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OUTRAGE: The Next Stock Market Crash is Required By Law PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Cain Connections   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 09:06

The crash could start as early as the New Year - all because of a short-sighted law passed 38 years ago called ERISA.

And the scary part is, it doesn't matter if Congress compromises now or not. It's likely too late to stop it.

Here's what you need to know...

ERISA is a bill passed in 1974 that brought us IRAs and 401(k)s. And since then millions of workers have been stuffing money into these retirement accounts.

That's nearly 40 years of savings and wealth inside IRAs and 401(k)s. And almost half (48%) of that wealth is invested in the stock market.

Here's where it gets dangerous...

ERISA threatens retirees with losing 50% of their retirement account if they don't exit the stock market by age 70.

Once a retiree turns 70 and 1/2 years-old, starting the next April 1st they must start withdrawing at least the required minimum each year... or else pay a large penalty.

So what happens if a large demographic starts turning 70 all at the same time... like the baby boomers will in 2016?

They will leave and the stock market will tank. The sudden drop will cause more investors to leave the stock market, and the full-blown crash will be upon us.

Many baby-boomers, having passed age 65, are already retiring and taking their money out of stocks.

That's why many of the Ultra-Rich avoid the stock market altogether.

This free presentation reveals how they're investing instead. Including the one investment the top 1% are betting on right now.

In fact, just recently Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, referred to the stock market as a "platform for hackers" and a "recipe for disaster." That's another member of the Ultra-Rich jaded by the stock market.

To discover how the Ultra-Rich are choosing to invest instead - including strategies many in the middle class have never heard of - you need to watch this free presentation now.

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P.S. The MAJORITY of stock market trades are now made automatically by computers. The decisions are triggered by algorithms designed by companies like Goldman Sachs and "hackers" like Mark Cuban described.

That makes trading stocks like entering a lion's cage. Make sure to watch this free presentation to see what the Ultra-Rich are doing instead.

P.P.S. Did you know you don't have to invest your IRA and 401(k) in the stock market? There are ways to free the money inside and invest in safer investments like gold, income-producing real estate and more.

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Sen. Durbin’s Quad City Constituents Rallied --Asking for a Middle Class Christmas PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Veronica Resa   
Tuesday, 11 December 2012 09:05

Giant banner signed by local people who are calling on Bobby Schilling to Champion “jobs not cuts” in fiscal cliff negotiations


(Moline, Ill.) Area residents rallied and demand Rep. Bobby Schilling fight for jobs and middle class tax cuts and against any cuts to Medicare and other vital services in the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations over spending and taxes. The rally and protest was one of more than 100 action taking place Monday in cities nationwide.

“Rep. Bobby Schilling needs to focus on job creation, stop calling vital services “entitlements,” and extend the middle class tax cuts,” said Dan DeShane “Medicare and Medicaid are not ‘entitlements,’ they are something the middle class has worked and paid into for our entire lives.”

Residents rallied first and then paid a visit to Senator Dick Durbin’s Rock Island office. There they presented him with petitions signed by his constituency. The petitions ask for Sen. Durbin’s continued support of the middle class tax cuts.


The Grown-Up Approach to the Fiscal Cliff PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Business & Economy
Written by Alieta Eck MD   
Monday, 10 December 2012 09:32

By: Alieta Eck MD,

Imagine the amazement of an Ecuadorian Auca Indian on his first visit to a modern American grocery store. He described the wonder of walking down the aisles, filling his cart with his colorful choices. Once his purchases were scanned, his American host handed him a plastic card which he was instructed to give to the young lady at the register. Not only did the card allow him to take all the groceries “for free,” but the clerk gave the credit card back to him! This visit to the store cost him absolutely nothing. America is a wonderful place!

Now it might be completely understandable that a man brought up in the jungles of South America might not comprehend the concept of credit, but when an American brought up in the US education system believes similarly, one must wonder what is in the curriculum. Our people have the idea that the government gives things out for free. But the stark reality is that credit cards come due, the balance needs to be paid, and our government simply does not have the money. Any wise consumer knows that borrowing money to buy groceries cannot go on for long.

Whatever happened to thrift, a solid work ethic, and living within one’s means? In the past 50 years, the sense of responsibility of the American people has diminished, rewarding politicians who appeal to the childish sense that Big Brother has another program to meet their needs. Voters choose those who will promise more benefits from the public coffers. ObamaCare was touted as affordable or free medical care. Of course, it is neither.

In 1965, the era of massive “entitlements” began—some earned and some bestowed upon those who cannot or will not earn enough to live on. But, as Governor Mitt Romney candidly remarked,48% of Americans now receive a check or some other aid from the federal government— in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or other programs. This massive government spending has now reached the point where the government spends $1.40 for every $1.00 it receives in taxes. The nation cannot pay off its credit card each month as we borrow $188 million per hour. The majority of the American people do not think that this is a big deal. The only explanation is that they are thinking like children.

In February 2012, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned of the coming crisis. He said: "Under current law, on January 1, 2013, there's going to be a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases.” He has no solutions, and Congress can only spout the same tired remedies of taxing the rich more and eliminating fraud and abuse. Sensible thinking is not emanating from the White House.

Physicians and hospitals are gearing up to adjust to what is coming. Medicare is scheduled to lower the fees by 27%. Those practitioners who are heavily dependent on government money will face the greatest upheaval, and those who have managed to avoid the government programs will fare better.

The United States Treasury funds failed government programs and wasteful projects, hastening our arrival at the fiscal cliff where taxes rise and government spending falls. One solution is to stop inventing “green energy jobs” that give taxpayer money to friends and campaign donors. Another is to revisit the idea of making the safety net more comfortable and more permanent. This hurts taxpayers and recipients alike.

We taxpayers will need a game plan to tighten our belts and demand that the government treat our hard-earned dollars with respect. We must plot our exits from the bloated national programs that cannot live up to their promises. We must return to our noble roots of self-reliance and strong moral character, and plan as though the federal government programs will fail. We must and can nurture strong community roots where neighbor helps neighbor.

Tumbling off a cliff leads to great injury, but with some grown-up thinking, perhaps we can avoid it.


Aaron Tennant - New Board Member of Iowa motor truck Association PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Business & Economy
Written by Brook Roberts   
Friday, 07 December 2012 15:54
DES MOINES, IOWA - Aaron Tennant was recently elected to the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s Board of Directors. Aaron is the Owner and President of Tennant Truck Lines, Inc. located in Colona, Iowa. Tennant Truck Lines, Inc. is an open deck machinery hauler which has been in business since 1946. They consist of 150 company trucks, 34 owner operators and 384 trailers. Tennant Truck Lines employ approximatley 185 people.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association was established in 1942 and has been the voice of the trucking industry since that time. The Iowa Motor Truck Association represents over 750 trucking companies from across the state of Iowa and has members in all 99 counties. In Iowa alone, over 78% of all communities depend 100% on trucks for the delivery of goods and services. The trucking industry’s association offices are headquartered in Des Moines and sit at the foot of Iowa’s State Capitol.

As a member of the IMTA Board of Directors, Aaron Tennant will be involved in developing public policies that will have a positive impact on Iowa’s trucking industry and will be contributing to the ongoing success of the organization.

“Our board members are the leaders in this industry and we are pleased that Aaron will be able to provide leadership and insight to our organization,” said Brenda Neville, President of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

Attention All Administrative Professionals!! The IAAP Anniversary Promotion ends December 31, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Business & Economy
Written by Kat Riley   
Friday, 07 December 2012 08:26

You still have time to take advantage of the IAAP 70th Anniversary Membership Promotion.  You can join IAAP for only $70 (+$15 processing fee).

Check out our website ( ) for more information or contact me if you have any questions.

Who Are We?

IAAP is the world's foremost association of administrative professionals offering a variety of benefits and opportunities to achieve professional, career and personal goals.

Membership in IAAP provides office professionals with opportunities for personal and professional growth, leadership training, and networking at the local, state and international levels. The Chapter also values its role as a community service organization, volunteering hours and supporting charitable endeavors in the area.

IAAP recognizes that by living in the Information Age, office professionals must stay in the forefront of current events and technological changes in order to increase their productivity. Members of IAAP receive the tools and knowledge necessary to become more effective contributors to their organizations, and the Quad City Chapter has accepted the challenge to provide these opportunities to our members.

Anyone currently employed as an administrative professional or other qualified office professional; holder of the Certified Administrative Professional rating or Organizational Management specialty; a full-time student in a business education program; or an employed teacher of business education is cordially invited to attend one of our monthly meetings.

Why Join?

Belonging to IAAP provides an opportunity to meet other office professionals, to discuss mutual concerns or just to make new friends. Membership provides stimulation and challenges to any career-minded office professional.

We provide continual learning processes to keep pace with new technologies and make required contributions to the office profession.

Benefit Include:

  • Member discount on purchases through IAAP on education and professional development resource materials
  • Discounts on registration of any IAAP sponsored international level training workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Discounts on registration for the Certified Administrative Professional exams access to research findings
  • Subscription to OfficePRO magazine, OfficePRO Express, an e-newsletter full of research, trends and technology information, IAAP Connections, the association’s monthly e-newsletter
  • Full access to IAAP Website (


Hope you will join us!!

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