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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 08:55

Two Rivers - One WorldFriends of Vander Veer

From the Amazon

to the Great Mississippi -

Fishscale Girl's Adventures
at Vander Veer Botanical Park

Explore the delicate balance of nature through a variety of exciting summer programs being held at Vander Veer Botanical Park. Sponsored by Davenport Parks and Recreation and The Friends of Vander Veer, learn through the eyes of Fishscale Girl, who discovers that her Amazon River and the Mississippi River face similar challenges with major environmental problems such as pollution and erosion.

Fishscale Girl, a small doll made from an actual fish scale, is the main character in a series of pictures books written and photographed by Quad-City author Ann Hailey. Fishscale Girl moves from her home in the Amazon to Davenport, Iowa, and learns about the similarities and differences of her new and old homes.
Kickoff Event
fishscale girl 3
Friday, July 6 2pm
at Vander Veer Conservatory

Join us in kicking off Two Rivers - One World! Ann Hailey, local author of the Fishscale Girl series, will read her books at this free event for the public. The Conservatory Display featuring Fishscale Girl will be open to the public, as well. Refreshments will be served. A nature walk will occur at 3:00 p.m.

Fishscale Girl and the Disaster
fishscale girl 1

Saturday, July 21 at Vander Veer Park

Come discover how Fishscale Girl learns how animals survive natural disasters and come back to a destroyed habitat. The Fishscale Girl and the Disaster by local author, Ann Hailey, will be read in English and Spanish. The program is for ages 5-12 and will start at 10am on July 21st. Be at the Vander Veer Conservatory for all the fun activities. There is a $2 fee for the program.


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Fishscale Girl: The Amazon vs. Great Mississippi

Saturday, August 4 at Vander Veer Conservatory

Join Fishscale Girl and explore the difference between the Amazon River and the Great Mississippi River. Fishscale Girl tells of her origin and how she came to be. The program will have interactive activities about both rivers and how we can protect both. Come to the Vander Veer conservatory on August 4th at 10am. Ages 5 - 12. Come join the fun for a $2 fee. Register Now!!


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Other programs featuring Fishscale Girl

Check out "Let's Go Outside" backpacks from The Conservatory at Vander Veer. These backpacks feature lessons that take visitors throughout the Park and Conservatory.


Enjoy The Conservatory display, featuring an Amazon Tropical Rainforest Birds display, as well as a Disaster Scene from the Fishscale Girl series.


Experience the popular park programs My Little Wheelbarrow on July 11 and 18 @ 10am at Vander Veer Playground, and Wild Walks in the Park on July 16 at 1pm. These programs will feature Fishscale Girl in their lessons.

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