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Written by Jackie E. Holecek   
Friday, 19 July 2013 10:09
City of Davenport, Iowa
Wednesday, July 24, 2013; 5:30 p.m.
City Hall Council Chambers
I. Moment of Silence
II. Pledge of Allegiance
Ald. Meeker
III. Roll Call
IV. Meeting Protocol and Decorum
V. Approval of Minutes of the July 10, 2013 City Council Meeting
VI. City Administrator Update
VII. Report on Committee of the Whole and Standing Committees
VIII. Appointments, Proclamations, Etc.
A. Appointments
1. RiverCenter Advisory Board (reappointments)
Bob Fox
Steve Jobman
Judy McNamara
IX. Presentations
A. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley Impact Award to City of Davenport
Jay Justin, Executive Director
X. Petitions and Communications from Council Members and the Mayor
City Council Meeting 2
July 24, 2013
XI. Individual Approval of Items on the Discussion Agenda
1. Second Consideration: Ordinance adding Chapter 13.16.107F entitled “Sanitary
Sewer Rates-Amount” to include a residential customer surcharge of $2.00 per
quarter to fund the no-fault sewer backup reimbursement program. [All Wards]
2. Second Consideration: Ordinance amending Chapter 2.56 entitled “Airport
Commission” by abolishing the commission and replacing it with an Iowa Code
Chapter 392 administrative agency. [All Wards]
1. Motion for suspension of the rules
2. Motion for passage of 3rd consideration.
XII. Approval of All Items on the Consent Agenda
**NOTE: These are routine items and will be enacted at the City Council Meeting by one roll call vote without separate discussion unless an item is requested to be removed and considered separately.
Reports on Standing Committees
Community Development Committee
1a. First Consideration of Ordinance for Case No. REZ13-03, being an amendment to City
Ordinance 89-37 which rezoned 11.4 acres of real property, more or less, located at
110 West 53rd Street to PDD Planned Development District and limited the use(s) to a
home improvement store. The amendment would allow conversion of the existing
retail and lumber yard buildings to self-storage units. This would allow an operational
use of the property while it is still being marketed. (Tyler Edwards on behalf of
Menard, Inc, petitioner). [8th Ward]
1b. Resolution approving the PDD Final Development Plan (FDP13-10) on 11.4 acres, more or less, located at 110 West 53rd Street to allow Menards, Inc. to develop self- storage units after moving the retail operation to its new location. This is a companion action to Case No. REZ13-03. (Tyler Edwards on behalf of Menard, Inc., petitioner) [8th Ward].
City Council Meeting 3
July 24, 2013
Community Development Committee
2. First Consideration of Ordinance for Case No. REZ13-04, being .25 acres, more or less, of real property located at 1219 Perry Street from “R-4” Moderate Density Dwelling District to “R-5M” Medium Density Dwelling District. The purpose of the rezoning is to utilize the property for multiple-family residential units (Etie S. O’Connell, petitioner). [3rd Ward]
3. Resolution approving Case No. F13-13 being the final plat of Grand Retreat Estates
located at 4760 Rockingham Road containing two (2) residential lots. [1st Ward]
4. Resolution approving Case No. CP13-01 being the adoption of the Planning Area 12
Small Area Plan as an element of the Davenport 2025 Comprehensive Plan.
[7th, 8th Wards]
5. Resolution approving Case No. CP13-02 being the adoption of the Village of East
Davenport Master Plan as an element of the Davenport 2025 Comprehensive Plan.
[5th, 6th Wards]
6. Resolution establishing an East Village TIF District in the existing South Economic
Development Area (SEDA).
7. Resolution accepting State CDBG HDR Grant for the 5th Street Lofts Project.
Public Safety Committee
1. Second Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule VII of Chapter 10.96 entitled “No Parking” by deleting 46th Street along the north side from 150 feet west of Welcome Way to 300 feet west of Welcome Way. [Ward 7]
2. First Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule II of Chapter 10.96 entitled “One-Way Streets” by deleting 8th Street from 50 feet east of Pershing Avenue to Iowa Street. [Ward 3]
3. First Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule XI of Chapter 10.96 entitled “Resident Parking Only” by adding 15th Street in front of the property at 121 West 15th Street. [Ward 3]
4. First Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule XI of Chapter 10.96 entitled “Resident Parking Only” by adding Pine Street in front of property at 324 South Pine Street. [Ward 1]
5. First Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule XVII of Chapter 10.96 entitled “No Stopping, Standing or Parking” by deleting Iowa Street along both sides from 100 feet north of 8th Street to 100 feet south of 8th Street between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on school days. [Ward 3]
City Council Meeting 4
July 24, 2013
6. Resolution closing various streets, lanes or public grounds on the listed dates to hold outdoor events. [Wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7]
7. Motion approving beer and liquor license applications:
7A. New license, new owner, temporary permit, temporary outdoor area, location transfer, etc. (as noted):
La Finca 916 West Second Street B Beer 3
BY ZBA ON JULY 11, 2013)
River Roots Live LeClaire Park B Beer 3
QC Chamber of Commerce TEMPORARY PERMIT
AUGUST 16-17, 2013
Hooters of Davenport 110 East Kimberly Road C Liquor 7
Hooters of Davenport L.L.C. NEW OWNER
7B. Annual license renewals (with outdoor area renewals as noted):
Kwik Shop No. 584 3624 West Locust Street C Beer 1
Kwik Shop Inc.
Hickory Garden Restaurant 3311 Hickory Grove Road Beer/Wine 2
Mantra 220 Harrison Street C Liquor 3
Sharnam Inc.
Express Lane Gas and Food Mart 3622 Brady Street C Beer 7
Expresslane Inc.
Hi Ho Mongolian Grill 901 East Kimberly Road Beer/Wine 7
Hi Ho Mongolian Grill Inc.
City Council Meeting 5
July 24, 2013
Public Works Committee
1. Resolution authorizing the filing of applications with the Federal Transit Administration for assistance authorized by 49 U.S.C chapter 53, title 23 United States Code and other Federal statutes administered and authorizing the mayor to sign. [All wards]
2. Resolution approving Davenport Public Transit "Citibus" Title VI Program report update. [All wards]
Finance Committee
1. Resolution making provision for the issuance of not-to-exceed $32,400,000 General
Obligation Corporate Bonds, Series 2014. [All Wards]
2. Resolution approving a 28E Intergovernmental Agreement governing the Quad City
Metropolitan Enforcement Group. [All Wards]
3. Resolution allowing the Levee Improvement Commission and the Parks and
Recreation Department to proceed with a REAP (Resource Enhancement and
Protection) grant application in the amount of $300,000 for River Heritage Park.
[Ward 3]
4. Motion awarding the purchase of a John Deere endloader for the Compost Facility to
Martin Equipment of Rock Island, IL in the amount of $136,000. [All Wards]
5. Motion awarding the purchase of two used crack sealers for the Streets Division to
Logan Contractors Supply of Bettendorf in the amount of $62,630. [All Wards]
XIII. Other Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions
XIV. Public with Business
PLEASE NOTE: At this time individuals may address the City Council on any matters of City business. This is not an opportunity to discuss issues with the Council members or get information. In accordance with Open Meetings law, the Council can not take action on any complaint or suggestions tonight, and can not respond to any allegations at this time.
Please state your Name and Ward for the record. There is a five (5) minute time limit. Please end your comments promptly.
XV. Reports of City Officials
XVI. Adjourn
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