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Written by Jeff Giertz   
Monday, 23 January 2012 13:44

Braley Statement on the Resignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Waterloo, IA -- Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) released the following statement regarding the resignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-08):

"Gabby Giffords’ decision to step down from Congress hit me almost as hard as the terrible tragedy in Tucson that eventually led to her decision. Gabrielle represents everything good and noble about the institution of Congress. Her willingness to reach across the aisle and bring people together and her tireless enthusiasm for the importance of her work and its impact on her constituents inspires us to refocus on our most important job: to help people.

“I was not expecting to hear that my friend Gabby has decided to step down from Congress, but I’m glad she’s doing what’s best for her recovery and long-term health.

“For the last year, Gabby has been a symbol of hope and determination for all Americans.   She has inspired us to count our blessings, stop complaining, hug our loved ones and pay it forward to those who need our help.  In these troubled times  we need more people in Congress with a heart like hers.

“I hope Gabby's courageous fight will inspire a new generation of women and men to step forward and run for office. Carolyn and I continue to hold our friends, Gabby and Mark, in our thoughts and prayers as they move forward with their lives.

“I look forward to seeing Gabby again on Tuesday night.”

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