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Written by Mike Schulz and Marguerite Day   
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 02:33

A Body of Water

Village Theatre

Thursday, August 14, through Sunday, August 17


Ellen Dolan In one of her plotlines as Margo Montgomery on As the World Turns, actress Ellen Dolan wakes up in the bed of a recently murdered man, and has no memory of how she got there.

In New Ground Theatre's new production of Lee Blessing's A Body of Water, Ellen Dolan wakes up in a rustic summer house, and has no memory of how she got there.

Coincidence, or really freaky typecasting?

(And just so you know, I got that As the World Turns info from Wikipedia. Just because I take my lunch break every day from 1 to 2 p.m. doesn't necessarily mean I'm home watching the show.)

In this darkly comic drama, Dolan (pictured) and Daniel Hagen play a couple who awaken to discover they have no idea where they are, or who they are, or what their relationship is to one another, and matters aren't clarified by the arrival of Kimberly Furness' mysterious Wren, who may be the couple's daughter, or their lawyer, or their tormentor, or ... .

Daniel Hagen, Kimberly Furness, and Ellen Dolan in A Body of Water With Variety calling Blessing's piece "a play rich in ideas about memory, identity, and fiction," and the San Diego Union-Tribune describing it as "a work of a mature master dramatist in complete control of his materials," New Ground's production should make for fascinating theatre. It should also come as a performance relief to Dolan, whose much-maligned Margot was then charged with that murder, and she'd just dealt with her husband Tom's affair, but of course this was before Gray held her at gunpoint, and ... .

Wikipedia. I swear.

A Body of Water runs August 14 through 17, and more information - including details on Friday and Saturday night's meet-and-greets with the playwright and cast - can be found at (http://www.newgroundtheatre.org). - Mike Schulz



Dearly Beloved

Richmond Hill Barn Theatre

Thursday, August 14, through Sunday, August 24


Carla Stevens and Valeree Pieper in Dearly Beloved Beginning August 14, the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre in Geneseo will present the comedy Dearly Beloved, featuring direction by the beloved actor John VanDeWoestyne, and performances by an ensemble featuring such familiar stage presences as Diane Greenwood, Susan Philhower, Stan Weimer, Archie Williams, Eugenia Giebel, Nicholas Waldbusser, and Carla Stevens and Valeree Pieper (both pictured).

Described by (http://www.theaterreview.com) as "spirited and energetic," the show is a Southern-fried farce in which the well-laid plans for an elegant Texas wedding ceremony go horribly awry, and it should offer its cast the chance at some robustly over-the-top - and hopefully hilarious - Lone Star State stereotypes. But which of the following is not one of Dearly Beloved's characters?


1) The mother of the bride, who routinely converses with the bride's deceased grandmother

2) The father of the bride, who wears a camouflage hunting cap with his tuxedo

3) The aunt of the bride, who is recently divorced from husband number five

4) The other aunt of the bride, who secures Clovis Sanford's House of Meat for the catering

5) The best man, who is coerced into carrying a tray and serving champagne at the reception

6) The wedding planner, who also runs the local floral shop and bus depot

7) The preacher, who falls debilitatingly ill before the ceremony

8) The bull-semen deliveryman, who has to substitute for the preacher


Dearly Beloved tickets are available by calling (309) 944-2244 or visiting (http://www.rhplayers.com). - Mike Schulz



Answer: 5. That was a role once played, in real life, by me. I don't like to talk about it.



DeRay's Comedy Campaign

Adler Theatre

Friday, August 15, 8:30 p.m.


DeRay Davis "Hey, Mike, listen to this joke. Knock knock."

"Who's there, Marguerite?"


"Howie who?"

"Howie gonna get tickets to DeRay's Comedy Campaign at the Adler Theatre? It sounds awesome! DeRay Davis has appeared on Reno 911!, My Wife & Kids, and Entourage, and now he's on Nick Cannon's comedy show Wild 'n' Out. He's also been in a ton of funny movies, such as Semi-Pro, Barbershop 1 and 2, Johnson Family Vacation, License to Wed ... ."

"Yeah, but you realize he's not the only one coming to the Adler that night, right? He'll be sharing the stage with comedians Shawty, Gary ‘Gthang' Johnson, and Maurice G., and they've done stuff of their own. Shawty was also on Wild 'n' Out, Maurice G. did a tour with Nephew Tommy from The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and ‘Gthang' has been on quite a few TV shows - UPN's Half & Half, All of Us, Love Inc., and The Shield."

"Wow, they sound like they'll be fun, too. It's a good thing the show is on August 15, which is right before I go back to school. What a way to end the summer! Where do I get tickets?"

"Shouldn't you know this? I gave this act to you as your next What's Happenin' piece. Crazy interns. Anyway, tickets are $27 and $37 the day of the show, or $22 and $32 in advance, and you can get them by calling (563) 326-8555 or visiting (http://www.adlertheatre.com)."

"Great! I can't wait to go!" - Marguerite Day



Ya Maka My Weekend

The District of Rock Island

Friday, August 15, and Saturday, August 16


HydroYa Maka My Weekend - the District of Rock Island's annual, eagerly awaited celebration of Caribbean culture - will take place on August 15 and 16, and among the many exciting musical acts scheduled to perform are the Plantain Chips, the Jerk Wings, Curry Goat, and Gelato, all of which will bring their passionate reggae and calypso beats to ... .

Wait a second. Those aren't bands; those are some of the festival's food options. Sorry about that.

Steel drums and tropical rhythms, however, will be very much in the air, as 11 groups perform on two District stages. The festival's open-air marketplace, sand-volleyball tournament, children's "island activities," and local artists working on-site - to say nothing of the 400 tons of sand hauled in for the occasion - will add to the weekend's joyous Caribbean spirit. And in addition to the aforementioned, mouth-watering culinary treats, Ya Maka My Weekend will allow you to sample a wide assortment of enticing Caribbean beverages, such as the Hydro, Gypsi Fari, Gizzae, Indika, and De Hurricane, plus something called Rude Punch, which I'm guessing is a mixture of rum and ... .

Hold on. Those aren't drinks; those are some of the bands.

Man, I've got to learn to take better notes at these press conferences.

Less confused information on this year's Ya Maka My Weekend festival can be found at (http://www.districtfestivals.com/yamaka). - Mike Schulz




Helpful Hints on Saving Bucks at the Pump


3 Years Hollow August 14 finds the Redstone Room hosting a Daytrotter gig with Tapes 'n Tapes and Driver of the Year, while Mojo's Coffee House offers music by Mitch & the Professor and the Nikki Lunden Trio.

August 15 features the Redstone Room's CD release party for the Davenport-based alt-rockers of Three Years Hollow (pictured), plus performances by Echodrive and Mindset Revolution; that same day, Mojo's provides acoustic tunes with Tony Hoeppner and Lee Blackmon.

August 16 brings with it the Redstone Room's Singer-Songwriter Showcase - boasting the talents of Joe Purdy, Meiko, Jay Nash, Chris Seefried, and Esme - and Mojo's sets with the Champaign-Urbana trio Post Historic and the Quad Cities' own Sons of Apollo.

And August 17 delivers the Redstone Room's monthly Third Sunday Jazz Matinee & Workshop, with saxophonist Eddie Dawkins and his musicians offering a 3 p.m. class and a 6 p.m. concert.

That's quite a few reasons for music fans to visit both spots between Thursday and Sunday - so many, in truth, that it seems positively wasteful to drive from your home to downtown Davenport and then back to your home every day.

So allow us to suggest a gas- and money-saving alternative:

Bring a sleeping bag, and enjoy a four-day, three-night vacation at the River Music Experience!

Granted, you won't be able to shower. But there's tequila in the Redstone Room, so you also might not care that much.

For information on upcoming events at both of the RME's music venues, visit (http://www.rivermusicexperience.org). - Mike Schulz


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