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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 14:18

Storybook helps children adjust to a new home

RACINE, Wis. – The first day of school is one of the major milestones in a child’s life. Countless stories, books and techniques exist to help children adjust to the experience of starting kindergarten. Contributing a story to help children adjust to a different, but equally significant, moment in life – moving to a new home – Susan Spence Daniel delivers her children’s storybook, “The House That Wanted a Family” (published by Inspiring Voices), which has recently gotten a revived marketing push.

Told from the perspective of an empty house, “The House That Wanted a Family” puts a personal touch on the experience of moving to a new home – a monumental event in the life of a child. In the story, the house sits empty for many months. Only when a family moves in, does the house become a home.

The story puts a lighthearted tone on what can be a difficult adjustment for children. Daniel uses personification to make the new house seem welcoming, friendly and eager to receive a new family, easing the apprehensions children may have about moving to a new scary home.

Daniel recognizes that an empty house in today’s economic environment does not easily translate to a heartwarming story because of the association it has with hardship and financial struggles. “There are a lot of empty homes today,” she says. “Most of them are for sale. I think this puts a more positive spin on what is happening across the United States.”

But many families are faced with the tough decision to move to a new home – sometimes in a new city or state. She hopes to make that transition easier for young readers. Daniel says, “My book has the potential to help children cope with a move or relocation – both in leaving a home they love and moving into a new one.”

About the Author

Susan Spence Daniel has dreamed of being an author and illustrator since she was young. Although Daniel has written many stories, “The House That Wanted a Family” is her first published book. She lives in southeastern Wisconsin and is the mother of one daughter.

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