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Ron Paul Personifies Iowa GOP Party Platform - Page 2 PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Editorials
Written by Kathleen McCarthy   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 06:01

As for leadership skills, again, candidate Paul is second to none. A perfect example of this is Paul’s Restore America Plan, which is a highly detailed blueprint for achieving nearly every plank in the Iowa Republican platform. You can evaluate it for yourself at

None of the other candidates has submitted such a comprehensive plan for cutting $1 trillion in government spending and balancing the national budget in three short years. This is considerably more aggressive, something that the even the deficit-reduction “super committee” could not achieve. There is no other candidate committing such an exhaustive and detailed fiscal plan to paper.

At a minimum, the MSM could use Paul’s plan as a point of comparison, but instead it ignores it altogether. Certainly if Paul’s plan is without merit, the MSM would use it against him, but apparently that is not an option.

By every measure Dr. Paul far exceeds the other candidates in his understanding of and commitment to all the conservative core issues, such as no more deficit spending, limited taxation, free-market economies, personal and family liberties, protection of property rights, strong defense with limited foreign interventionism, and, above all else, the conservative principle of small government and state sovereignty. His plan cuts five agencies, including the IRS and TSA, altogether, and decreases the federal payroll by 10 percent, for starters. These are all in keeping with the Iowa platform.

Let us not forget that in 2003 Paul accurately predicted the approaching financial crisis due to the federal government’s intervention in the housing market via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with the Federal Reserve Bank’s manipulation of interest rates. Don’t Americans want a president that pays this close attention and fearlessly warns us?

All the evidence points to the other candidates, most especially Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, as big-government Republicans. Both have a long history of supporting huge government programs, especially in health care – Romneycare in Massachusetts, and Gingrich’s well-documented support of Clintoncare. Gingrich also has a lucrative history with the health-care industry, receiving $37 million from it for lobbying Congress. In addition, he was a paid consultant during the same time that Fannie and Freddie were failing, and while Fannie executives were indicted for cooking the books.

Add to this both Gingrich’s and Romney’s documented support of cap-and-trade, including support of aggressive government intervention in climate change. This central-bank-backed agenda is rooted not only in growing government, but in expanding global intervention in domestic policies. There is little evidence beyond campaign rhetoric that these counterfeit conservatives would fulfill a limited-government agenda.

Paul espouses, and history validates, that increased taxation has never resulted in reduced spending, but instead has always led to increased spending. Every time Congress legislates additional revenue through taxation, it has only increased expenditures and borrowing. Neither the Republican and Democratic parties nor the MSM share this fiscal truth with the public, so their arguments for additional taxation as a solution for resolving the national deficits are false from inception.

Congressman Paul demonstrates fearless clarity in informing Americans that regardless of the expenditure, government has to borrow almost half the money. In other words, for every dollar of expense, 40 cents of it is borrowed, with interest. Recall that Dr. Paul originally exposed both parties’ disingenuous claims of spending cuts as merely decreases in the automatic increases that plague the government’s annual budgets. He is one of the few candidates willing to tell Americans that regardless of the economy, government budgets enjoy annual automatic increases. One of the most underreported facts is that any recent proposed cuts were only for lower automatic spending increases, resulting in zero actual spending cuts. Zero. It is complete spin, and only Paul has had the integrity to say so.

The MSM minimizes Paul’s candidacy with accusations of extremism, including claims that Paul’s advocacy of limited government intervention in health care and welfare would starve the poor and allow sick people to perish. The record shows quite the opposite. In Paul’s medical practice alone, he literally treats the poor for free. He makes this decision as a physician not beholden to mandates from the government. His position is that, in the absence of government coercion, society and the private sector have always stepped up to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves – much more efficiently and less costly than the government, specifically because government coercion does not foster results.

Furthermore, if states want to deal with health care on a state level, it should be their exclusive domain, because states know their own needs better than the federal government. The federal government is ill-equipped, evidenced by the fiscal mismanagement of both Medicare and Medicaid. What better proof do Americans need that these welfare/entitlement systems are unsustainable as currently designed?What the MSM never explains is that Paul’s Restore America Plan specifically grandfathers all current recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, as well as veterans’ benefits. It is a bald-faced lie to say anything else.

The corruption that goes with foreign-aid expenditures knows no bounds. Billions in cash have gone missing in both Iraq and Afghanistan alone. Private war contractors receive $150 billion annually, $60 billion of which qualifies as either fraud or waste, according to the recently released waste, fraud, and abuse report by the Commission on War Contracting. Nearly half of the money allocated to this particular portion of defense spending is either waste and/or fraud. Even worse is that the waste, fraud, and abuse are putting our own military personnel in harm’s way!

Every American should watch the C-SPAN hearings the commission held to report its findings to Congress. This is true “reality TV.” Understanding the danger that war contractors alone pose to our troops will boil your blood. Most are basically unaccountable, and receive billions more for the same jobs. It is unconscionable.

Paul recognizes the inanity of these programs and policies. Obama ran on the promise of eliminating the 100,000 war-contract personnel deployed when Bush left office, instead increasing the number to 200,000 in the following 18 months. That number promises to grow exponentially again once troops are pulled from Iraq.

Even globalist Council on Foreign Relations president emeritus Les Gelb acknowledges: “The real shocker was how all those candidates, save for Paul and Huntsman, almost totally neglected the now-central economic dimension of international affairs. Only those two noted the new reality of world politics – that economic strength matters more than military might.”

Consider that if Paul’s Restore America Plan were implemented and militarism (nation building, interventionism, and nearly 900 military facilities) was cut from the budget, our defense budget would still be larger than all other countries’ military budgets combined!

Finally, Dr. Paul is the only candidate whose voting record bears witness to his upholding his oath to protect the U.S. Constitution. He has never disappointed the American people by waffling on this sacred duty. His strength of character is rare, indeed. While Paul is not as telegenic as a Romney, he also doesn’t need a teleprompter. Interviewers can’t trip him up because his message is always grounded in truth. He meets all of the Iowa GOP platform’s moral attributes, both personally and politically. If personal morals are a barometer for Iowa caucus-goers, then Gingrich is the quintessential opposite of Paul, who has been married to his wife Carol for 54 years. Three marriages, one after the other? Hardly Iowa values, if voters stand by the Iowa GOP platform. Former Speaker Pelosi recently threatened to expose ill deeds former Speaker Gingrich was investigated for by the House Ethics Committee. Gingrich’s response was that if she told, she’d be in violation of House rules. There’s a confidence builder.

Dr. Paul recognizes that America was founded as a republic under the rule of common (natural) law, and recognizes how far afield we’ve gone in legislating and adjudicating beyond what the U.S. Constitution allows, corrupting the rule of law and jeopardizing the very liberty these branches are tasked to uphold and protect. Unelectable? Wasn’t Obama also considered unelectable? It is time to elect a president who, like Paul, respects the authority of the people as greater than that of any branch of government – people first, states second, and the federal government a very distant third. Please note, Iowa Republicans: These principles are echoed in numerous planks in your own platform, as well.

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written by ae, December 08, 2011
All I can say is just WOW! This was an fantastic, informative article. If you don't mind, I'll be sending the link to as many people I can. Well written and more detailed than anything I've read to date.
Yeah. Wow, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Dr. Jekyll, December 20, 2011
Mr. Hyde, corporate shill's don't call #Occupy a "healthy movement." Paul does.
written by Albert Meyer, December 20, 2011
How refreshing to find a media piece that gives a complete picture of Ron Paul and his positions. What better way to measure the man's candidacy than against the GOP Iowa's platform. What a novel idea!

If voters want more wars, more torture, more assassinations, more drone attacks, more spending, more debt, more erosion of civil liberties, more graft, more greed, more of the same - all the wonderful stuff the other candidates have to offer - then Ron Paul is not their man.

If Iowa voters care about the party's platform, Ron Paul is a no-brainer, thanks to Kathleen's McCarthy's excellent analysis.
thank you for the wonderful article!
written by julie urban, December 20, 2011
finally a REAL journalist!
thank you very much for getting out there and collecting the facts! and then writing your article in a clear style, anyone can understand.
it is refreshing to say the least!
i wish there were more reporters out there doing the same.
thanks again kathleen mccarthy!
Thank you for your perspective.
written by Kathleen Gee, December 20, 2011
Ms. McCarthy,

Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness with which you've approached Ron Paul and his positions on the issues. In a just world, every article about every candidate would be this well-researched, and contain this level of detailed analysis. Unfortunately, we don't live in a just world, and because it's so good--the best article I've ever read about Dr. Paul, actually--I'll be sharing it with every undecided voter I know.

Unfortunately, my state's primary won't take place until June, so for all intents and purposes, my vote won't count. I'm trusting my friends in Iowa to do the right thing and give Dr. Ron Paul a massive, undeniable, un-spinnable first place finish in the caucuses.

God bless Iowa, God bless Ron Paul, and God bless the USA!
We Have Reached A Paulian Moment
written by Demos, December 20, 2011
Right now the Empire's commentariat is bludgeoning Dr. Paul with the Rascist Ron Paul Newsletter Scandal TM up and down the AM dial, across both the Left Bewb and the Right Bewb Tube, and throughout teh Liberal and the Conservative blogospheres. Viewed in their worst light, the newsletters paint Ron Paul as either a racist or cynical opportunist, or no less damningly, given the office he seeks, as an incompetent out-of-touch manager. The allegations are not new, nor his ineffectual efforts to refute the charges or distance himself from them. But for this one thing he has led an exemplary public and private life.

Given the enormous stakes posed by this most consequential election, should his presumed authorship of these letters disqualify him from holding the Presidency? From what I have seen of him, read of him, read by him, he is the least convincing racist anti-semite that I have ever seen. But that's just me with my own peculiar imperfect sense of things. And no, I can't explain his role in l'affaire newsletter, and yes I wish it would just go away.

Yet when I look at the whole candidate I see not only much that I like but much that I think the country desparately needs in its next chief executive. A man who will restore the rule of, and equality under, the law. A man whose first question will always be is a course of action Constitutional. Will it profit the people. Will it protect the nation. I see a man who has a sure, but not a cocksure, sense of what is in America's sole interest. A man who will rein in the economic and military excesses of the American Imperium. A bringer of peace and comity among nations. A man to restore our tarnished honor.

Paul has recognized that we must kill the Empire to save the Republic. In order to be great again, free again, America must shrink its outsized Gingrinchian conception of itself. More and more American might is becoming a gun for hire serving the national interest less and less. Already we are turning our guns on Americans. Paul says, the Founders say, we needn't go down this path toward oligarchy, economic collapse, world war, civil war...and surely that is the path we're on. Time is very short. We cannot afford to elect even one more bought and paid for politician from either bought and paid for political party.

If Paul has been a racist, so be it. As others have pointed out, I will take, any day, a racist in the White House who will end the detestable American practice of killing dark people around the world, over a personally irreproachable President who cannot recognize the evil and folly of destroying nations, dispossessing millions of their homes, their infrastructure, their way of life, their loved ones. Would Saddam have broken his country as impressively as we have done left to his own infernal devices? Any day I will vote to elect an inveterate racist such as Paul over a President who suffers countless innocent women and children to be blown to ribbons by Terror Drones in pursuit of enemies we have practically willed into existence by our policies and actions. Why we invaded Iraq I no longer remember. When we shall finally be free from the consequences of our folly in Afghanistan and the rest of the Mideast is a guess probably best left to future generations.

The Paulian Moment is coming like mathematical certainty. The center is not holding. America is bankrupt with untenable obligations. Ron Paul has been shouting 'Fire!' for years. If we don't want to see America engulfed in flames then we Americans need to get fully involved in deciding what works and what doesn't for our posterity. I don't think Paul is a racist, anti-semite, for that matter any kind of
anti-ism-ist you can name, or a kook. But for argument's sake I'll say I'm wrong and Paul is reprehensible. The Paulian Moment is this...

Do Iowans vote to nominate a bad man with necessary ideas, or a paragon campaigning on the disastrous and discredited
policies of the last two Administrations. Will Iowans give America a chance to save herself from further self-harm?

Thank you Ms. McCarthy
written by Gande, December 20, 2011
Thank you. I have not seen an honest article about Dr. Paul in a while. You just did give me one. I could not thank you enough. The challenges we face are enormous and honest input from people in you profession is severely lacking. You have given me a beacon of hope. Thank and I implore you, if you have not already, consider voting for Dr. Paul in 2012.

If It Were Possible...
written by Dennis Anton, December 20, 2011
..I'd give you an award for Most Logical, Truthful and Concise Journalistic Communication ever!
And the Party Platform idea. Nobody has ever thought to use it as a basis for validating Dr Paul's campaign. Especially to other GOPers, and the public.
You are head and shoulders above the MSM that is inarguably so. Thanks for some wonderful reading, both here, and in your other communiques...all great stuff! Thanks!
Neat Poster Spreadsheet
written by Mauibrad, December 21, 2011
Love that poster in the picture on this editorial.
Q: How to define 'free and independent press'?
written by Dan A., December 21, 2011
A: River Cities' Reader.

This is the most wonderful editorial about Ron Paul that any Paul supporter will ever read. Accurate. Enlightening. Thorough.

Ron Paul Super Brochure
written by William R., December 24, 2011
The only thing which compares to the comprehensive detail in this article about Ron Paul is the ron paul super brochure.

Google it! Notice that Ron Paul supporters are sending copies of it to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida etc.

Ron Paul chose Walter Williams to be his VP . Walter Williams is a brilliant black man who is the head of the department of economics at George Mason University.
He is an advocate of the Austrian school of economics, which is to say laissez faire Capitalism. Austrian Economics is so named because its founder, Carl Menger, and his students, Ludwig von Mises, Eugen von Bahn Bawerk, Hans Sennholtz, F.A Hayek were Austrian. All of von Mises works are available online free at the Ludwig von Mises Institute website:

You will find works by Murray Rothbard there too, e.g. The Case Against The Fed; Man Economy and State; Conceived In Liberty; The Mystery of Banking; The Great Depression.

Thanks for a wonderful article. I will spread the link to it.

Joe Penry
written by Joe Penry, December 27, 2011
There has been exactaly one negative (and true) comment about this editorial and it is not shown because of low ratings. That tells me that the editor is afraid of the truth. Ah well, there is not a single republican out there who can beat Obama at this time, no matter what the racist crazies think.
The Article that Keeps on Giving
written by Laura Burkett, April 25, 2012
Walking into District in Mt. Pleasant last weekend, April 21, I noticed this issue of RiverCitiesReader with Ron Paul, "Walking the Talk". I picked it up and was blown away with facts!! What a well written and concise look at Ron Pauls platform and how it aligns to the sound principles outlined in the GOP platform. I hope many more will read this and pass along to others who dearly need and education of facts; rather than the media bias on both sides as they manipulate the electorate with the mantra "Ron Paul is unelectable". The status quo Republicans, that the media and the "leadership" have pushed on us for the last 20 years, have grown the federal government almost as much as the Dems. Time to let a true conservative, Ron Paul, revive the US Constitution and turn America back to the people.

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