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Written by Recipedia   
Wednesday, 16 July 2014 14:54

The percentage of consumers who identify themselves as vegans has increased from 1 percent in 2009 to 2.5 percent in 2012, according to a Harris Interactive poll. About double that number—5 percent of Americans—consider themselves vegetarians, not counting the added number of “flexitarians” who occasionally go meatless. With more people eating a plant-based diet all or part of the time, menus are offering a wider and more inspired selection of vegetarian and vegan choices

On-Trend Recipe - Farro Burger with Avocado
by Little Bear
Los Angeles

Veggie burgers have grown in scope and creativity over the years, as they’ve evolved into a more popular choice for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. At Little Bear, the kitchen blends farro with beans and mushrooms to form a patty that cooks and looks a lot like meat. The topping is vegan, too, composed of roasted red pepper, creamy avocado and aioli made with tofu.

"Soul Food" Dinner at the Solid Rock Cafe PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Ginger Busby   
Friday, 11 July 2014 15:05

Join us on Friday, July 25, 2014 from 4pm until 7pm for a "Soul Food" dinner.

Cost is $6.00 per plate, served with your choice of lemonade or iced tea.

Our barista drinks and fresh fruit smoothies will be available at $3.00 each.

There will also be music for your soul!

For more information, please call 563-323-5295 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Build a Better Burger PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Everyday Health   
Monday, 30 June 2014 08:36

So, the stats are pretty unappetizing, but that doesn’t mean you have to swear off burgers for good. When it comes to chowing down on this barbecue favorite, it’s always better to go homemade, where you have complete control over the ingredients going in to your meal.

Follow these tips for a better-for-you burger:

•Go organic. To avoid additives and hormones, shop your local farmer's market for locally-sourced, organic meat products.

• Opt for lean turkey meat over beef. “Beef burgers add up fast in the fat department – especially saturated fat, which is important to keep track of for cardiovascular health and your waistline,” says Keren Gilbert, MS, RD, founder and president of Decision Nutrition. “Lean turkey meat has half the saturated fat of beef; make sure the label says at least 93 percent lean.”

• Increase moisture. “Lean turkey burgers tend to be dry since the fat content is low,” says Gilbert. “To up the moisture of your burger, I suggest adding onions, shredded zucchini, shredded carrots, or spinach.” These veggies also up the fiber content, helping you to feel more satiated, Gilbert adds.

• Add a healthy binding agent. Breadcrumbs are the most popular ingredient for binding ground meat, but Gilbert suggests swapping them for fiber-rich oats. Another option: Chia seeds, which are a great binder that also ups the nutritional profile of your burger. She recommends using 1/2 cup of either ingredient to 1 pound of turkey.

• Season smart. Up the flavor of your patty with calorie-free flavorings. Gilbert suggests hot sauce, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, or paprika.

• Condiment swap. “Even a lean, healthy burger can take a turn for the worse when topped with bacon, cheese, or creamy sauces,” says Gilbert. She suggests passing on the caloric add-ons in favor of salsa, mustard, or veggie toppings like peppers and onions.

"The Killer Burger Cookbook" and "The Tube Steak Boogie Cookbook" - Two Cookbooks for Guys That Benefit The Wounded Warrior Project PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Tim Murphy   
Friday, 27 June 2014 14:19

What are “Cookbooks for Guys?”

“These are good-tasting recipes for men that are simple and quick to make because we’re lazy and we’re hungry,” says author Tim Murphy.

With fourteen titles in the series and more coming, Tim Murphy has struck upon a concept that has become a cottage industry.

“People are so locked into a dog or meat patty on the grill and a glop of condiments. Both books go well beyond the tried and true. These aren’t gourmet, but aside from dozens of recipes in each book I’ve researched over 150 condiments, stuffings, spices and sauces that take the humble hot dog and basic burger to the next level,” says Murphy.

And it’s not about just food. Murphy donates 25% of all book profits to The Wounded Warrior Project. He says it’s just “the right thing to do, to give back to those that gave so much.”

Murphy has also just released his first “non-cookbook” title called “Flannel John’s Emergency Preparation and Bug Out Book.” In case of a disaster, natural or man-made, you should have an emergency kit on hand. Author Tim Murphy has researched and compiled the 100+ items that can get you through a short-term crisis of a long-term disaster. Something as small as a 20-cent pencil sharpener or wine cork could be a life saver.

“A pencil sharpener in your “go bag” can be used to shave tinder from twigs and start a fire to keep you and your family warm,” says Tim Murphy. “Wine corks can be used as a makeshift fishing bopper or as a security float for keys or glasses.”

“There is NOT going to be a zombie apocalypse. It makes for compelling television and movies but the dead are not going to rise and crave human flesh. You are going to face emergencies. Depending on where you live, it could be a flood, tsunami, forest fire, tornado, hurricane, snowstorm, mud slide or power outage. In some cases, you may have to hunker down and ride it out. In other instances, you’ll have just moments to gather the family and bug out. I wrote this book to keep people safe” says Murphy. All three books are $7.95.

Murphy is a veteran radio broadcaster and freelance writer. He is the Operations Manager for Ohana Media Group, a five-station cluster in Astoria, Oregon and is also the morning announcer for 102.3 KCRX. He lives in Astoria, OR with his wife LisaMarie Costanzo.

All fifteen of his books can be found at and at For additional information, pictures or for an interview, contact Tim Murphy at (701) 238-1775 (cell) or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

# # #

Summer's sizzling on the grill PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Teresa Bjork   
Friday, 20 June 2014 14:05
Early summer is by far my favorite time of year in Iowa. First of all, the weather is perfect. The temperatures are mild, the high humidity hasn't kicked in and the mosquitoes aren't yet buzzing around in full force.

Plus, I'm catching up on all the outdoor activities I missed so much during the brutally cold winter. I'm spending a lot of time on the bike trails and in my backyard garden. I'm also traveling to family get-togethers, where we gather outside around the grill, listening to the chirping birds and smelling the sizzling hamburgers while we marvel about how fast the grass is growing. (What else can we Iowans complain about when we can't gripe about the weather?)

In this edition of the Iowa Dish, we take a closer look at the prices for steaks, Iowa pork chops and other grilling favorites and why they are higher. We share summer grilling tips from an Iowa dietician and tell you about a new app to help grill foods safely.

In addition, we introduce you to an Iowa family that is making yogurt on the farm with milk from their Holstein cows. Plus, be sure to check out the latest Iowa Minute video on how cows can now milk themselves with the newest robotic milkers.

We're also sharing a winning recipe from the Iowa Farm Bureau Cookout Contest, held annually at the Iowa State Fair, for a beef roast on the grill. It's a budget-friendly cut of meat that's full of flavor.

If you have a favorite grilling recipe, or you have a question about farming in Iowa or about food in general, feel free to email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We may cover the topic in a future issue. Enjoy the summer!

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