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Corporatocracy: Cities, Counties, States, and Even Courts Are Corporations PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Editorials
Written by Kathleen McCarthy   
Thursday, 09 June 2011 05:59

I am aware of how difficult it is to accept certain truths of our times. Doing so requires letting go of deeply held norms that provide us with perceived security. Refusing gives each of us plausible deniability as truant citizens when it comes to our individual civic duty to remain vigilant. Unfortunately, freedom does not protect itself.

Americans refuse to admit that our governance is not what we think, that there is a terrible underlying fraud afoot, and that we are manipulated on a daily basis by powerful forces working in tandem to keep us uninformed: the two political parties – Democrats and Republicans – and the mainstream media.

All the mainstream news is choreographed to keep us in one camp or the other, and by doing so, the illusion is maintained that we are politically participating on an informed basis. When critics of the two parties’ ideologies, policies, etc. surface, the media is able to squelch it by declaring such critics as kooks and extremists as a means of marginalizing the data and keeping it from us.

All year long, the mainstream media systematically deliver sanitized but highly divisive information specifically designed to drive our opinions in one narrow political direction or another, depending upon which broadcasters you patronize, whether watching, listening, or reading.

It is the proverbial easy button. It keeps us anesthetized to the slow creep of authority over our daily lives, to the dual legal system fraudulently operating under our very noses, and to the abdication of the U.S. Constitution in favor of United Nations dictates and global governance via such organizations as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the G20.

This is a supremely difficult reality to even believe, let alone accept, as possible in America. Yet it is precisely what is occurring. But I implore you to not take my word for it. Research for yourself. Honestly, it will not take much to get you down this path. There is so much evidence in support of the overhaul of America that if you pursue it, you will be teaching the teachers before long. Put it this way: You have nothing to lose by just exploring these claims, and everything to gain by snapping out of the civic lethargy that has allowed this slow creep to occur.

We can start restoring our republic under the rule of law (America is not a democracy in the strict sense) by first taking back control of our counties, municipalities, and states through the lawful and peaceful means of nullification. Nullification is a civic tool that has always been available to Americans via grand juries, jury nullification, and state nullification of federal mandates. The courts would have you believe these processes are under their authority alone, but this is untrue at its very core.

We must also understand that every relationship individual Americans have with the government (a driver’s license, Social Security, Medicare, etc.) is contractual. As such, the terms of the contract must be disclosed, or the contract is null and void. This is true under common law, by which our republic was founded, and under corporate or commerce law, by which we are increasingly governed.

Corporate law is also known as maritime law, administrative law, and equity law, among other names. What is important to understand is that much of the code created under this form of law is unconstitutional, and is a very real departure from the common law that is the foundation underlying the U.S. Constitution, which protects our unalienable rights – including liberty, privacy, and property ownership.