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Written by A. J. Spiker   
Friday, 04 January 2013 13:15

Your Iowa Republican Leadership Has Stood Firm.

Today our office has been flooded with calls and emails about the recent vote on the "Fiscal Cliff."

Over the past few days the Republican Party of Iowa has held strongly to the belief that all proposed legislation should cut taxes, cut spending and deal with the federal government's overwhelming debt. Unfortunately bills brought to the floor of the House and Senate failed to sufficiently cut spending and they still raised taxes increase on lower and middle income families.

The Republican Party of Iowa opposed these bills and encouraged Republicans across Iowa to oppose them as well.

If you haven't yet heard, ALL THREE of Iowa's Republican elected officials voted "No" on the "Year-End Tax Plan."

Senator Chuck Grassley, Congressman Tom Latham and Congressman Steve King all stood firm on their promise to protect Iowans and their families while dealing with our crushing federal debt. Read some of their comments below:

"It's a fiscal farce to raise taxes and hurt economic growth only to fuel more government spending with record deficits and debt... "Spending restraint ought to be more than a wishful new year’s resolution with no way to be certain it’s kept." - Senator Chuck Grassley

"Our $3.5 trillion budget is and will continue to be our primary fiscal obstacle, and a bill that increases taxes and fails to even begin to address spending decisions is not the action American taxpayers have asked for." - Congressman Tom Latham

"This bill makes no effort to curb the out of control federal spending that's to blame." - Congressman Steve King

We encourage Republicans to thank Senator Grassley and Congressmen Latham and King for their strong stand against this bill.

Join us in Celebrating our Republican Leaders.

As we celebrate Republican leadership on a federal level, please consider joining us for our annual Legislative Breakfast to show our appreciation for our state legislators!

On Monday, January 14th the Republican Party of Iowa will be holding its first major event of the year, our annual Legislative Breakfast at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Des Moines.

Reserve your spot at the breakfast today.

This event honors our incoming Republican elected officials. We've invited all our Republican State Reps and State Senators and are proud to be joined by Governor Terry Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen, House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer and Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix.

This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals and businesses leaders to meet our newly elected Republican officials as we begin the new legislative session. Space is limited so please Click here to reserve your spot right away.

Those who would prefer to pay via check or who have additional questions may contact the Iowa GOP's Organizational Director John Ferland at 515-282-8105.

Hope to see you there!


Fighting for Limited Government,

AJ Spiker

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