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Written by Janet Dufour   
Friday, 08 March 2013 15:02
DAVENPORT, IA — March 6, 2013 — Midland Communications, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company has launched a Desktop Optimization Center (DOC) in order to jumpstart their customers’ productivity. A DOC is a business support center where administrators monitor networks and remotely control computers, networks or unified communications systems in order to boost performance. Many small to medium-sized businesses are making the move to DOCs in order to reduce the amount of employee downtime on common technical issues and streamline operations.
Midland Communications’ DOC constantly monitors and helps to improve the performance of their customers’ entire IT infrastructure including computers, devices, applications, networks and the cloud. As a result, network performance is ceaselessly improved and common issues can be fixed faster than ever before. For example, when a customer’s employee runs into an issue with a software program on his or her computer, they can call the DOC and a technician will take control of their computer from a remote location and fix the issue immediately. Employees are often astounded when they can watch their issue being fixed before their eyes without having to lift a finger.
The recession has many businesses spread thin, making it tougher than ever to sacrifice valuable IT personnel to fix mundane issues. This places enormous demands on SMBs, who are already searching for ways to maximize employee performance at every opportunity. Simply put, today’s businesses cannot afford to wait around for long periods of time before an issue can even begin being worked on.
“The overwhelming majority of computer problems are extremely simple to fix,” stated Jason Smith, Vice President of Midland Communications. “More often than not, our customers’ employees need help locating a misplaced a file, configuring a printer, recovering passwords, fixing software that has malfunctioned temporarily or something else relatively straightforward. The real benefit of our DOC is that employees can resolve their issues fast. When we can get our customers’ businesses back up and running quickly, that results in increased profitability for everyone. We firmly believe in always searching for innovative ways to serve the needs of our customers.”

Midland Communications began more than 60 years ago in 1946 as the Worldwide Marketing Arm of Victor-Animagraph Projectors. In 1977 a communications division was formed due to a partnership with NEC America. Today, As a distributor of NEC America, for 33 years, Midland Communications has a customer base of more than 3,000 satisfied customers that include general businesses, government agencies, Universities, colleges, hospitals, and hotels.
Midland provides a wide range of communication services including VOIP, PBX and key systems, Wide Area and Local Area networking, computers, Computer integration, voice mail, CCIS, and video conferencing and paging systems. Our philosophy is simple, provide quality products at a fair price, backed by an average emergency response time of twenty minutes, and the best service in the industry. For more information on Midland Communications, call (563) 326-1237 or visit www.midlandcom.com.
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