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Rhetoric Should Be Toned Down on School Closings PDF Print E-mail
Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, 12 February 2002 18:00
I appreciate your sentiments regarding the Davenport Community School District’s recent decision to close Grant and Johnson elementary schools. (See River Cities’ Reader Issue 359, January 30-February 5, 2002.

Enron is Example of Failed Economic Model of Capitalism PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 February 2002 18:00
As the Enron travesty unfolds, promising to be the most diabolical and heinous corporate scandal in America’s history, perhaps citizens are beginning to awaken to the corporate terror being perpetrated upon us (is it any less terrifying to have your life’s savings, the resources you planned to live out your life with, wiped out by the very people you believed were protecting it?).

Lawsuits Gone Wild PDF Print E-mail
Guest Commentaries
Tuesday, 29 January 2002 18:00
Good morning, your honor. I represent the plaintiff in this matter, Becky Lynn Gritzke.” “Very well. Proceed.” “Your honor, as you may have read in the papers, we are suing the producers of Girls Gone Wild.

School Board Has Only Itself to Blame for School-Closing Disaster PDF Print E-mail
Guest Commentaries
Tuesday, 29 January 2002 18:00
It was almost like the old movie cliché: the packed public meeting at which angry and emotional townspeople give passionate, eloquent speeches that convince the council to Do the Right Thing. But Monday’s meeting of the Davenport school board didn’t end with a dramatic tie-breaking vote and the cheers of hundreds of people.

Who Gets the Ticket? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 January 2002 18:00
The Iowa legislature is considering new legislation to curb the predatory practices associated with contract home sales. There is also legislation pending to undo the damage perpetrated on Iowans in 1996, when the legislature passed a law permitting “pay day loans” that allow usury interest rates, or “fees” as they are called, to be charged to consumers who utilize the service.

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