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Written by Nancy Hauswald   
Friday, 06 April 2012 12:55


Chick Beer, a new beer created by a woman, exclusively for women, is now available in Iowa stores and restaurants, and bars. The superior light lager with a big beer taste weighs in at only 97 calories and 3.5 carbs. And make no mistake about it – this isn’t your boyfriend’s (or any man’s) beer. Chick Beer was created for fun-loving, smart, independent women who embrace life with a passion.

Chick Beer is no gimmick. Brewed in Wisconsin, Chick Beer is actually crafted for the feminine palate. Its flavor emphasizes soft malt over bitter hops. Many women prefer a less bitter flavor. In fact, some scientists claim that women are genetically predisposed to avoid bitter flavors, a vestige from the time when women were “gatherers.” Bitter flavors warned of potential poisons, so women quickly learned to avoid them. Additionally, Chick Beer is lightly carbonated, a feature that women also embrace.

Iowa joins a select number of states in the country where Chick Beer is available. It debuted in Maryland (home of its founder) in August 2011, and has since taken off like a rocket. One liquor store manager in Indiana recently said, “Women love this beer! They buy their first six-pack because it’s different and fun, but they come back to buy a case because they are, frankly, really surprised at how good it tastes. Chick Beer is going to be hot!”

Shazz Lewis, founder of Chick Beer, tells how the idea was, well, hatched. “For many years, my husband owned a wine and spirits store in Maryland. One day, I was looking at the beer cooler, which had more than 400 different beers in it, and I had an ‘aha’ moment: Why wasn’t there a beer that shouted out to me? I’m a woman who enjoys drinking beer. I’m a wife, daughter, sister and mother of five daughters. Why wasn’t there a beer that celebrates, or even acknowledges my, well, ‘chickness’?”

I couldn’t let go of that idea, and so began doing some research. I found that women consume 25 percent of all the beer in the United States – that’s 700 million cases a year – but no one has ever addressed this segment of the market. Until now.”

Although the name of the beer came to Lewis in a dream, in retrospect its moniker is obvious. “For years,” Lewis chuckles, “men have dismissed lighter beers as chick beers that are so not what ‘real men’ drink. But since when is chick a bad thing? I decided to turn the pejorative ‘chick’ upside down and use the word as a celebration of the strength and power of women. I also decided that Chick Beer packaging would be anything but subtle. There’s no mistaking the bright pink logo against the silhouette of a little black dress and an over-the-top feminine font. No one will mistake Chick Beer for a dude’s beer.”

Chick Beer is being distributed in Iowa by Johnson Brothers, who sold out of their initial shipment within days of receiving it. The distributor is reloading and working hard to get Chick Beer to all the Iowans who are asking for it. If you don’t see Chick Beer on your stores’ shelves or at your favorite watering holes, get uppity! Tell the proprietor you want Chick Beer now. Retailers can call Johnson Brothers at 515.262.1199.

Consumers looking for places that are selling Chick Beer can visit and click on the Chick Finder map. Chicks are hatching in Iowa at a fast and furious pace. The map is regularly updated, so please keep checking back.

Chick Beer is more than just another beer on the shelf. Lewis has pledged to donate 5 percent of its net profits to charities that empower women, primarily in the communities where the beer is sold. “I don’t believe that there is another beer company in the U.S. that has made this kind of commitment to women,” she says.

“I’ve been fortunate all my life in that I’ve had a loving, supportive family, educational opportunities, and jobs that have been professionally and personally rewarding. I’m now at a time in my life when I can fulfill a long-held dream of mine – to give back some of my good fortune to other women who haven’t been as lucky.”

The Chick Cares initiative, which contributes both to national charities that empower women and to local organizations in the states where Chick Beer is sold, has recently announced its charitable giving plans for 2012. Details are available at

If you want to be among the first in the country to taste Chick Beer, you’d better hurry. Its Facebook page has nearly 6,000 “likes” from all over the globe. Women are asking for it in all fifty states, and around the world.


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