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QCA Today: July 29, 2015

This feature collects articles published online by the following Quad Cities-area media outlets: Quad-City Times, Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch, River Cities’ Reader, KWQC, and WQAD....

Putting the Brakes on Traffic Cameras: The Iowa DOT’s Regulations Are a Good Start, but the Issue Begs for Legislative Action

Davenport started Iowa’s debate over using cameras to ticket vehicle owners for speeding and running red lights, so it’s appropriate to look at one of its intersections as an illustration of the current...

Funny Businesses: Patrick Adamson, Andrew King, and George Strader Discuss the Area-Comedy Renaissance

“Is that ahi tuna?” “No. It’s a-ha tuna. This is a comedy interview.” So went a not-atypical exchange during my recent conversation with area comedians George Strader, Patrick Adamson, and...

Dove Bard: Magician David Casas at Area Venues April 30 through May 3

Near the end of our recent interview, I ask David Casas a question that, I think, most people would want to ask a professional magician who spends much of his time making doves appear and disappear: “Has...

Persistence Pays: All Iowa Reads Author Robin Oliveira Discusses “My Name Is Mary Sutter,” April 22 and 23 at Area Libraries

In the opening chapter of Robin Oliveira’s My Name Is Mary Sutter, the midwife of the title shows up at the door of a doctor struggling with a childbirth. It is the dawn of the Civil War, and Sutter...

A Band-Aid for Roads: Iowa’s Gas-Tax Hike Is a Short-Term Fix for a Long-Term Problem

A Free Market by Force? The FCC and Net Neutrality in (Mostly) Plain English

Undoing the Arab Spring: Amaney A. Jamal, February 9 at St. Ambrose University

Nacho Radio: Dave & Darren Rescue Themselves from the Airwaves

No Easy Answers: Jessica Lamb-Shapiro on Self-Help and Self-Discovery, January 27 at Augustana College

Art to Heart: Drew Starenko Wanted to Teach Art. Instead, He Became a Local Pioneer in Heart-Bypass Surgery.

Small Solutions for a Big Problem: Sheryl WuDunn on the Oppression of Women, October 21 at St. Ambrose University

“I’m with the Banned!”: Winners and Favorites from Our 2014 Short-Fiction Contest

The Shrinking Gambling Pie: Jumer’s Boosted the Local Casino Market – but It Can’t Hide the Quad Cities’ Decade of Decline

The Forest for the Trees: Lessons from Newspaper Coverage of the Benton Mackenzie Trial and Rock Island County Government

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Governor Needs to Learn to Deal with Madigan

Last week, Governor Bruce Rauner declared to reporters that if it weren’t for House Speaker Michael Madigan, the budget impasse would’ve been resolved. And perhaps if the sky were green, then grass...

Mailer Shows Off Rauner’s Political Muscle

House Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters earlier this month that he’d had a “frank discussion” with Governor Bruce Rauner, “and I gave him good, solid advice.” Word is that advice had two...

Keep Your Hands Off My Raisins: Court Invalidates Antiquated Raisin Grab

Laura and Marvin Horne are raisin farmers. Early one morning in 2002, a truck appeared at their business, and the drivers demanded a whopping 47 percent of their raisin crop. The truck was sent by the...

The Dueling Realities of the Budget Stalemate

After staring at my computer screen for more than an hour, I realized that my goal of providing a succinct and thoughtful analysis of what happened on a very weird day last week in Illinois government...

Fight the Rules-for-Us/Rules-for-Them System

Halfway through 2015 already, and the stunning lack of oversight for increasing lawlessness remains unchanged – and it’s arguably even more rampant. It is hard to fathom how the children of the ’60s...

Democrats Finding Wedges to Use Against Rauner

The Death Penalty: The Ultimate Corrupt, Big-Government Program

In 2016, Let’s Have Real Presidential Debates

Dueling Messages Reveal Ploy to Work Against Madigan

Rauner Ad Leaves Daylight for Deals

Free Speech, Facebook, and the NSA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Governor Eyeing 2016 with Speeches, Money

Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny

Democrats and Republicans Still Have Much to Learn About Each Other

Governor’s Lobbyist Order Cements His Control Over Bureaucracy

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Now Playing: Friday, July 31, through Thursday, August 6

For show schedule information, visit: 61 Drive-in Theatre, Delmar Blue Grass Drive-in, Blue Grass FilmScene, Iowa City Putnam Museum, Davenport Rave Cinemas Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, Davenport...

True Detective / Truly Defective: "Mr. Holmes," "Southpaw," "Paper Towns," and "Pixels"

Friday, July 24, 10:40 a.m.-ish: It’s been so long since my last quadruple-feature – a miraculous six months plus! – that I’m only mildly dreading today’s, and only then because I know it’s...

Monog-Amy: "Trainwreck" and "Ant-Man"

TRAINWRECK Longtime admirers of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer could easily be troubled by director Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, considering that by its finale, the wickedly smart, subversive,...

Da Minion Republic: "Minions," "The Gallows," and "Self/less"

MINIONS The previews for the Despicable Me prequel-slash-spin-off Minions made me laugh out loud every single time I saw them ... the first dozen times I saw them. After the second dozen, though, I started...

Slumberless Party: "The Overnight" and "The Wolfpack"

THE OVERNIGHT Even with a goatee, Adam Scott has such a sweet baby face, and can exude such endearing boyishness, that when you see him in an early playground scene in his latest film, you’re half-surprised...

He Be Back: "Terminator Genisys," "Magic Mike XXL," and "Me & Earl & the Dying Girl"

Fuzzy and Furry: "Ted 2" and "Max"

Emotion Picture: "Inside Out"

Life’s a Beach, Then You Get Meds: "Love & Mercy" and "Dope"

Dino Might: "Jurassic World" and "D-Day: Normandy 1944"

CIA / ESP / WTF: "Spy," "Insidious: Chapter 3," and "Entourage"

Hawaiian Punch: "Aloha," "San Andreas," and "Far from the Madding Crowd"

It’s a Pall World After All: "Tomorrowland" and "Poltergeist"

The Fast and the Furiosa: "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Off-Key: "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Where Hope Grows"

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What Next for Blues Fest? Optimism for Next Year Ignores Long-Term Funding Challenges for the MVBS

The announcement came 10 days after the final notes of the 2015 Mississippi Valley Blues Festival should have filled LeClaire Park: There would be no 2015 Mississippi Valley Blues Festival. Citing financial...

Photos from Camp Euforia 2015

Photos by Lars Rehnberg ( from the Camp Euforia festival, held July 16 through 18 in Lone Tree, Iowa. Jeff Austin Band

“Resistance” Transforms Potential Into Maturity: Lewis Knudsen, “The Way of Most Resistance”; July 23 at the Redstone Room

Lewis Knudsen kicks off his album The Way of Most Resistance with a track titled “Death & Cats,” featuring the slightly ominous lyric “Death and cats are taking over / You better look over...

Back from the Bottom of the River: Walter Trout, July 21 at the Redstone Room

Last year was meant to be a celebration of 25 years as a solo artist for Walter Trout. For much of the year, it looked more like an obituary. “Provogue Records for the last five years has been planning...

Earthy, Elemental Explorers: Mondo Drag, July 9 at RIBCO

Describing the evolving musical philosophy of Mondo Drag, keyboardist/singer John Gamino said the band is learning patience: “Letting parts breathe. Kind of letting the listener ease into something....

Artistry That Refuses to Linger: Juan Wauters, June 19 at Rozz-Tox

Harnessing Terror, Gently: Strangled Darlings, June 11 at Rozz-Tox

An Unparalleled Experience: The Quad City Symphony with Yo-Yo Ma, May 14 at the Adler Theatre

Remembrances of John O’Meara Jr.

Just the Right Bullets: New Albums from Local Artists Busted Chandeliers and Robyn McVey

Made with Casual Care: Joe & Vicki Price, “Night Owls”; Performing May 3 at the RME

A Fitting Exclamation Point: The Quad City Symphony, April 11 at the Adler Theatre

A New Way of Seeing: Hey Rosetta!, April 24 at Rozz-Tox

Keepers of the Golden Egg: Shook Twins, April 16 at the Redstone Room

“Everybody’s Game Is Up”: Natty Scratch Celebrates 43 Years with a Reunion

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Making Mary: Heather Herkelman Plays Mary Poppins for Quad City Music Guild, August 7 through 16

I don’t mean to alarm you, but during my recent interview with Heather Herkelman, the area performer revealed something shocking and rather upsetting: Hawaii, it turns out, isn’t perfect. “There’s...

Flower Power: "Steel Magnolias," at the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre through August 2

Not long into author Robert Harling’s ensemble dramedy Steel Magnolias, the Louisiana beautician Truvy asks local socialite Clairee Belcher about the recipe for a delicacy called “cuppa cuppa cuppa,”...

In the Land of the Masks, the Blind Man Is King: "Oedipus Rex," at Lincoln Park through July 26

Despite the oppressive heat, the abundance of hungry mosquitoes, and the young couple behind me rudely whispering during the entire length of the performance, I not only enjoyed but admired Saturday’s...

Dual in the Sun: "Greater Tuna," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through July 25

During Thursday’s performance of the Timber Lake Playhouse’s Greater Tuna, I enjoyed comparing and contrasting the comedic styles of cast members Matt Webb and Cody Jolly. Each comical in their own...

The Sound and the Furry: "Cats," at the Prospect Park Auditorium through July 19

One of the biggest stars of Quad City Music Guild’s take on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats never appears on stage, though her mark is rarely invisible the entire time, as designer Sara Wegener is responsible...

Just Desserts: "The Red Velvet Cake War," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through July 19

Tall Tails: "Big Fish," at North Scott High School through July 19

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Old: "The Robin Hood Caper," at the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre through July 19

Oh, the Places You'll Go!: "Seussical," at the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre through July 19

Courting Danger: "A Few Good Men," at the District Theatre through July 12

Barrie, Barrie Good: "Peter Pan," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through July 12

Things Are Seldom What They Scheme: "The Merry Wives of Windsor," at Lincoln Park July 11 and 12

Ol' Blank Eyes: "My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra," at the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre through July 5

Savior Faire: "Jesus Christ Superstar," at North Scott High School through June 28

Feast and Foremost: "The Big Meal," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through June 27

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Featured Images from the Quad Cities Photography Club

The best images from members of the Quad Cities Photography Club are submitted and judged each year, and selections are made by outside judges for Image of the Year in three categories: nature, pictorial,...

"Submarine" Commander: "Yellow Submarine" Animator Ron Campbell, July 17 and 18 at Bucktown Center for the Arts

“When I was a child in Australia,” says 75-year-old Ron Campbell, “the way you saw cartoons was you went to the movies on Saturday afternoons, which was the way the movie industry catered to the...

Art in Plain Sight: The Giant Wheel

The Giant Wheel rises to a height of 110 feet above Modern Woodmen Park’s baseball field in Davenport. This exciting addition to the Quad Cities’ riverfront is part viewing platform, part light...

Winners from the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest

Many thanks to those who submitted entries to our 2015 photography contest, with the categories “On the Waterfront,” “School’s Out,” “Summer in the City,” and “Hot Stuff!” Our favorites...

Enter the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest! June 1 Deadline!

The River Cities’ Reader’s summer photo contest has returned, with four new categories for your submissions: “On the Waterfront,” “School’s Out,” “Summer in the City,” and “Hot Stuff!”...

Art in Plain Sight: Black Hawk Mural

Remembering Bruce Carter

College Collage: Student Artists of the "2014 College Invitational," Opening November 8 at the Figge

Art in Plain Sight: Halloween Decorations

Concentration and Synergy: Despite a Pending Sale, Bucktown Is Poised to Thrive

Different Paths to Similar Ends: Megan and Kristin Quinn Honored with Riverssance’s Harley Award

Art in Plain Sight: The Arsenal and Wells Fargo Clocks

Hearts of Glass: Artisans and Students Make Hot Glass in a New Davenport Studio

Short on Legends, Loaded with Innovation: “Innovators & Legends,” through September 7 at the Figge

Art in Plain Sight: “Cadence of Diversity”