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Written by Tony Hassif, Jr.   
Monday, 17 September 2012 07:27
10th PreventingAbuseConference
Child Protection/abduction, Human Trafficking, and DrugCartels
30 year anniversary of Johnny Gosch kidnapping

Des Moines, IA,  (September 10, 2012) –10th PreventingAbuse onference on human trafficking, child abduction, & cartels in America will be held in Des Moines,Oct. 19, 2012.

Helping to protectwomen, children, families and the nation

Subjects:  *  Human trafficking (domestic)      *  Child abduction(is it organized?)         * NationalSecurityThreat  *  DrugCartels in America *Terroristencrypt messages in pornography  *Johnny Gosch kidnapping  *protecting children *  Good news: Successes

Nearly 1,000,000 children reported missing in America.  Human trafficking is the 2nd biggest moneymaker globally threatening nationalsecurity and is rampant in America.  1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys will be molested before adulthood.  Cartels infiltrated America. The  impact of pornography on the brain. Successful child rescues. More good news.

Who Should Attend:  This conference is open to the public.

Speakers: *Governor Terry Branstad—led the drive to pass the Johnny Gosch law

* Det. Sergeant Oscar Mejia, drug cartel expert 

*  Noreen Gosch,
mother of Johnny Gosch, will tell the story that few have heard.  It is compelling and eye opening.  Drew Collins, father of missing child will speak.

*  Tiffany Leeper, world renown expert on pornography addiction.

*  Ric Lumbard of CRTEC dedicated to protecting and restoring victims to health,

Detective Jim Rothstein—expert on child trafficking.

*  BAZ: Former C.I.A. intelligence, now conducts deep cover rescues.

*  Tania, former prostitute, trafficker and brothelowner of hundreds of prostitutes

*  U.S. Senator Tom Harkin                        *  U.S. Senator Charles Grassley  

*subject to confirmation/change.          

POSITIVE FOCUS: Conference will provide information that can help protectchildren, women and even the nation.  Our conferences have experienced many successes even rescues.

The information provided may help a loved one and our nation.

Date/Time October 19, 2012,  8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Where: Embassy Suites Des Moines Iowa

Registration: Early bird registration is $59.00 each, lunch is included

To Register: Space Is Limited

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