 13th of Paris," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through March 22

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Featured Image from the Quad Cities Photography Club

Featured Image from the Quad Cities Photography Club

(The River Cities’ Reader each month will feature an image or images from the Quad Cities Photography Club. Click on the image for a larger version.) Lilacs are a wonderful reminder of spring. Vicki...

Enter the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest! June 1 Deadline!

Enter the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest! June 1 Deadline!

The River Cities’ Reader’s summer photo contest has returned, with four new categories for your submissions: “On the Waterfront,” “School’s Out,” “Summer in the City,” and “Hot Stuff!”...

Art in Plain Sight: Black Hawk Mural

The height of the five-story Black Hawk mural in the Rock Island District is what first catches our eye. Our attention continues to be held as we begin to realize that much of the mural is a painted...

Remembering Bruce Carter

When Bruce de Gouveia Carter died on November 24 at age 66, he left the Quad Cities art community with a gaping hole. He was a visual artist, a teacher, and an art-store manager. But his largest legacy...

College Collage: Student Artists of the "2014 College Invitational," Opening November 8 at the Figge

For the seventh year in a row, Davenport’s Figge Art Museum will host its College Invitational exhibition, a celebration of visual artwork by students from area institutions Ashford University, Augustana...

Art in Plain Sight: Halloween Decorations

Concentration and Synergy: Despite a Pending Sale, Bucktown Is Poised to Thrive

Different Paths to Similar Ends: Megan and Kristin Quinn Honored with Riverssance’s Harley Award

Art in Plain Sight: The Arsenal and Wells Fargo Clocks

Hearts of Glass: Artisans and Students Make Hot Glass in a New Davenport Studio

Short on Legends, Loaded with Innovation: “Innovators & Legends,” through September 7 at the Figge

Art in Plain Sight: “Cadence of Diversity”

Timeless Treatments: Three Artists at the Quad City Airport Gallery Through June

Winners from the River Cities’ Reader’s 2014 Photo Contest

Art in Plain Sight: Blues Brothers and “Watching the Ferry”