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Occupy the Fed, Not Wall Street PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Letters to the Editor
Written by Mike Angelos   
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 13:55

As with most movements that threaten the status quo, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is being co-opted by that very status quo, under the guise of class warfare, in order to continue pitting Americans against each other.

This movement needs to focus on the big picture. The government facilitates the monopolies that corporations use to exercise their greed. And the Federal Reserve funds these elites’ escapades – wars and welfare – with bailouts and inflationary money presses.

Protesters’ anger should be directed at the Federal Reserve System, an unconstitutional banking cartel, and corporatism – the merging of big government and big business.

Ron Paul has pushed for an audit of the Fed. When America realizes the Fed creates the economic cycles that strip us of the hard-earned fruits of our labor and makes us poorer through the inflation tax, the Fed will be put out of business and we’ll see the restoration of sound money.

OWS should take a look at to understand the real problem.

Mike Angelos

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Local Occupy Wall Street Quad Cities Political Soap Box event organizer
written by Roger Farinha, October 12, 2011
I see the Occupy Wall Street movement as a new Awakening in the American consciousness that our true oppressor is the polarization of wealth in our world and its driving engine, the profit motive which continually squeezes the American people out of their generated wealth. I believe we can come to a deeper cause for the American People beyond the Republican/Democratic/Tea Party/Liberal lines, if we will only take the time to talk to each other openly. This is why I'm putting on this political soap box event.

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