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Written by Amanda Bowman   
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 13:40

24 hours in, ¼ of Signatures Collected

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) today announced that he has gathered a quarter of the 218 total signatures needed to bring the Farm Bill up for a vote. The signatures have been collected in less than 24 hours of the discharge petition being filed.

Yesterday, after 65 days of the Farm bill being held by Speaker Boehner, the bill was finally reported out of committee. Braley immediately filed the discharge petition that would force the Farm Bill to the House floor for a vote if 218 signatures are collected.

This bipartisan effort has been supported by Republican Representatives Berg, Gibson, and Noem and Democrats Boswell, Loebsack, and Welch as well as many others.


“We are gaining support from Democrats and Republicans who all see the need for the Farm Bill to be passed before September 30th,” said Braley. “This is a bipartisan effort that desperately needs to happen. I cannot believe it took so long for the bill to be reported out of committee by Speaker Boehner, but now that it has, I am working with my colleagues to gain as many signatures as we can to get this bill to the floor for a vote.”


A link of the petition’s signatures can be found here:



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