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Written by Sarah Arp   
Monday, 15 April 2013 08:14
This Tuesday, April 16, Chef Stephanie Godke is cooking up some of her new dishes from her new cookbook at the Center For Active Seniors, Inc. (CASI), 1035 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806!  Her class will be held in CASI’s kitchen from 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Come enjoy some yummy dishes while learning from the famous Chef Stephanie Godke!

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For more information, please call: Sarah Arp at CASI at: 563.386.7477, 229 (office) or 563.343.0038 (cell) or email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CASI, 1035 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa. CASI is open Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm.

4 tasty ways to power your day with protein PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Dairy Makes Sense   
Friday, 05 April 2013 09:09

Along with your sneakers, dairy plays an important role in your spring training. Whether you and your family are gearing up for little league season, a triathlon or 5K, dairy’s unique nutrients — including protein — can fuel your bodies along the way.

Protein Power

Protein is a powerhouse nutrient for our bodies. Not only does it help us feel fuller longer, it also protects muscles after we work out and as we age. Dairy foods are a tasty, convenient and cost-effective way to power up with protein throughout the day. On average, one serving of milk, cheese or yogurt provides 8 grams of high quality protein.

Learn four simple ways to get
your daily recommended
servings of protein.

Farmers on the Moo-ve

Managing two dairy farms and 3,800 cows requires a lot of hard work. But the Pulfer family, like many Midwestern families, has come to understand the importance of balancing work with healthy eating and exercise.

Learn how this family of six has made running a family affair on their farm and logged more than150 race miles along the way.

A Cure for Spring Fever

As spring fever spreads throughout Midwest classrooms, it’s important to find tools to help kids focus until that final bell rings. Two simple solutions: breakfast and exercise! A new study reports students who eat breakfast have better attention and memory, and after 20 minutes of exercise, brain activity improves.

Unlikely Healthy Foods: Bacon – The Next Health Craze? PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Ginny Grimsley   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:05
… And 4 More Unlikely Good-for-You Foods
Recommended by Celebrity Dietician

Bacon has always been popular, but now it’s the standard by which many express affection with the ubiquitous online meme: I love you more than bacon.

It’s considered by many to be the ultimate food indulgence, but according to Dr. John Salerno, a protégé of “Atkins Diet” creator Dr. Robert Atkins, bacon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

“Many think of bacon as one of the guiltiest pleasures possible, but it has also been shown to alleviate the effects of diabetes, heart disease and strokes,” says Dr. Salerno, author of “The Silver Cloud Diet,” ( “Nitrate-free bacon is an excellent source of high protein, low-carbohydrate energy that helps to reset the metabolism, and it’s filled with amino acids delivered without the risk of dangerous levels of mercury, which can be found in many fish.”

Need more reasons to love bacon?

It has a 4:1 ratio of protein to fat;
It contains choline, which boosts memory and healthy brain function;
It’s composed of monounsaturated fats, the kind that contains lots of healthy fat-soluble vitamins and minerals
It’s a potent source of oleic acid and saturated fats, which help reduce levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL), lower triglycerides, and raise HDL – commonly referred to as the good form of cholesterol.

Dr. Salerno says there are other indulgent-yet-healthy foods out there, including:

• Butter: Butter contains the highest amount of butyric acid found in a natural food source. Butyric acid is recognized for its roles in cellular health, antioxidant protection and metabolic properties; it also increases energy and may prevent cancer. Butter derived from natural, grass-fed animals is recommended.

• Barbecue: Add sauces and condiments and this American favorite will have more starch and sugar than Salerno recommends. But the main ingredient – meat – speaks to the heart of a low-carb, high-protein diet. Grass-fed hamburger meat and organic, hormone-free chicken provides the nutrients your body needs. Stay away from the buns, sugary condiments, sauces and marinades, and you can enjoy a healthy barbecue.

• Omelets: Eggs contain lots of cholesterol and saturated fats, which have been demonized throughout the latter half of the 20th century. Fortunately, we know there is such a thing as good cholesterol and fat. Packed with vitamins, minerals and one of the best-absorbed proteins we can feed our body, any negatives associated with eggs are far outweighed by the benefits. Natural, unprocessed cheeses and cream add to the nutritional value of an omelet.

• Chocolate ice cream: Ice cream made with organic egg yolks, heavy cream and a small amount of stevia herb for taste, instead of sugar, is actually a healthy dessert. Fats are fine, with the exception of trans fats, so long as dieters control their carbohydrate intake. Humankind did not evolve with the vast amount of foods today that contain complex carbs and hidden sugar. Our bodies are used to high amounts of natural fat and a limited amount of unprocessed carbs.

About Dr. John Salerno

A board-certified family physician, Dr. John Salerno has been pioneering complementary medicine for more than 20 years. Best known for his Silver Cloud Diet nutrition program, anti-aging supplements, and natural therapies, Dr. Salerno has crafted original treatment plans to restore human health. His publications and professional studies have made him a popular expert on the physiology and assessment of many complex medical conditions. Dr. Salerno was a protégé and colleague of prestigious Dr. Robert Atkins and served as a clinical preceptor at the Yale University School of Medicine for three years. He has worked with Hollywood actress/author Suzanne Somers (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pioneer); actor Steven Cannell; and president of the International Congress of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Hiroyuki Abe M.D.

Quad Cities Food Hub invites public to “Celebrating Growing” Open House April 18 PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Angela Hunt   
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 09:53
DAVENPORT, IA (April 2, 2013) Quad Cities Food Hub invites the public to attend their “Celebrate Growing Open House” on Thursday, April 18 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Food Hub Market (Located in the Freight House, River Drive Davenport, Iowa). Tickets are $15 and include a beer sampler provided by Front Street Brewery and a wide variety hors d'oerves from local producers.
The Quad Cities Food Hub works to support healthy lifestyles by promoting local food production, connecting producers and consumers, and cultivating education and training programs.
Activities during the Open House:

During the open house, attendees will learn about Quad Cities Food Hub’s new projects including a virtual online market that will allow consumers to purchase fresh local produce and products from local area producers online. Attendees will also learn about other Quad Cities Food Hub initiatives include a commercial kitchen, community gardens, new grocery store, community education and how they can become involved. Attendees will also have an opportunity to meet the board of directors and new store manager, Wendy Saathof.
“Iowa has some of the world’s most fertile soil so you would expect it to be one of the world’s biggest producers of fresh produce. Unfortunately, it is not so. The average fruit and vegetable that reaches our grocery stores travels about 1,500 miles to get here. The Quad Cities Food Hub’s goal is to change that,” said Quad Cities Food Hub board member, Julia Blazevic.
The Quad Cities Food Hub initiative started with a group of Davenport officials and local food advocates' trip to Detroit's Eastern Market. Davenport Mayor Gluba and an eight-member delegation went there in August 2010. Following their return, a 25-member steering committee was establish comprised of individuals with extensive experience in our local food system and economy and has been working on creating a long-term plan of action to strengthen our community's local food system.

To learn more about the Quad Cities Food Hub visit and

“FRESH AIR, FRESH IDEAS, & FLAVORFUL WINES” Creekside Vineyards Winery & Inn Offers its own Trifecta PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Jennifer Mital   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 13:15
2013 marks the 2nd anniversary of Creekside Vineyards Winery, the 4th anniversary of Creekside Vineyards Inn, and plenty of “fresh and flavorful” offerings, holding true to both the owners’ vision and chosen slogan.

FRESH IDEA #1: Seasonal Terrace
“The Seasonal Terrace at the vineyard is the place to be,” says Marketing Director Jennifer Mital. “Patrons enjoy flavorful wines, awesome music, and various special events.” Word about Terrace Season has spread, as Creekside Vineyards has partnered with Indigo Wellness for Yoga in the Vineyard, Two Rivers Massage for Spa-licious Fridays, local musicians like Ellis Kell, Danika Holmes, Jordan Danielson, Lee Blackmon & others for Saturday afternoon performances, & artists like William Marsoun for art shows. New to this season is Open Mic Saturdays, which allows emerging musicians to perform for the crowd.

“Two of best comments we received are posted online,” says Jennifer, “the Illinois Department of Tourism blogged Creekside Vineyards as ‘the Quad Cities’ hidden gem’ & a FB friend commented that ‘There’s a little slice of heaven tucked right in Coal Valley.’” Picnics are welcome & private rental is available. Terrace hours: Weekends, May-Oct., 1-6.

FRESH IDEA #2: Creekside Vineyards Inn
Creekside Vineyards Inn is nestled in a 30 acre hidden valley between Pinnacle Golf Course and Arrowhead Ranch just south of the Moline Airport. “The inn’s vineyard view, along with it being home to the Seasonal Terrace and close to the Quad Cities- yet a world away- makes it a popular place for travelers and natives  alike,” says Inn owner Beverly Mital.

The Inn now offers Golf Getaways with Pinnacle Country Club and Wine & Relax Retreats with Indigo  ellness. From vineyard trails, to golf, massage, and ski packages, the Inn offers indulgence at every level, & some  peace and quiet to boot. The Inn is open year round.

FRESH IDEA #3: Winery & Tasting Room along Historic US Highway 67
“I have always had an affinity for old buildings,” smiles winemaker John Mital. “Our revitalization of what was once a family diner and service station, connecting the Quad Cities with Macomb and St. Louis, has been  warmly welcomed. My parents renovated an old building in Le Claire, IA in the 1990s, and when the Preemption building came up for sale, well, it was perfect.” The Tasting Room opened November 2012, and passersby can watch the completion of exterior renovations on this historic 1940s building throughout 2013. Tasting Room hours are Th-Fri 3-7pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.

In terms of the wine, it speaks for itself. Last year Creekside Vineyards entered both the Illinois Wine and  idAmerican Wine Competitions. Nine medals were bestowed, including Gold. Creekside Vineyards also enjoys spreading good cheer at various non-profit and business events in the Quad Cities, from the RME Winter Wine Festival, to Hy-Vee’s upcoming Food & Wine Experience in April and the Chamber’s annual Schmooza Palooza this summer.

For an Events Calendar, online reservations and details, visit, or call the Inn at 309-787-6919 or the Winery, Tasting Room, & Seasonal Terrace at 309-787-WINE (9463).

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