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Written by Kathleen McCarthy   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 06:29

It is more apparent every day that the "change" Obama was elected to bring will not be forthcoming when it comes to the financial sector and foreign policy. Like Bush's former henchman Paulson, Obama Treasury Secretary Geithner advocates the elite global banking interests and is a puppet of the Federal Reserve Bank (which is neither federal nor reserve - remember? RiverCitiesReader.com/commentary/neither-federal-nor-reserve). It is just that simple.

Even the traditionally ultra-liberal press is starting to acknowledge the empty promises of change. Newsweek's Michael Hirsch recently wrote (TruthOut.org/041209Y) about a much-under-reported White House meeting March 23 between Obama and his financial cabinet members and a group of skeptical Democratic senators:

"His appointed officials and nominees were products of the very system that brought us all this economic grief; they would tinker with the system but in the end leave Wall Street, and its practices, mostly intact, the senators suggested politely."

And on Truthout.org's Perspectives pages (TruthOut.org/041409K), Anne Miller wrote:

"It was revealed that the Obama administration is planning on sending an additional 21,000 troops to Afghanistan with no clear benchmarks for progress or 'success' yet in place. Congress and the public should be asking what President Obama realistically thinks the U.S. military can accomplish with an additional 21,000 U.S. forces in Afghanistan. What can they do that soldiers from 41 countries in seven and a half years have been unable to accomplish? And what the British and the Soviets were unable to accomplish before that?"

Let's face it: One presidency after another and one Congress after another - no matter which "side" is in control - continue to perpetuate crisis after crisis so that the American people's civil liberties, fiscal soundness, and national sovereignty continue to be eroded. And as evidenced by Congress' passing of the USA PATRIOT Act (without reading it) and last year's bailout (despite calls from constituents as high as 200 to one against) and this year's stimulus packages (another unread law before the vote), our current legislators, regardless of party, are no longer representing us. The true crisis is a constitutional crisis.

After a while, the dots connect with little effort. What possible reason could exist for perpetuating the same ill-conceived economic solutions that are clearly failing? Why would our legislators allow the dollar's continued devaluation through unrestrained spending using unsustainable debt financed by ever-increasing taxes? Why do we continue to pour blood and treasure into unwinnable wars? Where is the "good of the country" in supporting these policies?

Is it possible that the objective for such policy is to destroy the dollar so that it can be replaced with a global currency, much like the Euro? It is being suggested that America's dollar be combined with Mexico's and Canada's currencies to establish the Amero. And eventually, these primary currencies will merge into one global currency. This is not some far-fetched conspiracy theory but a very real and viable plan for a final redistribution of wealth and power into the hands of central banks and the financial/corporate elite worldwide. There are countless examples of this very kind of coup throughout history. The current economic crisis, started by the Bush regime and perpetuated by the Obama team, is necessary for this outcome.

The American Revolution was fought to rid us of this precise tyranny. History books are full of evidence of the disdain with which our founders held central banking because of its stranglehold on entire nations. It is up to every American to stand against this onslaught by demanding accountability, by not swallowing the fear-based rhetoric of Wall Street or Pennsylvania Avenue, and by electing legislators who will act on the people's behalf, again. The current, entrenched legislators who voted for these atrocities must all go - regardless of party. An entirely new Congress with a mandate for upholding our Constitution is the only hope we have - and such a bright and powerful hope it is! No other country on the planet has such a perfect road map for liberty and the well-being of a nation. We just need to reemploy it. How lucky can we be?

Three Things You Can Do in the Next Week

1) Visit RiverCitiesReader.com/HowTheyVoted for links to how your Congress voted for the USA PATRIOT Act, bailout, and stimulus bills. In the Iowa and Illinois Quad Cities, you are most certainly not being represented by your congressional delegation.

2) Go to RiverCitiesReader.com/MyLegislators and lobby your congressional delegation to support House Resolution 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (OpenCongress.org/bill/111-h1207/show), which would open up the books of the Federal Reserve system for the first time ever so the American people can see how their treasure is being managed.

3) Attend the Continental Congress 2009 meeting next Monday evening at Thunder Bay Grille, and hear We the People's Bob Schulz recount his efforts to present petitions for redress and grievances (as provided by the First Amendment) to our government. Schulz, on a nationwide tour, is planning an historic meeting later this year in which three delegates from each state will convene as a national assembly to debate our constitutional crisis and establish practical strategies to peacefully reclaim liberty and restore constitutional order. More information on this event is at SuperLiberty.com.

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