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Written by Pacific Justice Institute   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 10:26
Pacific Justice Institute is wrapping up one of the most challenging—and rewarding—years in our history. As we look back over the following major successes and battles we have encountered this year, we are amazed by God’s goodness, and your faithfulness to support our work. The following represent just a fraction of the people we have advised, represented, and defended this year. Rejoice with us as we remember victories and resolve with us to continue fighting in the following arenas:

Nativity Scene - We are continuing to defend a nativity scene that has been part of local traditions in Santa Monica for decades.

God Bless America - We are currently representing a military veteran in Stockton who was reprimanded and then placed on administrative leave by supervisors at the hospital where he works for simply including “God Bless America” in his e-mail signature block.

Veteran's Memorial - PJI staff attorneys presented a strong defense of the City of Lake Elsinore against a lawsuit by the American Humanist Association to prevent the construction of a WWII war memorial.

Mt. Rubidoux Cross - Despite atheist threats, the Mt. Rubidoux cross in Riverside still stands tall after PJI worked behind the scenes to provide strategic advice.

Christian Counselors - We have successfully delayed for almost an entire year the implementation of SB 1172, the state’s attempt to ban licensed counselors from steering youth away from homosexual conduct.

Youth Organizations and Private Schools - We defeated a pernicious bill in the California Legislature, SB 323, that would have turned tax exemptions into weapons against youth organizations, and even Christian schools, that do not embrace radical sexual behaviors.

School Bathroom Bill - PJI also led the opposition to AB 1266, the infamous bill that will allow boys who “feel like a girl” to go into girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Privacy Rights - In a related vein, PJI currently represents two families in Colorado whose teenage daughters’ privacy rights are being violated by a teenage boy who now claims to identify as a girl and is coming into their restrooms and locker rooms.

Student Religious Freedom - We secured the rights of a kindergartner to sing his favorite song—about God’s mercy—without censorship at a school talent show in the San Diego area.

See You At The Pole - In Bakersfield, we witnessed a hasty retreat by school officials who told teachers they can't participate in prayer before school.

Common Core - In response to widespread concerns about the new “common core” standards being implemented in K-12 schools, PJI attorneys have developed and posted on our website an opt-out form that is the most authoritative and defensible option available to parents.

Anti-religious Science Standards - PJI recently joined a federal lawsuit in Kansas challenging that state’s implementation of “common core” science standards which removes the possibility of God participating in the formation of life and our planet.

Academic Freedom - PJI was able to provide a zealous defense of a teacher who was challenged for acknowledging the religious objections of homosexual conduct.

Workplace Freedom - PJI has also begun representing and sent a legal demand letter on behalf of a Santa Clara County employee who was censored for saying anything negative about Obamacare.

Sabbath Accommodation – PJI screened and ultimately referred a case to one of our valued affiliate attorneys, who successfully represented and won a settlement for a hard-working woman in Southern California who was fired after seeking time off to attend church.

Homeless Ministry - A church outreach to the homeless in Placerville was able to establish a permanent site for ministry despite initial opposition.

Feeding the Hungry - A small, weekly outreach to the homeless in Sacramento’s Discovery Park was allowed to continue, after PJI attorneys thwarted efforts by parks officials to place tight restrictions, even on picnickers, who chose to share their lunch with the hungry.

Church on the Street - A church in Chico has been allowed to resume weekly feedings and ministry to the needy in the downtown area.

Evangelism - We filed suit and, a few months later, favorably settled a suit against Visalia Mall on behalf of a Christian who was threatened with arrest if he shared his faith with other customers.

We also continue to help with Church Protections, Church Property Rights, Home Bible Studies, Church Non-profit Status, Non-profit Ministries, and Prison Ministries.

On behalf of the many we have represented, thank you for being an integral part of our success and work in 2013! Please click here to learn more about our matching grant and how your year-end gift can count twice! We know many more battles are ahead of us in 2014, and we’re counting on you to continue this journey with us!
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