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Electability: Ron Paul Soundly Defeats Obama for These 11 Reasons - Page 2 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dave Trotter   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 06:04

(4) Ron Paul wins the federal drug-war issue by arguing to end it. By killing that decades-old federal boondoggle, Paul wins the support of most California, Washington, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, and Oregon medical-marijuana patients who’ve watched as Obama’s DEA raids state-approved medical-marijuana dispensaries contrary to state law. You know who else would appreciate an end to federal drug enforcement? Minority populations, who are disproportionately prosecuted for nonviolent federal drug crimes. Still think Obama has an unquestionable advantage with minority groups? How is this growing coalition of voters even quantified?

(5) Ron Paul wins the abortion issue. Ron Paul is unabashedly pro-life in his personal life, and as an obstetrician, he speaks with conviction – from wisdom and personal professional experience. He will own the Christian vote on this issue, obviously. But Paul argues that the federal government holds no jurisdiction over the issue, and if individual states wish to pass more restrictive or permissive laws, those states should pursue the legislation that best fits their unique populations.

It’s a compromise, in other words. So even if pro-life Christians can’t be enthusiastic about Paul’s lack of advocacy for a federal ban on abortion, “pro-choice” abortion supporters can’t credibly be existentially threatened by Paul’s 10th Amendment approach, which is less strident than sound-bite saber-rattling over a federal ban. In other words, don’t look for this issue to serve as a convincing single-issue rallying cry for Obama supporters, which qualifies it as a win for Paul.

(6) Ron Paul wins the home-school, pro-organic, anti-mandatory-vaccination, and other pro-liberty niche crowds. Who else but Ron Paul has argued for the rights of the people to consume raw milk? Who else but Ron Paul has proposed granting tax credits and more freedom to home-schooling families to set their own curricula? Contrast this with Obama’s attempts to nationalize education standards further on the back of Bush’s overreaching “No Child Left Behind,” and the more recent viral images of armed FDA goons raiding organic-food store Rawesome Foods in Venice, California. Yep, even more Californians sympathetic to Paul.

(7) Republicans will turn out en masse to support the GOP nominee – even if it’s Ron Paul. Consider how anti-Obama the lowest common denominator of GOP talking points has become, as voiced by pundits, talk radio, and primary candidates in the debates. Making Obama a “one-term president,” repealing “Obamacare,” and so on.

Republican voters, long accustomed to “lesser of two evils”-type calculated rationalizations, won’t bat an eye when pulling the lever for Ron Paul. After all, Paul’s single heresy from current GOP orthodoxy is over his principled resistance to interventionism abroad. But he’s the first to point out that it’s the current GOP that’s out-of-step with the traditional Republican party platform, not him. Those voters whom Paul can’t convert on morality can also be swayed by fiscal arguments. Wars cost trillions. The U.S. is broke. Rationalizations abound.

Either way, expect a giant anti-Obama Republican turnout in November 2012 – regardless of the GOP nominee. The advantage with a Paul nomination is that Republicans can expect Paul supporters to support the Republican nominee – something they can’t do if they nominate Romney or Gingrich.

(8) The Tea Party rallies behind Ron Paul because his Trillion Dollar Plan is a perfect ideological match. After all, Ron Paul supporters are the ones who started the Tea Party movement in 2007 – the proto-Tea Party. As far as the electorate recognizes the problem to be government spending, Ron Paul is the clear answer.

(9) Ron Paul wins on auditing and ending the Federal Reserve. Who can claim that the U.S. has a “free market” despite artificial price-fixing of interest rates at the very core of the economy? What free-market advocate supports crony, secret taxpayer-funded bailouts of speculators and foreign banks? The Tea Party and the entire GOP field now parrot Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve.

But there’s yet more upside here for Paul: The Occupy movement makes a special point to protest crony capitalism and the abuses of a corrupt, insider financial oligarchy. If Paul can tap that sentiment, which clearly overlaps with his arguments against crony capitalism and the lack of transparency of the Federal Reserve system, he can convert a portion of those Occupy voters into voting Paulistinians. Rest assured, Paul volunteers are already performing this outreach on the ground.

(10) Ron Paul wins on torture and the Bill of Rights. Let Obama attempt to characterize water-boarding as something other than torture, as his neo-con counterparts have, and Ron Paul will provide a stark contrast – an iconic symbol of authentic, principled “hope and change.” As for the Bill of Rights in general, Ron Paul wins clearly with any voter who cherishes the idea of not having to present his or her papers at random checkpoints; for whom government surveillance of citizens is anathema; who cherishes the idea that the government is the slave to the people and not the other way around; or, in particular relevance to the Obama record, to anyone who cherishes the idea that we have a right to be left alone.

(11) Circumstances and current events in November 2012 will play right into Ron Paul’s wheelhouse. This one is the clincher. After repeated, nefarious inflations of the money supply through bailouts and Fed treasury purchases, Obamaflation will be unmistakable at the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and the fuel pump. Gold will be well over $2,200 an ounce. And after an 11-year string of templated, bankrupting, and needless interventionist wars abroad, voters won’t be easily convinced that high gas prices are solely Iran’s fault. Ron Paul is expertly capable of clearly articulating the causation between interventionist foreign policy and poor economic circumstances at home – including the inflation that will be hitting voters right smack in their wallets as they head to the voting booths.

So there you have it. If only Ron Paul can win the Republican nomination, global and domestic current events in November 2012 will assure that a Ron Paul victory in the general election is a very high probability. Compared to the primary fight, some might even describe that general-election matchup as a cakewalk for Paul.

One word of warning for pro-war Republicans: If you fail to nominate Ron Paul and instead nominate an establishment neo-conservative such as Romney or Gingrich, expect Paul to run on a third-party ticket. And because of the reasons outlined above, expect him to win a higher percentage of the overall vote than Perot did in the 1992 general election (greater than 18.9 percent). That would undoubtedly re-elect Obama.

Is that what you want?

Save your outrage and answer instead this question: Given your less-than-courteous opinion of Paul, how can you possibly explain your sense of entitlement toward his supporters and their votes? Answer: You can’t.

Besides, even if Ron Paul did not run third-party, and even if he were to endorse the neo-conservative Republican nominee, his supporters wouldn’t necessarily follow his lead. I know I wouldn’t.

Dave Trotter is a technical communications manager in central Texas. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text25319 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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