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Monday, 04 June 2012 15:27

This curriculum is for teachers, counselors and administrators grades 6-12 and identifies, in detail, the 20 motivations that lead to harassment, intimidation and bullying and goes far beyond traditional strategies.


Park Ridge, NJ - May 30, 2012- Chase Wilson Education is pleased to announce the release of a new comprehensive Anti-Bullying Curriculum The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined for teachers, counselors and administrators. The curriculum was developed and written by Andrew Yeager, a NJ School Psychologist and Student Assistance Coordinator, who lectures extensively and conducts trainings on bullying and adolescent issues throughout the country.


Based on academic research and clinical experience, this extensive curriculum enables teachers in a variety of disciplines to educate students on the nature and risks of HIB and enables school counselors to assess, intervene, monitor and reduce HIB incidents.

The curriculum, designed for students in grades 6-12, is comprised of three distinct sections:


Part One: "The Building Blocks of Bullying" - We redefine bullying - dispelling common myths and exposing the underlying roots of bullying behavior. The curriculum provides a detailed description and analysis of the 20 "Building Blocks" that lead to harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB). This information allows educators and students to understand and interpret the true motivations behind bullying like never before.


Part Two: "Core Lessons, Classroom Infusion Lessons, & Film Analysis" - Using the "Building Blocks" as a foundation; this highly detailed section provides teachers with a wide variety of lessons to use in the classroom.

  • Core Lessons: An introduction and detailed description of the "The Building Blocks," including a Building Blocks Checklist and Behavioral Assessment Worksheet, to be used in conjunction with multiple Case Studies for student analysis.
  • Classroom Infusion: A variety of lessons that subtly "infuse" anti-HIB education within a variety of subject areas. Lessons are provided for English Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Physical Education and Health, World Languages, Music, Visual Arts, and accommodations for Special Education.
  • Film Analysis: Using the highly effective anti-bullying film Sticks & Stones, students address specific issues such as cyberbullying, homophobia, hate speech and peer pressure.

Part Three: "Counseling the HIB-Involved Student" - This section provides detailed therapeutic strategies for counseling HIB-involved students and includes assessment forms and guidelines for creating effective treatment plans and documenting student progress.


This curriculum is available for purchase at for $799.99 and includes:

  • A comprehensive curriculum aligned to Core Curriculum Content Standards.
  • Detailed Infusion Lessons provided for 9 school subjects.
  • A FREE copy of Sticks & Stones with an updated Teacher's Guide.
  • Printable handouts, lessons, and treatment plans for enhanced in-school use.
  • Relatable HIB Case Studies inspired by real-life situations.
  • A comprehensive section on assessment and counseling HIB-involved youth. User-friendly assessment and progress forms that clearly demonstrate and document remedial measures and student progress.

Educator Expertise: Andrew Yeager has over 30 years of experience as a counselor working with adolescents, and has written a variety of curricula on cyber-bullying, Internet safety, and DWI prevention. He is a certified school psychologist and presently works as the Student Assistance Coordinator and Anti-Bullying Specialist at Park Ridge public schools in N.J. He is the President of The Association of Student Assistant Professionals of N.J., and lectures throughout the country on issues such as bullying, Internet safety, adolescent risk and substance abuse. Yeager works directly with bullying-related cases every day in the state with the most comprehensive anti-bullying laws in the country.


Enhanced Understanding: The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying motives behind harassment, intimidation and bullying. Simultaneously, it gives teachers, administrators, counselors and students a universal vocabulary that lays the foundation for better communication, awareness, and response to harassment, intimidation, and bullying.


School Inclusivity: Instead of purchasing anti-bullying resources from multiple sources, The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined is a one-source solution for the entire school. This is not only cost-effective, but it also ensures a cohesive unity and direction for schools' anti-bullying initiatives.


Student Empowerment: By using the The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined in coordination with core lessons, infusion lessons, and the film analysis -- educators re-frame the way students see themselves and the actions and motives of those around them. Lessons and activities encourage students to think analytically and introspectively. By making lessons more relevant to them and their unique personal experience, students raise understanding and empathy. "The Building Blocks" inspire students to alter their own behavior and stand up against HIB - enhancing their self-esteem, self-awareness, leadership skills, and overall character.


Climate & Culture: The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined gives educators the tools they need to re-shape the culture and climate of their school from the inside out. This includes strategies to enhance engagement in classroom and school-wide programs, and promotes healthier teen relationships and positive role modeling.


This program is designed to create a healthier school climate and culture; one which resonates long beyond emotionally-charged assemblies, poster contests, and traditional lectures. The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Redefined creates an enduring experience that will greatly impact their day-to-day lives.


About Chase Wilson Education:

Chase Wilson Education is an organization in the state of New Jersey that is comprised of a diverse team of filmmakers, educators, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals all working together to improve education, health, and social development in our world.

Our Mission is to provide educator training and student programs centered on a values-based curriculum that provides a foundation of character, tolerance, and empathy.

CWE is a division of Chase Wilson; an Emmy-Nominated multimedia production company incorporated in the state of New Jersey. Chase Wilson Education was founded in 2011 with a sole focus on the future development, creation, and distribution of educational films and programs.




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