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Wednesday, 27 August 2008 02:00


Rock Island Brewing Company

Thursday, August 28, 10 p.m.


Ladymoon The Indiana-based jam band Ladymoon - composed of Ryan Brown, Kris Potts, and Mark McKowen - plays RIBCO on August 28, and on the group's MySpace page, the ever-helpful "Sounds like" lists these musical influences: "Beatles, Jeff Beck, Funkadelic, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bob Marley, Phish, Santana, Talking Heads, and Zappa mixed up and shot out of a cannon."

Pretty dramatic imagery, but amazingly, only slightly more dramatic than the history of Ladymoon itself.

Brown and Potts met as grade-schoolers in Indiana circa 1988, quickly became friends, and soon discovered musical talents - Brown on the guitar, and Potts on the electric bass. Their youthful jam sessions were put on hold, though, when Potts' family moved to Florida, yet Potts moved back to Indiana in 1999, at which point the duo teamed up as a two-man band. In 2000, the pair added drummer McKowen to the mix, changed their group's name to Ladymoon, and released a full-length LP in 2001. Ladymoon disbanded in 2003, yet reunited in 2006, and now plan to release a new CD by the end of 2008.

And if none of this sounds all that dramatic, consider the kicker: Brown and Potts were born just hours apart in the same Indianapolis hospital. Must be nice to know that if the club scene doesn't work out, these guys can always option the Ladymoon film rights.

For more on the group, visit MySpace.com/ladymoonmusic, and for more on their RIBCO gig, visit RIBCO.com.



The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue

The Redstone Room

Friday, August 29, 8 p.m.


Tommy Castro The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue, which comes to Davenport's Redstone Room on August 29, was spearheaded by Roger Naber and famed guitarist Tommy Castro (pictured), and is described on its Web site as "not just another blues show, but a standout blues event!" Judging by its lineup of artists, both the description and the exclamation point seem completely justified, as the night features Castro and his Tommy Castro Band performing sets with musical heavyweights Magic Dick, Deanna Bogart, and Bernard Allison.

Chances are good that if you know the blues, you know these names. But how much do you know about them? Match the performer with his or her accomplishment:


1) Co-founded the J. Geils Band

2) Was personally chosen as an opening act for B.B. King

3) Has performed alongside Ray Charles, James Brown, and They Might Be Giants

4) Made a professional recording debut at age 13

5) Led the house band on NBC's Comedy Showcase series

6) Toured for three years with Koko Taylor's Blues Machine

7) Was described by Cashbox magazine as "a butt-kickin' barrelhouse player"

8) Has collaborated with Debbie Harry and Patty Smyth


A) Bernard Allison

B) Deanna Bogart

C) Tommy Castro

D) Magic Dick


Tickets are $22 in advance and $25 at the door, and more information on Friday night's show is available by visiting RedstoneRoom.com or LegendaryRhythmAndBluesRevue.com.



Answers: Bernard Allison - 4 and 6; Deanna Bogart - 3 and 7; Tommy Castro - 2 and 5; Magic Dick - 1 and 8. If you got them all right, you should celebrate by treating yourself to the concert. If you got them all wrong, treat yourself to the concert and learn a little something, will ya?



Eve 6

Centennial Hall

Saturday, August 30, 8 p.m.


Eve 6 "Hey, Jeff, do you mind if I read you my What's Happenin' piece on the Eve 6 concert at Augustana College?"

"Would it matter, Mike?"

"I'm just worried that it's a little over-the-top."

"Go ahead."

"The Southern California alternative rockers of Eve 6, whose eponymous 1998 album went platinum, will play Augustana College's Centennial Hall on August 30. Known for such hits as ‘Inside Out,' ‘Promise,' and ‘Here's to the Night' - a tribute to a one-night-stand that, unexpectedly, became an anthem for graduating high-school classes nationwide - the group took a three-year hiatus in 2004. Yet the performers reunited in 2007, and are currently bringing fans more of the evocative imagery, inventive wordplay, and musical experimentation that have been the group's hallmarks since the musicians' 1996 debut. Tickets are $18, and the concert should make for the perfect welcome-back-to-school, or welcome-to-school, gift for Augie students ... ."

"Sounds fine so far."

" ... who are fortunate to be going to what is, without question, the greatest educational institution in the country. No - make that the planet. The entire universe, even! Go Augie!!!"


"What do you think?"

"You're late on your student-loan payments again, aren't you?"

"Is it obvious?"


Eve 6 tickets are available by calling (309) 794-7306, and more information on the band can be found at Eve6.com.



Sara Evans

Adler Theatre

Saturday, August 30, 8 p.m.


Sara Evans Dear Sara:


It's four-thirty, I'm restless, I'm trapped by these four walls, and I feel it comin' on. The need to be next to you tonight. To be happy.

You were born to fly, and I could not ask for more. But even now I keep looking for that perfect, supernatural backseat of a Greyhound bus, and every little kiss that made cheatin' a real fine place to start. (Roll me back in time!) I give in with a big cry. Imagine that.

Still, why should I care? You don't show me the way to your heart. It's a shame about that, but some things never change. You'd say, "Fool, I'm a woman!" and tell me it was "Momma's night out," and I would pray for you to the saints and angels ... . I learned that from you.

But maybe I don't wanna see the light. The great unknown. I thought I'd see your face the week the river raged, but it's as if the secrets that we keep are now just suds in the bucket.

So, love, don't be a stranger. You'll always be my baby, and if you ever want my lovin' these days - let's dance. I'm missing Missouri from my new hometown, but when Cupid's concerned, there's no place that far.


Love you with all my heart,

Otis Redding



Performing with guest Ashley Monroe, Sara Evans plays the Adler Theatre on Saturday, August 30. And to hear at least a few of the 50 aforementioned song titles from Evans' discography, secure tickets by calling (563) 326-1111 or visiting AdlerTheatre.com.




A Streetcar Named Desire

Harrison Hilltop Theatre

Thursday, August 28, through Saturday, September 6


Eddie Staver III and Kimberly Furness in A Streetcar Named Desire On August 28, Davenport's Harrison Hilltop Theatre debuts its presentation of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire.

It's being directed by the Green Room's executive director - and recent Assassins helmer - Derek Bertelsen.

And it stars Kimberly Furness as Blanche DuBois, Eddie Staver III as Stanley Kowalski, Jeff De Leon as Mitch, and Reader employee Stephanie Burrough as Stella.

So permit me a question:

Why on earth are you still reading this?

For tickets to A Streetcar Named Desire - and seriously, drop the paper and reserve 'em now - call (309) 235-1654 or visit HarrisonHilltop.com.


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