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Tuesday, 29 October 2002 18:00
Lumpy’s was jumpin’ again as Asiasis rocked the back room. Pat Simpson had a concept and Drew Irion, John Clark, Tony Lujan, and Shawn Skriver all made it theirs, too. “No Dokken, Poison, or Motley Crue; we’re all original. I’d rather go down on longman than play that crap,” Shawn declared. “Tribute bands, gimmick bands – covers and makeup and spandex – it all makes me sick. Lumpy’s lets you run your own show. Our gigs are a party we’d actually attend – just a few, close friends. And it only costs $3 to be Asiasis’ friend.”

The metal roots are there – carbon steel tracks driven into hard rock. However, Shawn can actually sing; Pat, John, and Drew make their guitars and bass do what they want; and Tony can drum. Asiasis is in command of the genre – keeps the edge without losing musicianship, and therefore has to write its own songs. Also, the progressive part of Asiasis’ metal is without the boring, interminable jams licensed and used successfully by the Grateful Dead only.

Surprisingly well produced, with surprises, Friday’s show was Asiasis’ fourth gig at Lumpy’s, this time opened by Soulvein. Sure, it was metal, so you felt like you got hit by a truck, but the license plate of the truck was, “Progressive,” and everybody got it. Thanks to Matt from NADS, sound and lights, including a strobe, made the impossible room decent. Knuckle-Head’s fireworks fired everybody up. Also, Lumpy’s back bar’s underground feel seemed to add to the party atmosphere. The regular, overhead room lights were too bright, especially right after the gig.

The crowd wore their favorite cold-weather dress, plus deadlocks, boots, flannel, and a lip piercing (ouch!). None of the too-artistic-to-party crowd showed up, probably because Asiasis’ friends were 25 to 40 and beyond it. Eric Mart moshed.

Get out and see some rock and roll at Lumpy’s. Go see Asiasis. They’re ready for you.
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