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Monday, 10 December 2012 12:53
December 12, 2012 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Theatre Cedar Rapids will hold auditions for the upcoming musical production Legally Blonde at 7 p.m. Sunday, December 16, and Monday, December 17, 2012.

Casting descriptions below are based on "can look to play," not necessarily actual ages.  In addition to roles detailed below, an ensemble of character actors, singers and dancers (both men and women) is required for feature roles throughout the show.  Some performers with additional skills (play instruments, tumbling ability, etc) and two dogs are to be cast.  Specifically a small dog (like a chihuahua) and a large dog (like a bull dog).  Dogs should be able to bark, sit and come on command.  Send photos and details via email to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for consideration of your pet.  Please note, no pets at the scheduled auditions.

At this time, no preparation is required for auditions other than familiarity with the show.  Auditioners should be prepared to dance, sing and read from the show unless they are confident they will only accept roles that do not require all three.

Roles available:

Principal Roles

  • Elle Woods - Soprano Belt - Gb2 - G5
    • Female, 20's. Excellent actor / singer / dancer. The quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality
  • Margot / Serena / Pilar - Soprano Belt - G#3 - F5
    • 3 Females, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent actors / singers / dancers. California Sorority girls who act as Elle's Greek Chorus.  Margot is ditzy, Pilar is sassy, Serena is Starbucks and Spray Tan obsessed.
  • Paulette Buonofuonte - Soprano Belt - A3 - A5
    • Female, 20's - 40's. Excellent actor / singer.  A brash and funny hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself
  • Vivienne Kensington  - Soprano Belt - A3 - F5
    • Female,  - 20's. Excellent actor / singer. A smart and savvy law student who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend
  • Brooke Wyndham  - Mezzo-Soprano - A3 - G5
    • Female, 20's - 30's. Excellent actor / singer / dancer. An exercise video star who is also a former sorority girl. Must be good at jumping rope.
  • Enid Hoops -  Soprano Belt - G3 - G5
    • Female, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent actor / singer. A mousy, intellectual law student
  • Emmett Forrest  - Tenor - B2 - A4
    • Male, 20's - 30's. Excellent actor / singer. A smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing
  • Professor Callahan - Baritone  - A2 - F#4
    • Male, Late 30's - 50's. Excellent actor / singer. A pompous and manipulative law professor at Harvard
  • Warner Hunter III  - Tenor - Eb3 - Ab4
    • Male, Late Teens - Early 30's. Excellent actor / singer. A good-looking, but pompous guy who breaks Elle's heart
  • Kyle Brendan O'Boyle: the UPS Guy - Dancer
    • Male, 20's - 40's. Good dancer. A great-looking, in-shape employee of the United Postal Services.

Supporting Roles

  • Elle's Mom - Alto - C4-E5
    • Female, 30's - 50's. Good mover / singer / actor. Elle's socialite, country-clubing mother
  • LeiLani and Kate  - Alto - Bb3 - Eb5
    • Female, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent singer / dancer. Elle's other  sorority sisters
  • Aaron Schultz -  2nd Tenor
    • Male, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent singer. Harvard Student.
  • Sundeep Padamadan  - Baritone / Tenor
    • Male, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent singer. Foreign Harvard Student
  • Grandmaster Chad  - High Baritone
    • Male, Late Teens - 20's. Excellent Character Actor / Hip Hop Singer / Hip Hop Dancer.
  • Elle's Dad - Baritone  - D3 - E#4
    • Male, 30's - 50's. Good mover / singer / actor. Elle's rich, golfer father
  • Dewey - Actor
    • Male, 20's - 40's. Character actor. Paulette's trailer- trash ex-boyfriend.
  • Nikos Argitakos - Actor
    • Male, Late Teens - 30's. Character actor. Brooke's pool boy. Witness against Brooke. Gay AND European
  • Carlos - Tenor
    • Male, Late Teens - 30's. Character actor / singer. Boyfriend of Carlos.  Big money note at the end of "There!, Right! There!"
  • Winthrop, Lowell, Pforzheimer
    • 3 Males, Late 20's - 50's. Good actors / singers. Harvard admissions board. Three different, quirky and funny  characters.
  • Chutney Wyndham - Actor
    • Brooke Wyndam's step daughter, affected by her "station" and marginally psychotic
  • Other Roles
    • Judge, Reporter, Whitney, Shop Owner, Courtney, Harvard Students, Delta Nu Sisters, Nail Customers, etc, could be played by the characters listed above in named roles.

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