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Written by Neal Waltmire   
Monday, 07 April 2014 08:57

Building on momentum from Harmon’s rate structure proposal, Rep. Mitchell has introduced new House companion legislation, with 38 co-sponsors today alone.  Senator Harmon’s bill passes Senate Executive Committee


Springfield, IL – Fair Tax Act chief sponsor Senator Harmon was joined by new House chief sponsor Christian Mitchell today at a press conference to discuss renewed momentum for Fair Tax legislation.  Harmon began today’s press conference declaring “the Fair Tax is alive and well in both the Senate and the House.”  Shortly after the press conference, Harmon’s Fair Tax Act, passed a Senate subcommittee.

At the conference, Rep. Christian Mitchell announced the introduction of HJRCA 49, a complementary measure to Harmon’s bill.  The act would give Illinois voters the opportunity to amend the constitution to allow for a Fair Tax, with lower rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes.  Mitchell stated the Fair Tax is the most important issue they face this year in Springfield.

“All we’re asking is that the voters of Illinois be entrusted with tax policy,” said Harmon.

Mitchell’s legislation, introduced just yesterday, has already garnered 38 co-sponsors and Mitchell says it has generated a great deal of excitement in the Illinois House.

Last week, Senator Harmon introduced a Fair Tax rate structure to accompany the Fair Tax Act, which provides a tax break to 94% of Illinois residents, every Illinoisan making up to nearly $205,000.  Two days later, a thousand Fair Tax supporters rallied at the Capitol urging its passage.

Senator Harmon said that the Fair Tax is a “third way” between extending an “unfair, regressive flat tax” or cutting “the critical services the citizens of Illinois depend upon.”

Harmon said since a Fair Tax provides a tax break to such an overwhelming number of taxpayers in the state, it should be an attractive measure for legislators regardless of party affiliation or geography.

“This is not a partisan issue,” said Harmon.  “I think our colleagues in the General Assembly are savvy enough to recognize ‘this is good for the people I represent and I darn well better be for it.’”

The sponsors were asked about how leadership in their respective chambers viewed a Fair Tax.  Harmon noted that President Cullerton is a long-time supporter of the Fair Tax. Mitchell said that Speaker Madigan’s millionaire surcharge amendment was recognition that millionaires should be tax at a higher rate than middle class families and minimum wage workers.  He said giving tax relief to 94% of Illinois residents was equally important and was why his legislation in the House has garnered so much excitement.


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