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Written by Danny Gonzalez   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 08:26

Our fine troops overseas deserve a big congratulations on the great work they are doing for our sake. U.S. Troops in Afghanistan continue to fight the Taliban while training and working with Afghanistan's emerging Army and police forces to eventually take over security responsibilities for their own neighborhoods.

By Jim Michaels - USA Today
Monday Dec 10, 2012

"The number of U.S. deaths in Afghanistan is on track to decline sharply this year, reflecting the drawdown in U.S. forces and an expanded Afghan army that is playing a larger role in fighting the Taliban.

This year, 301 Americans have died in Afghanistan, down from a peak of 500 American deaths in 2010, a USA Today database shows. It is the second consecutive yearly drop.

"A year ago we were taking larger amounts of casualties than they were," said Marine Maj. Gen. Charles "Mark" Gurganus, referring to Afghan security forces in the former Taliban stronghold of Helmand region in southern Afghanistan. "It is absolutely 180 (degrees) out now," said Gurganus, head of Regional Command Southwest."

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