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Written by Leanna Perry   
Wednesday, 12 June 2013 14:06
Somber and sincere, Catacomb Fires is the latest, greatest release from Des Moines’ very own Diamonds For Eyes. Joshua Putney’s evocative vocals march down deep below the surface of the earth into some sort of crevasse where all of your darkest fears become very real. Putney’s foreboding aura is meshed with the well-written, reflective sound of the rest of the band as they carry this gem of an album from start to finish like a mid-summer night’s parade.
No Lament For True Lovers kicks off with a radio alert that says police are investigating a case in which a 23-year old newlywed has been found dead in a West Des Moines cellar. Featuring husband and wife band-mates, this video will string you along for the ride as Kristen Putney (bassist) ensnares her husband into a journey of life and death.
Take a peek at the video here

Pick up your copy of Catacomb Fires, now available on Bandcamp and through Maximum Ames Records.

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Thank you
written by Bruce James Bales, June 13, 2013
My name is Bruce James Bales, and I directed, filmed, and edited the music video. I wanted to thank you for this write up and extend an invitation as well. I would love to be in contact with you about more of my music video releases. I focus mainly on local Iowa artists, and I would love to keep you better in the loop about new videos, releases, and artist. Also, if you would ever like to talk about my projects it would be an honor to sit down with you. Thank you once again.

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