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Question Corporate Media’s Version of Events PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Editorials
Written by Kathleen McCarthy   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 05:01

Try not to blindly accept the emerging “official story” behind the Boston Marathon bombing, and instead view it though a prism of healthy skepticism. Question the corporate media cartel’s versions of events. Something is clearly amiss, so it’s time to keep an open mind and pay attention.

The first thing that should raise an eyebrow is the homogeneous messaging across the media cartel’s broadcasting networks, news publications, and talk radio. At a minimum, it illustrates the collusion of information – reading from the same script – that exists within the corporate media, regardless of political bias.

Second, the prior notification that Boston police would be conducting a controlled-explosion drill during the marathon is glaringly absent in the corporate media’s coverage. The Boston Globe tweeted specifics about the planned drill, actually naming Boylston Street in its alert mere hours before the bombs exploded at the intersection of Boylston and Exeter streets (

Additionally, witnesses, including University of Mobile Cross-Country Coach Ali Stevenson, told reporters that people were reassured by authorities via loudspeakers that it was only a drill ( Bomb-sniffing dogs and police bomb squads in full gear were in extra supply at the finish line and along the race route. Security was noticeably intensified compared with other national marathons.

Also, just days before the marathon, Boston EMS announced it had a new tablet for patient-information management and would be testing it during the marathon ( This is critical information and deserves close scrutiny, but alas, it’s largely missing in the corporate media’s versions of events.

What I question is how, if this was not a drill, did a bomb so close to the finish line escape all the bomb-sniffing dogs and the large presence of trained bomb-detecting personnel using their high-tech explosives-sensing equipment? An argument can certainly be made for the stunning ineffectiveness and/or incompetence of the security protocol taxpayers are funding at astronomical levels to no avail.

The most skeptical view is that this was a false-flag setup to instill even more fear and convince Americans to abdicate even more protected rights. Maybe it was one of the more than 50 terrorists plots manufactured by our own FBI (as detailed in Mother Jones reporter Trevor Aaronson’s new book The Terror Factory []) that got out of hand. Maybe it was the announced controlled explosion by police (!) that went very wrong. Even if it is some version of an actual terrorist act, the official story so far is glaringly suspicious by any measure, and because it involves lost lives (including a child only eight years old), Americans need to engage and start asking relevant questions that demand truthful answers this time.

The time has come for the public to acknowledge and fully accept that governments engage in false-flag conduct as a justifiable part of doing business. Usually the agendas behind such extreme measures are political, and they are always designed to manipulate public opinion in government’s favor. America’s government is no exception. The amount of evidence supporting these extreme activities is massive and available for public consumption.

As a result of the inevitable exposure of these bad acts, there is an increasing lack of transparency under the guise of national security, making possible public-sector corruption not previously tolerated by the American people. In fact, millions of government documents are now being designated as classified, even though most do not begin to meet the criteria for such designation. This would normally be considered prosecutable conduct, and it not only goes unpunished but is actually encouraged as policy. The additional caveat is government prosecution of whistleblowers for revealing classified information to the press. (I suggest getting a copy of Thomas Drake’s Q&A during a National Press Club event on March 15 for compelling revelations of the modus operandi of the National Security Agency [,]. Drake, an NSA executive for three decades, was prosecuted under the Espionage Act but fully exonerated from any wrongdoing. He exposed the NSA’s abusive Trail Blazer program, alerting the public to its illegal wiretapping of Americans.)

Naturally, if this is a false-flag event, or a drill gone awry, it does beg the question: What is happening elsewhere that a horrific event could aid in distracting Americans from it? What legislation, appointments, executive orders, and rule-making are better done under-the-radar? Do not underestimate the benefits of deferred accountability.

Finally, who will be blamed for this bombing? What stereotypical culprit or culprits will emerge as the loons who perpetrated this new horror on American soil? Whether a lone loon, government operatives, or a terrorist group, these fiends are murderers and must be correctly identified for prosecution. Of equal importance: What new constraints, intrusions, and abuses of our liberty will be invoked in the name of more security? Sadly, recent history has shown us that prosecution of criminal conduct by government employees, or people operating on their behalf, is never forthcoming. (Iran-Contra, billions of drug-cartel dollars laundered in U.S. banks, Jon Corzine and MF Global, gun-walking programs such as Fast & Furious, and the lies surrounding Benghazi come to mind.) Horribly, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has publicly admitted he is too afraid to prosecute banksters or financial insiders for fear it will hurt the economy.

At the end of the day, no amount of government programs and policies will ultimately make us secure. We have to take personal responsibility for our safety, especially knowing that, in 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court in Castle Rock V. Gonzales affirmed that police are not responsible for protecting us from harm, only investigating crime and arresting criminals after the fact (

Back to the current crisis. Be very careful to avoid the media cartel’s attempts to demonize average citizens who disagree with the government’s relentless overreach, dislike paying taxes to bail out banksters and hedge funds, disapprove of abortion, covet the protections of rights outlined in the Constitution, object to globalization and UN governance, support ending the Federal Reserve Bank’s authority to control the money supply using fiat currency, etc. These are all legitimate concerns expressed by responsible, law-abiding Americans. Demonizing such folk as extreme is pure propaganda and utterly un-American.

It might benefit readers to examine what is passing for extremism in the Department of Homeland Security’s training lists and manuals. Evangelical Christians feature prominently now, as do military veterans, pro-lifers, alternative-media outlets such as the Reader, and any American who opposes gun control, abolishing the Constitution, undeclared wars on a credit card, unprotected borders, obstacles to additional political parties, surveillance and weaponized drones in American airspace, government control of the Internet, increased militarization of domestic police, weapons stockpiling by the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA’s new data-collection center in Utah, implementation of the NDAA suspending Americans’ due process, executive orders permitting kill lists ... and I’m just getting started. In a recent DHS training video, the new definition of a “paper terrorist” is anyone who files complaints and/or liens against government employees, elected or appointed, for bad acts, including violating their oaths of office.

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written by Patriot, April 17, 2013
The tweet from the Boston Globe was 2 hours AFTER the bomb...(UTC time) Many packages had to be searched as people dropped what they were carrying and ran...a natural event in response to the blast.

The 'homogeneous messaging' is getting worse... but that's another natural expectation when 6 corporations control 90% of the media. (In 1983 there were apparently 50 companies with the same amount of control.)

False-Flag accusations get you labeled as a wing-nut and mostly ignored. It also seriously degrades the publisher of the article. You would serve your country better by promoting rights granted by the Constitution, which is the basis for all of our laws. Alternately, promote Buy Local to reduce the stranglehold of corporate america.

We're on a terrible course in this country. The fascists in charge want us arguing about Gay Marriage, Abortion, and Gun Control while they take everything else away from us and spend us into oblivion making campaign promises that are never intended to be kept. They do all they can to stay in power, and all too often that involves stealing from some to give to another. That can be labeled as wing-nut conspiracy theory as well, but sadly it is glaringly obvious. Some politicians may indeed have 'good intentions' but these intentions are rarely realized, instead they morph into the insidious, corrupt environment that we find ourselves in today.

We need to quit bickering about party, and take action ourselves. What if everyone reading this that is obviously fed up with trash news called their cable/dish company today and demanded a la carte access? Would they begin to take notice? The simple fact is that how WE spend our money is the real motivator of change... quit spending your money on big business activities:

- this means DROPPING cable/dish and dropping all of your big-6 controlled newspaper/magazine subscriptions
- this means NOT being a 99% protestor carrying an iPhone and working on your iPad purchased from the biggest company in the world that has kids working in their Chinese factories
- this means not EVER shopping at Walmart, Target, Amazon or other big box store to potentially save a few dollars - shop at your local small business stores instead (there are many still struggling to survive)
- Plant a garden, walk or ride bike to do errands, NEVER drink from plastic bottles...a 'green' person drinking anything from a plastic bottle is not really green at all. (Do you recycle 100% of all you can 100% of the time... really?)

- this also means voting against every single incumbent that has been in office overseeing this disastrous last few decades - this means every Federal, State, County, Local officials. Run for office or school board or volunteer.

If you don't do these things, then nothing will change. If you DO these things, we will have some positive change. And the more people that we get to participate in these non-party-affiliated activities the more change we will make. The phrase stands strong today as ever: money talks - bullshit walks. As long as the vast majority of Middle/Lower class Americans willingly give their hard earned money to these big corporations and longtime politicians, the worse we will become.
written by TurtleLiker, April 21, 2013
Not sure why the time stamp of the tweet is incorrect, but that controlled explosion (a suspected bomb)was supposed to take place about an hour after the attack, and it was called off. But where are these tweets referring to a "drill"? You claim there were "witnesses" (as in the plural) were reassured via loudspeaker that it was only a drill. How many other people were at this event? Why is this coach the only person record making this claim? Is it not possible he was mistaken or misquoted? All footage I've personally seen of police bomb squads were taken after the bombs already went off. And I also don't recall seeing the crowd elbow-to-elbow with bomb-sniffing dogs walking about. That entire paragraph seems to be entirely attributed to one person's recollection of a traumatic, chaotic event. It's true that in recent years the FBI has been prodding potential "radicals" into conducting terrorist plots by supplying these "radicals" with fake explosives, and there's a strong case to be made that these tactics are clear cases of entrapment. But this stuff isn't a secret. I recall reading about these activities in Rolling Stone magazine a few years back and hearing about in via other "mainstream" sources. Trevor Aaronson recently appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss his book and this issue. And where are all these "false flag" attacks? Try looking up the "Gulf of Tonkin incident" on wikipedia and take note of what happened on August 2, 1964. The actual culprits behind the Reichstag fire is another topic still in dispute. Last I checked, we never invaded Cuba. I'll concede that it is troubling that the major networks all seem to air the same stories in the same order. But what, with the exception of breaking news details of recent events like Sandy Hook as one example, what have mainstream news outlets gotten wrong lately? Have we really gotten to the point where the public should expect nothing less than long-form investigative pieces to help explain why tweets with incorrect time stamps haven't made the front page? And if you ask me, a lot of this hysteria goes back to Iraq. Some say the mainstream media let us down and were not critical and objective enough in the run-up to the war. But after Colin Powell addressed the U.N. and made the yellow cake claims, I distinctly remember seeing news stories airing on the major networks reporting that the yellow cake claims came from forged documents. Anyone who was surprised when we eventually discovered that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction was simply NOT PAYING ATTENTION. I'm not saying that we shouldn't question what we read and see, but does anyone else find it troubling that every time a major news event pops up, we have people standing by to toot the "The government faked it to further their agenda!" horn? Anyone else find it ironic that, according to the conspiracy theorists, the Sandy Hook massacre was faked by the government so they could sway public opinion about guns, only to see congress put together the weakest gun control bill possible? And while the CT crowd was scrambling this past week to find "evidence" of crisis actors ( i.e. trolling Facebook for pics of people that kinda look bombing victims) at the scene in Boston, the Senate prevented Congress from even taking a vote on expanding background checks. I remember reading that at the of the war, Eisenhower made troops tour liberated concentration camps and invited journalists to help document what the Nazi's had done to prevent the Germans from dismissing accusations of genocide as American propaganda. Today, we live in a world with not only 24/7 news coverage/outlets, but just about everybody is walking around with 1080i cameras on their phones. And they use them. A lot. But despite the fact that this is common knowledge, we have a lot of people among us who genuinely believe the government is faking all these crazy events to push some agenda. Knowing this, we need to ask: How crazy do you have to be to believe that the government would not recognize the risk of being caught/exposed by faking a school shooting or a hijacked plane crashing into a building on live TV, with everybody watching, all so they could NOT PASS some weak gun control bill (one that failed in part because a few democratic senators in red states wanted to keep their jobs)? I don't know what's more exhausting: following that logic or debunking it? But if an incorrect tweet time and one person's confused interview is all that separates reality from rabbit hole, I think it's clear evidence that this country is in the middle of a nervous breakdown that's nowhere close to rock bottom.
written by TurtleLiker, April 21, 2013
P.S. Everything you want to know and learn is on the internet. Use it.
written by Clarisa, April 30, 2013
Indeed: The media should be questioned, including what is printed in this publication. I beg you to question the validity of the the Boston Globe Tweet.

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