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Written by Mary-Clare Reynolds   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 16:43
January 15, 2013—Pittsburgh, PA— At the 50th annual international conference in San Antonio, TX, the
Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is celebrating diversity with keynote topics, conference
sessions, and featured speakers at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio Hotel on the Riverwalk, February 13-16, 2013.
Educators, administrators, support professionals and parents will gather to take a comprehensive look at issues
and best practices in professional preparation and evaluation; advances in reading and math research; early
childhood assessment; and transition from school to work.

Reviewing LDA’s past 50 years of advocating, educating, and supporting individuals with learning disabilities
and projecting the future of LDA, the keynote speakers will energize the audience to celebrate all aspects of
diversity, including: diverse learners, cultural diversity, linguistic diversity and bridging the diversity gap.
Throughout the four days, more than 200 breakout sessions and topical workshops will be provided by leading
experts in special and general education, mental health, education research, best classroom techniques, adult
issues, assistive technology, and advocacy.

The opening keynote session on Wednesday, Feb. 13, "Building on the Past, Looking Toward the Future," will
be a roundtable of nationally recognized authorities in the field of learning disabilities: Doris Johnson, Ph.D.,
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL; Nancy Mather, Ph.D., University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and Brock L.
Eide, M.D., and Fernette Eide, M.D., Eide Neurolearning Clinic, Edmonds, WA.

General session keynotes are Thursday, Feb. 14, "Technologies of the Future: Where Assistive Meets
Mainstream,” Manju Banerjee, Ph.D., Institute for Research and Training, Landmark College, Putney, VT; and
Friday, Feb. 15, "Celebrating Diversity and Culturally Responsive Teaching,” Vivian Correa, Ph.D.,
Department of Special Education and Child Development, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC.

Two special sessions will be open to the public. On the evening of February 13, the session is “Brain Food:
How Nutrition, Chemical Exposures and Genetics Interact, and Steps Schools Can Take to Protect and Nurture
Children’s Development.” On Saturday morning, February 16, “Finding Your Future: Postsecondary
Opportunities” will bring mini-sessions and exhibitors with information on postsecondary education and
training to young adults with learning disabilities and the educators and parents who support them.

LDA is a non-profit organization of parents, professionals and adults with learning disabilities providing
support, information, and advocacy on behalf of individuals with learning disabilities.

For further information go to www.ldaamerica.org/conference/index.asp

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