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I Will Remember When I Vote PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, 08 August 2007 02:16

I attended the John McCain rally at the Bettendorf home of Carrie and Pete Peterman on Sunday, August 5. I parked my car at a school down the road and rode a shuttle to their home and arrived about five minutes before the 5 p.m. event was to start.

The nice lady who was working the table with name tags asked if I was on the list, to which I replied that I didn't know that there was a list that I was supposed to be on. She said, "Well that's okay" and asked me my name, which she wrote on a name tag and handed to me.

I stuck on the name tag and proceeded to the back yard, where the event was being held. I joined in by filling my plate with a roast-beef sandwich and some buffalo chicken and had myself a pink lemonade. There were kegs of beer for the guests, but I don't usually choose to drink on a Sunday when I have to work the following day as a construction foreman.

I have attended many "meet the candidate" events, and as usual I was cordial and shook hands with anyone that approached me in my position toward the back. I met a friend from high school and was having a conversation with a nice man who wasn't a McCain supporter but had family that was on the staff of his campaign when a Bettendorf police car pulled up to the front of the house, and an officer made his way to the back yard.

The police officer walked through the people and directly to me, and he asked me to come speak with him in front of the house. He said that this event was invitation-only, and because I wasn't invited I had to leave.

I asked him why the nice lady at the table would write my name on a name tag and hand it to me knowing that I wasn't on the guest list if they hadn't made an exception to the list. I asked him if the other people who I saw enter that were not on the guest list were being asked to leave by the police. I asked him why the people who were responsible for maintaining the sanctity of the guest list had not just asked me to leave rather than calling the police to remove me. Finally, I asked Bettendorf officer Ramos if there had been any complaints about my behaviour. His reply was that there were no complaints other than that I was not on the guest list, and that the person at the door may not have been the final authority to decide if an exception could be made.

I have my suspicions why I was treated like a criminal when a simple "sorry, you are not on the guest list" from the staff would have sufficed. I have a long ponytail and a beard, and there is still discrimination against people who look like I do in our free society. Either John McCain doesn't want to represent me, his campaign is afraid that I might be called on in the "question and answer" period and ask a pointed question that he would want to avoid, or his local staff or the host are just prejudiced snobs. Remember, they didn't have police remove other people that the lady working the table made and exception for, just the "long hair."

In all the "meet the candidate" events that I have attended over the years, I have never been treated so poorly. Yes, officer Ramos was polite and even gave me a ride back to my car in the back of his squad car after running my driver's license, but to think that the John McCain people would call the police on me without ever once saying that there was a change of policy or a problem with the management of the entrance was extremely rude. I will remember this when I vote.


Chris Rice

Rock Island



Celtic Highland Games Omitted from Annual Manual

How could you leave the Celtic Highland Games out of the festival list in the Annual Manual for the Arts? (See River Cities' Reader Issue 643, July 25-31, 2007.) Bands include Searson, playing at 4 p.m. on the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, and at 8:30 p.m. in the Ceildih; Barley House, opening the Ceildih at 6 p.m. and playing during the day in a music session; a dance performance by the Mullane Irish Dance Academy at 7:15 in the Ceildih; and a full list of new workshops in flute/tin whistle, Irish drumming, Irish fiddle, etc.

A full list of events can be found at ( Click on "schedule."



(From the River Cities' Reader Web site.)


Editor's note: The omission was an oversight. The Reader regrets the error.

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written by David L Lamon, August 11, 2007
Forget McCain he's out of it.
Fred Thompson A Sugar Daddy

Dear people of Iowa,
Get your collective heads out of your behind and think about what you are doing. Iowa’s republicans have always led the charge for leaders of moral character until now. I see Fred Thompson is second in your polls and that really bothers me about you folk. We tried to compromise with the world by putting a queer in charge of the party and it cost us dearly because that is not what this party is about. The Republican Party has always come down on the side of the righteousness of God and the constitution he gave us. Come on people get a grip you don’t give the most powerful position in the world to a man with this mentality, Fred Thompson is nothing more than a glorified pedophile with status. It appears not only has Fred deceived himself or let his overblown ego get the best of him or he really believes this wife that is half his age married him for his looks. We are in reality talking about old, wrinkled, beer bellied, rich man here and a gold digger for a wife. A man that is twice his wife's age is not worthy to be considered to make decisions affecting the nation. This means Fred Thompson was already a grown man before she was even a twinkle in her daddy’s eye. I realize this sounds awfully harsh and it is but factual because we are talking about the potential president of the United States. I also realize you could say she was of age when the decision to marry him was made but it is not her running for president. Consider what this is telling you about a man that would do this. I can see the liberal headlines; “Young Woman Marries Man for Money “ or “A Woman of Desperate Insecurity Finally Finds Her Sugar Daddy.� By the way the song ‘Sugar Daddy’ will most likely be the theme song of the Democratic Party should he become the frontrunner and this is the encyclopedia definition for Sugar Daddy; a slang term for an older (usually richer) man who courts a much younger woman. Can you imagine constantly seeing him on stage after stage with this daughter of a figure on national TV, a man that looks more like her dad or granddad than her husband and what message does this send? I believe one has to look into the mind of a guy like this and with pedophilia already running rampant in this society we don't need one in the White House especially since he is not a true conservative to start with. Mr. Thompson can help the party by staying out of politics and not disgrace this party anymore than it already is. It makes me want to vomit when I hear republicans comparing him with Ronald Reagan, read my lips, he ain’t no Ronald Reagan. While senator he voted to eliminate the grass roots from being involved in the election process and lobbied for baby killers (abortionist); Ronald Reagan would never do this. With the party at the crossroads we need to restore the virtues that once guided it and not tear it down further. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is an NGO that needs to be brought up on charges of treason instead having an ally in the White House and the state department. As a matter of fact no elected member of government should be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Tri-lateral Commission because both have the goal of a one-world government. Currently there are more senators that belong to this NGO than those that do not belong to it.

I know we are all desperate to keep Hillary or one the other Marxist from being president but come on let’s not lose our focus of what we are as a party. We must get the independent vote to win. The Hispanics are already moving in our direction so let’s not blow it by putting this man in office. We cannot and must not let the party be dragged in the mud by allowing Fred Thompson to bring disgrace to it. Our party needs a moral man that will restore a lost thing in this country and I am talking about the American dream, which encompasses stopping the moral decline of this nation by going after the leadership of the ACLU and charging them with treason, foundations such as Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie all of which pour money into socialistic causes such as the open border policy of Bush, going after liberal judges that make law as they go, and rid the country of liberal professors that teach the destructive art of political correctness doctrine and have redefined multiculturalism to mean foreigners need not be assimilated into American society but should retain their culture that failed them miserably causing them to flee for survival. We need professors that will educate them towards right thinking and prosperity. Please reach the people you have access to and warn them about this guy.

written by Michael-DAV, August 14, 2007
The crazies have finally started to feed on themselves. It was only a matter of time before the religioNazis lost it.

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