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River Cities' Reader | Ask the Advice Goddess
Ask the Advice Goddess: April 17, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Lifestyle - Ask the Advice Goddess
Written by Amy Alkon   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 06:00

Amy AlkonWatching Paint Die

I’ve been dating a girl I really like for six weeks. She pays her rent with a 9-to-5 job but studied painting at art school and wants to make it her career. Unfortunately, I don’t like her paintings at all. They are abstract and don’t look like they take much craft, and they just don’t aesthetically appeal to me. (Maybe I'm missing something. Who knows?) I haven’t told her my real feelings. But as we get more serious and as she talks about her aspirations, I'm finding it more and more uncomfortable to keep playing along. I worry that we won’t have a future because of this.


There are questions you long to ask her about her work, such as, “What did you do in art school? Spend four years playing Angry Birds on your phone?”


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