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Stieglitz Gets His Recognition in Traveling Exhibit PDF Print E-mail
Art - Reviews
Tuesday, 04 December 2001 18:00
According to urban legend, the young schoolteacher from Texas stormed into the powerful man’s office and demanded, “How dare you display my drawings without my permission!” At 56 years old, Alfred Stieglitz was already taken with Georgia O’Keeffe’s abstract charcoal drawings; now he would fall in love with the woman.

Artists Explore Different Facets in Strong Show PDF Print E-mail
Art - Reviews
Tuesday, 20 November 2001 18:00
Akiko Koiso’s ceramic sculptures have always exhibited fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a refinement, beauty, and a sense of proportion that attract me. Her works transcend their media, letting form, color, and beauty attract.

Portraits of Isolation PDF Print E-mail
Art - Reviews
Tuesday, 06 November 2001 18:00
“Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship,” said the ancient Greek painter Zeuxis, in his most famous quotation. With that admonition, this review is duly cautioned. Zeuxis is also a national group of professional painters who support the art of the still life.

Artists Create a Seasonally Haunting Exhibit PDF Print E-mail
Art - Reviews
Thursday, 18 October 2001 18:00
Bruce Walters’ Two Crosses reminds me of a walk in a New Orleans cemetery with the crypts above ground and the iron-grate doorways; it is a graphite painting that uses a dramatic portrayal of lights and darks to give the eerie feeling one would get while walking alone at night in a burial ground.

Strong Exhibit Ignores Brutal History PDF Print E-mail
Art - Reviews
Tuesday, 02 October 2001 18:00
Mark Twain was part of a worldwide movement against the use of slave labor to harvest wild rubber in the Belgian Congo. He was protesting King Leopold of Belgium’s treatment of the native peoples of Africa that accounted for an estimated five million to eight million deaths.

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