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River Cities' Reader | Ask the Advice Goddess
Ask the Advice Goddess: August 27, 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Lifestyle - Ask the Advice Goddess
Written by Amy Alkon   
Thursday, 27 August 2015 06:00

Amy AlkonYou Luddite Up My Life

My boyfriend will text if he’s running late but says texting “isn’t real communication.” He says that if I need to talk, I should call him. I get that anything serious should be discussed via phone. However, we live separately, and sometimes I just want to reach out in a small way with a funny photo or a word or two and get a word or two back. When he doesn’t respond or grudgingly responds a day later, I get more and more hurt and angry and want to break up with him. I know he cares about me. Am I being unreasonable?


We get it: You spend an entire day making a small but very accurate Voodoo doll of him and then have to dispose of it when he finally texts back.


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