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Alexander J. Dawson

I’ve been employed at a company, on the western-Illinois side of the Quad Cities, since December of 2007.. As a full-time smoker I was, at first taken back, by the act that was implemented only a month after my entering this company.. During the days of “legal internal addiction”, my overseer made it clear that he would not permit my use, in his presence.. So, I respected him by wandering to any other section of the building whenever an urge struck, and he was a difficult person to be around, so I spent a great deal of this time walking about.. Anyway, to get back on track.. January 1, 2008 hit, but not as hard as I would have expected.. As I looked around, searching for an ounce of difference, the only change I noticed, was in me valuing the newly added state commandment.. Well, I guess there was another difference, the individuals not abiding, just had to conceal their intake a little.. Even management, certain members, completely aware of the rule-breaking, only keeping hushed-lips in fear of exposing their position of fault in the same.. And time continued to wind.. Now we are in the seventh month of the year 2010, and the secret society is still at large.. If one were to pass through the dusty isles of this place, at any given time of operating hours, the aroma of recent anarchy would be quite evident.. But, the “black-lung thugs” have lost a few of their higher-up insiders over the gap, so they have to be even more cautious these days.. I bet as a reader you are wondering, “ok, why am I being told of this?”, “what is the point?”, “and when does the story get interesting?” Well, dearly beloved reader, here it is.. On Monday July, 12 2010, the pencil pushing, number crunching, head in rear management team, actually decides to post “our” smoking policy, one of which has never been brought up until then.. The policy basically states the law, smokers must be 15ft away from all structure openings, in designated areas (which are not identified), and a layout of the steps of disciplinary actions, per offense, for those “caught” not honoring the policy.. Caught, good word choice, when is an officer going to walk through these doors? Here is a quote, from the newly released and back-dated rule, “ “ Smoke” or “smoking” means smoking, burning, inhaling, or exhaling of any lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other lighted smoking equipment..” Now they have me wondering if they are also limiting the on-clock cannabis users to the 15ft restriction.. Oh well, I will just continue to sit behind my desk, watching the world around me break the rules around them..