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Monday, 14 February 2011 08:36
Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa today made the following comment on a report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, "Reduction Targets and Strategies Have Not Been Established to Reduce the Billions of Dollars in Improper Earned Income Tax Credit Payments Each Year."  The report says the IRS continues to report that 23 percent to 28 percent of EITC payments are issued improperly each year. In Fiscal Year 2009, this equated to $11 billion to $13 billion in EITC improper payments.

“This is an outrageously high improper payment rate.  It’s higher than Medicare’s improper payment rate.  The taxpayers can’t sustain a failure rate of one-fourth and on the way to one-third.  For more than eight years, the IRS hasn’t made a dent in this problem.  It’s more than enough time to figure out a way to fix it.  The report says the IRS doesn’t have the resources to go after all of the improper payments in this program. This is a good indication of how the IRS is poorly equipped to handle the huge new responsibilities of health care reform. If the IRS can’t handle its existing responsibilities, it won’t be able to handle its new responsibilities under health care reform.  Maybe if the White House focused more on what’s already owed, it wouldn’t need to propose tax increases, such as the one on employers to pay for unemployment benefits just disclosed this week.”

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