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Written by Narveen Aryaputri   
Monday, 03 October 2011 11:04

The Moline Commercial Club hosted a private dinner party televised and taped by NIPPON TV and Channel 4 news on September 26th. 2011.  The menu was designed to highlight the delicious and healthy wild harvested Carp from the Illinois rivers.

The aim of  the dinner and the televised  taping was to highlight the upward potential of  American business as well as the creation of  jobs by increasing wild harvested fish from our waterways. To this purpose the dinner was arranged to serve a variety of  dishes for those who had never eaten  ‘ the  fish called carp’ . The dinner was a huge success.  Chef Linda of the Moline Commercial Club prepared Stuffed Green Peppers, Lasagna, and Chili. The Chili was cooked in front of  the newscasters and reporters. All items were made with carp. Desserts were chocolate mousse and whipped cream on philo dough cups with fresh raspberry on top; and  chocolate, vanilla and raspberry cheesecake squares.

The advantages of  the carp is that the fish is NOT a bottom-feeder. It is healthy, and very easily digestible over some of the other fish and meat, and is low calorie, and tasteful: it actually absorbs the flavors of  the spices since it does not have its own taste. It is not a greasy fish. The carp has a blood line, which makes its consistency similar to hamburger meat or turkey, or chicken and it does not disintegrate in prepared dishes. It maintains a nice texture and consistency. It is substantial and is not flaky. Because it eats only plankton, it is a light and airy fish and stays on top. The comments were: we ate a lot of  food, but we do not feel heavy. Additionally, it is economical at half  to a third of  the price of  meat and most other fish.

In attendance at the dinner were the congressional office of Congressman Schilling and various members of The Moline Commercial Club.

The Moline Commercial Club is  looking to achieve three short term and long term goals:

1)      Remove the excess carp from the Illinois waterways, while still maintaining sustainability so the species are not endangered.

2)      Freeze and ship the wild harvest to countries overseas as well as the American market: both North and South America. An ideal conservative short term goal is 4 containers of  40,000 pounds per week.

3)      Make it available to the American families through awareness of  health advantages of  the carp, cooking techniques, and economics of  wild natural harvest, cost per family for a full meal as well as availability in local super markets and grocery stores.

Prepared dishes as well as smoked, raw mince and fillet can be purchased from The Moline Commercial Club.

Ready menus are:  Stuffed green peppers,  chili, lasagna, fillet with pasta with alfredo or tomato base sauce, fish balls, fish patties, and fish cakes.

Please contact 309-762-8547 to place your orders.  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Additionally, raw uncooked fish may be purchased through the same number or email.

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