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Simon Was a Rarity: an Honest Politician PDF Print E-mail
Illinois Politics
Tuesday, 16 December 2003 18:00
My father is a Barry Goldwater Republican. Goldwater, you will recall, was the Republican presidential nominee in 1964 who once said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” Dad never voted for a Democrat in his life until 1984.

Illinois Governor Avoids Looking Bad – Again – on ComEd Bill PDF Print E-mail
Illinois Politics
Tuesday, 09 December 2003 18:00
Without a doubt, it was way past time that a giant corporation was rebuffed in Springfield. Every year, at least one of the big boys hires every available contract lobbyist, signs up a PR firm, cuts a deal with some pliable and influential third parties, and descends on the Illinois statehouse with a clever proposal in hand.

Media Silence on 9/11 PDF Print E-mail
Guest Commentaries
Tuesday, 02 December 2003 18:00
A subpoena can work like truth serum. Drag waffling officials and dissembling politicians before a serious investigating body and suddenly secrets start to spill and disclosures mount. Dots are connected. Confessions emerge, and sometimes, indictments follow.

Give Us Equal Rights PDF Print E-mail
Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, 25 November 2003 18:00
In the words of John F. Kennedy: “A nation cannot be free until all of its citizens are free.” Let the homophobic, bigoted, religious right keep their preaching to themselves. Keep your terminology “marriage” (50 percent of which end in divorce); just give us our rights that are guaranteed to free people.

New Medicare Bill Largest Entitlement Expansion Since the 1960s PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 November 2003 18:00
Many Republicans must be fairly dumbstruck this week, after the recent vote (55-44) to pass a new Medicare bill that critics say is no reform at all, especially because it only significantly benefits the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, giving precious little relief to seniors and other participants in Medicare.

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