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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 12:23
City of Davenport, Iowa
Wednesday, May 22, 2013; 5:30 p.m.
City Hall Council Chambers
I. Moment of Silence
II. Pledge of Allegiance
Ald. Meeker
III. Roll Call
IV. Meeting Protocol and Decorum
V. Approval of Minutes of the May 8, 2013 City Council Meeting
VI. City Administrator Update
VII. Report on Committee of the Whole and Standing Committees
VIII. Appointments, Proclamations, Etc.
IX. Presentations
A. Junior Theatre
B. Presentation of Certificates to City by Quad City Riverfront Council
C. Davenport Schools Update
X. Petitions and Communications from Council Members and the Mayor
XI. Individual Approval of Items on the Discussion Agenda
XII. Approval of All Items on the Consent Agenda
**NOTE: These are routine items and will be enacted at the City Council Meeting by one roll call vote without separate discussion unless an item is requested to be removed and considered separately.

Reports on Standing Committees
Community Development Committee
1. Second Consideration of Ordinance to amend City Ordinance 2001-207 which rezoned 37 acres, more or less, for residential development by amending condition number 3 by deleting the restriction on platting (City of Davenport, petitioner Case No. ORD13-02).
2. First consideration of Ordinance for Case No. REZ13-01, being .38 acres, more or less, of real property located at the northeast corner of East 4th and Iowa Streets (402 East 4th Street) from “M-2” Heavy Industrial District to “C-4” Central Business District. The purpose of the rezoning is to allow the conversion of an industrial building to residential units (Y&J Properties LLC, petitioner). [3rd]
3. Resolution approving Case No. F13-07 being the County final plat of Oberbrooeckling Subdivision, located west of 110th Avenue (Y-48 or Buffalo Avenue) and south of 160th Street (W Locust Street) containing 1 residential lot. [Scott County]
Public Safety Committee
1. Second Consideration: Ordinance amending Schedule VII of Chapter 10.96 entitled “No Parking” by adding Pine Street along the east side from Kimberly Road to 46th Street. [Wards 2 and 7]
2. Motion approving beer and liquor license applications:
2A. New license, new owner, temporary permit, temporary outdoor area, location transfer, etc. (as noted): NAME ADDRESS LICENSE WARD
Jimmie O’s Saloon 2735 Telegraph Road C Liquor 1
Oldham Enterprises L.L.C. OUTDOOR AREA ONLY
(Sturgis weekend) JUNE 12-15, 2013
(Rolff Street and parking lot)
BBQ and Craft Brew LeClaire Park B Beer 3
Indoor-Outdoor Productions Inc. TEMPORARY PERMIT
(new event) OUTDOOR AREA
JUNE 22 and 23, 2013
Chuck’s Tap 1731 West Sixth Street C Liquor 3
(annual golf outing) JUNE 8, 2013
(parking lot only)

Figge Art Museum 225 West Second Street C Liquor 3
Thunder Bay Grille L.L.C. OUTDOOR AREA ONLY
(Project Greenspace fund-raiser) MAY 30, 2013
Rally on the River QC Centennial Park C Liquor 3
Norton Productions L.L.C. TEMPORARY PERMIT
(formerly known as Sturgis and OUTDOOR AREA
Miss. River Motorcycle Rally) JUNE 12-15, 2013
Scott’s Shovelhead Shed 220 North Pine Street C Liquor 3
(pre-Sturgis kick-off party) JUNE 7, 2013
(Pine Street)
Rookies Sports Bar 2818 Brady Street C Liquor 5
(annual St. Ambrose golf MAY 31 and JUNE 1, 2013
Hooters 110 East Kimberly Road C Liquor 7
(annual bikini contest) JUNE 27, 2013
Quad City Air Show Davenport Municipal Airport B Beer 8
Aerial Promotions Inc. TEMPORARY PERMITS
JUNE 22-23, 2013
2B. Annual license renewals (with outdoor area renewals as noted): NAME ADDRESS LICENSE WARD
The Meat Market 1629 Washington Street C Liquor 4
Weetbruch Enterprises Inc.
Public Works Committee
1. Resolution awarding the contract and conditionally approving the executed contract for the completed site work in relation to the site preparation of the Modern Woodmen Park Ferris Wheel Project to Valley Construction of Rock Island, IL in the amount of $228,000, CIP Project #10481. [Ward 3]

2. Resolution awarding the contract and conditionally approving the executed contract for the caisson contract in relation to the site preparation of the Modern Woodmen Park Ferris Wheel Project to Steele Construction of Rock Island, IL in the amount of $138,000, CIP Project #10481. [Ward 3]
3. Resolution approving Supplemental Agreement No. 2 to the existing consultant agreement with Veenstra and Kimm, Inc. of Moline, Illinois, in an amount not to exceed $862,950 for the Joint Use Sewer Equalization Basin Wet Weather Treatment Optimization. CIP Project #10564 funded at $1,175,000. [Wards 1, 3, 5 & 6]
4. Resolution levying deficiency assessments for the Eastern Avenue and 67th Street Paving Project, CIP Project #1590. [Ward 8]
Finance Committee
1. Resolution amending the Fiscal Year 2013 Operating and Capital Improvement
Budgets. [All Wards]
2. Resolution adopting the Internal Revenue Service mileage rate when reimbursing
employees for use of a personal vehicle. [All Wards]
3. Motion amending the 2007 lease agreement with Davenport Family Homes, Inc. [Ward

4. Resolution supporting the Putnam Museum’s Community Attraction & Tourism grant
application to the Vision Iowa Board.
XIII. Other Ordinances, Resolutions and Motions
XIV. Public with Business
PLEASE NOTE: At this time individuals may address the City Council on any matters of City business. This is not an opportunity to discuss issues with the Council members or get information. In accordance with Open Meetings law, the Council can not take action on any complaint or suggestions tonight, and can not respond to any allegations at this time.
Please state your Name and Ward for the record. There is a five (5) minute time limit. Please end your comments promptly.
XV. Reports of City Officials
A. Civil Service Certification Lists
City Council Meeting 5
May 22, 2013
XVI. Executive Session to discuss strategy with counsel in matters involving litigation pursuant to Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(c)
XVII. Adjourn
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