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Written by Jamie-Lyn Markos   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 07:54
Go behind the scenes of ACORN's controversial voter registration drive, which did almost as much to hurt as it did to help Barack Obama win the 2008 presidential election, in the new memoir Ring of Fire 2008: My Wild Ride to the Bleeding Heart of ACORN's Last, Greatest, Voter Registration Drive by Miguel Esteban.

Way back in Election '08—which, like every presidential election, was the most important ever—the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now collected over 1.3 million voter registrations and joined forces with a broad coalition to spread the good news of "quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans" to nearly fifty million potential voters deemed least likely to cast a ballot because they were poor, minorities, or the youth.

Miguel Esteban was one of them. A young, Puerto Rican-American, starving artist who walked in the door of Orlando ACORN looking for a part-time job, he went from zero to hero after blowing the whistle on a conspiracy to commit voter registration fraud in early 2008. Because of his efforts, news of eleven Miami ACORN workers forging voter registrations did not make headlines until after Election Day, and Esteban went on to become an unlikely political operative upon his promotion to the national ranks of ACORN's “PolOps” division—Project Vote—where his official job title was, no joke, Quality Control Czar #2.

What really happened during ACORN's infamous 2008 campaign? How widespread were the electoral shenanigans that prompted the FBI to investigate ACORN in numerous swing states? In this era of SuperPACs, secret money and Web 2.0 "voter targeting" technology, how nonpartisan are the nonpartisan campaigns unleashed by groups such as ACORN each election cycle? Can the now defunct ACORN family of organizations best be described as AntiPoverty, Inc.? Is it true that ACORN not only perpetrated widespread voter registration fraud, but also helped cause the housing meltdown that precipitated the Great Recession, and if so, why wasn’t the organization bailed out by Uncle Sam? Were ACORN's "redshirts" communists? Un-American? Neo-progressives struggling to save America from itself?

Explore the answers to such questions and more in Ring of Fire 2008: My Wild Ride to the Bleeding Heart of ACORN’s Last, Greatest, Voter Registration Drive; which is scheduled for a three-part release: Part 1, which is 80,000 words in length, is available now; Part 2 is scheduled for release in early October; Part 3 is scheduled for release in late October. The full version, including hardcover, is scheduled for release during the holiday season.

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