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Written by Robert L. Schulz   
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 05:43

There is a growing "Constitutional Divide" in America.

On one side there are the "defenders," people who have educated themselves and understand the power of the Constitution as a set of principles to govern the government; a shield between the people and tyrannical despotism; a document the People must defend, as it cannot defend itself, that must be construed in its entirety, its provisions inextricably intertwined. It is therefore not a menu from which elected officials can pick and choose at whim.

Defenders are compelled to take action, as they know every violation of the Constitution further devastates our Nation, our people, and our economy.

On the other side of the Constitutional Divide are the constitutionally illiterate, as well as officials who blatantly ignore its importance.

The Supreme Governing Law of America is our Constitution. The Oath of Office affirms this. Do we call officials opposed to its enforcement "illiterates," or do we refer to them as "traitors," because of their treason to the Constitution?

Those who do not know or care about the Constitution are easily led to believe the government is omnipotent, and if any might disagree with its behavior their only option is to vote for someone else in the next election, as if we were a pure democracy rather than a Constitutional Republic.

The illiterate embrace these falsehoods even as their individual freedoms dwindle, a police state emerges, and government takes bread out of the mouths of labor and acts to enslave with debt the children of future generations.

A special threat is posed by our constitutionally challenged journalists. We are witnessing a dangerous acceleration of the media's polarizing propagation of misinformation of extreme ideas, doctrines, and principles that contravene America's Constitution and Founding Principles - propaganda that serves to widen the Constitutional Divide.

A case in point: To gain support for his proposal to have the government become a provider of health care, an idea that has no authority under the Constitution, Mr. Obama spoke in New Hampshire (August 11) and Arizona (August 17). Amidst the citizens who gathered in these communities to exercise their First Amendment right to voice support and opposition were those educated about the Constitution, some of whom were legally and openly carrying firearms. Their purpose was to give expression to the fact that constitutional violations are increasing in frequency and severity, and that these constitutional violations are threatening the public tranquility.

The media falsely reported their purpose was to intimidate those who disagreed with them, and proceeded to label them as "anti-government," "far-right," and "racist." A pattern of biased opinion masquerading as fact emerged, which could only harden the frustration and resolve of the constitutional defenders, while adding to the ignorance of the illiterate. To what end?

Only constitutionally challenged journalists would equate "pro-constitution" with "anti-government" and label as "far right" those who believe in the Constitution and its essential underlying principles.

As editors, producers, and publishers continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the message of the constitutionalists (often ridiculing, mocking, taunting, or laughing at them), they further prejudice and turn uneducated Americans against the interests of the Constitution and our Founding Principles, while firming the resolve of its defenders.

No matter how infringements upon our freedom have been clothed and justified through the deceptive dialects of government legislation, political correctness, or the missives of constitutionally ignorant pundits who attempt to craft our collective reality, the Light of Liberty will not be dimmed easily.

On November 9, 153 people with a passion for the Constitution will convene Continental Congress 2009. They will methodically and factually document constitutional abuses and the government's refusal to respond to First Amendment Petitions for Redress. They will propose specific nonviolent, legal actions to remedy the grievances.

There are citizens from all walks of life (the majority of whom do not own guns) preparing for this national event that seeks to peacefully narrow America's growing Constitutional Divide. For more information, please see or

Robert L. Schulz is chair of the We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress.

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