Water Cure Intro - You TOO can be cured by the water cure!
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08 March 2010
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This is an introduction to the water cure. The water cure is historical, as you'll see here - it was part of the US women's movement of the 19th Century. Before the advent of drugs and alopathy as a means to cure, the water cure was very successful in treating an entire range of physical and mental problems. A few pioneers in the contemporary world, including my website at www.watercure1.com, Dr Batmanghelidg's watercure.com and Bob Butts' watercure2.org wish to extend to you the understanding that you don't have to suffer from disease when you can be cured by water. If you have any conditions and wish to talk about it, either openly or privately, I'm here to help right here on the French Water Cure Diet channel. Talk to you soon. Michael Grady