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Davenport Must Improve Its Schools PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Letters to the Editor
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 26 February 2009 14:06

I just wanted to provide an insight from a family that left Davenport because of the schools. I grew up in Bettendorf, moved to Davenport, and after having children moved them to Geneseo, as I refused to put them in the Davenport school system. As a parent, I would not subject my children to 13 years in that school system to earn money for college. Not only is the crime rate in that school system high, but the schools do not adequately prepare the kids for college.

It boggles my mind that this program is based on the premise that there is a budding group of geniuses in Davenport that have the abilities, drive, and desire to go to college, but not the funds. In actuality, there is an abundance of programs designed to help underprivileged, deserving children get to college.

If they really want to keep young families like mine in Davenport, they should redirect these funds into making Davenport a safer place to live and improve the schools K-12 to compete with school systems like Geneseo and Bettendorf.

Good luck on Tuesday. I hope it doesn't pass!

Jennifer Schmedding

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Class of '08
written by Class of '08, February 27, 2009
Plenty of successful people graduate from the Davenport Community School systems. You're so afraid of a crime rate that involves such a small percentage of the student bodies. Put some faith back in your parenting skills and teach kids not to get involved. Problem solved.
written by Drewface, March 03, 2009
When I grew up in Davenport & went to Jefferson, then JB Young then Davenport Central I was shot once , stabbed twice, in gang fights, smoked dope, got brick thrown at me on school grounds and saw several of my brothers fail to graduate from High School. I made it through it all alive. Got a diploma too. After surviving Davenport, I grew up, matured, became a human being and moved to East Moline, got married, had kids and my kids went to UTHS. Then I built a house in Coal Valley & my last kid went to Moline. But, Moline is worse!... They kicked his ass out of school. They throw away kids at Moline High School. At least they let this long haired, dope smoking, shot up, stabbed in the head ghetto hippy stay in school and get my diploma. They throw away kids in Moline. It could be worse in Davenport.
written by Daniel Foley, Jr., March 13, 2009
It is an extremely difficult challenge to improve the schools when the funding is cut every year. Here's the news of latest cut:

Once again our school district leaders will be forced to make difficult decisions on how and where to make cuts. I'd rather they spent their time trying to figure out how to educate our kids. Maybe that is a luxury in this age. The Davenport Promise with all its faults very likely would have resulted in an increase in funding for Davenport schools for the first time in years. Again, if the Davenport Promise is not an acceptable solution, then what is? We can either pay for the poor education of our kids now or later in their lives.

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