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Written by Chef Jared   
Friday, 26 September 2014 09:25

We would like to thank you for making our first summer in downtown Moline a great success! Without all of our great farmers and our guests who are as excited about the farm to table concept as we are this summer would not have been so much fun and exciting for us! We started participating in the grower's market this year and from that has come some great partnerships for our restaurant that helps us achieve our goal of using local fresh ingredients.

Party season is right around the corner and we already have begun taking reservations!   We can take reservations for smaller parties for your friends or large parties for the whole office. We have had great success lately with some larger groups and are excited to plan some more great events with you. Call us now and let's get the party started.

Barley & Rye Bistro

1320 5th Ave

Moline, IL 61265

Governor Quinn Presents Gene & Jude’s with Inaugural “Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination” Award PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Katie Hickey   
Friday, 26 September 2014 08:50

New Award Highlights Illinois’ Growing Tourism Industry and its Key Role in Illinois’ Economic Comeback

RIVER GROVE – Governor Pat Quinn today honored the iconic Chicago area hot dog stand Gene & Jude’s with the first-ever “Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination” award. The new culinary designation celebrates local food establishments that are beloved stops for visitors and locals alike. The award also highlights the important role Illinois restaurants play in Illinois’ economic comeback.

“This award recognizes restaurants that are staples in the communities they serve and are unique to Illinois, such as Gene & Jude’s,” Governor Quinn said. “The state’s thriving restaurant industry plays a major role in our economic comeback by attracting visitors and creating jobs. I congratulate Gene & Jude’s on their history in Illinois and for being named our first official ‘Delicious Destination.’”

The Governor and tourism officials today also opened the nominating process for more unique restaurants around the state to garner the title as a “Delicious Destination.” In the coming months, Illinois tourism officials will travel around the state to present additional “Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination” awards. To be considered, restaurants must be nominated by a local Convention & Visitors Bureau, community member or an “Enjoy Illinois” social media fan.

Nominated restaurants must be unique to Illinois and an established part of its community and award winners will be chosen by the Illinois Office of Tourism. For more information about the state’s culinary offerings and “Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination” awards, visit

“From family-owned restaurants with long and storied histories to the hottest new cuisines in the world, Illinois has emerged as a premier culinary destination for both domestic and international visitors,” Illinois Office of Tourism Director Jen Hoelzle said. “Gene & Jude’s nearly 80 years of delicious history in Illinois and wonderful staff made it a great selection for the first ‘Enjoy Illinois: Delicious Destination’ award.”

The culinary industry accounts for 515,600 jobs in Illinois, or about 9 percent of the state’s employment. In addition, many travelers come to Illinois or extend their stay because of the state’s flourishing restaurant and culinary scene. According to a 2013 D.K. Shifflet & Associates Study, 28 percent of leisure travelers to Illinois report a “culinary experience” as a key part of their vacation. The study also detailed Illinois’ tourism workforce grew to 301,100 in 2013, adding 2,400 new jobs to the state. The numbers highlight the tourism industry’s vital contributions to Illinois’ economic growth, job creation and tax revenue.

Today’s announcement follows last week’s news that the Illinois unemployment rate hit a six-year low in August when it fell to 6.7 percent. This is the lowest rate since August 2008 and a continuation of an uninterrupted drop in the state jobless rate that began in late 2013. The number of people employed in Illinois remains above six million, continuing a 2014 trend that has seen more people working in this state than at any time since early 2009.

Gene & Jude’s Red Hot Stand was founded in 1946 on Polk and Western Avenues in Chicago, serving classic hot dogs and fries to loyal customers. The restaurant expanded and moved to its current location in 1950. Gene & Jude’s continues to amaze diners with mouthwatering dishes served with the highest standards of quality. The beloved stand has received recognition as serving the best hot dog and fries in the country by celebrity chefs, food critics and others.


A Toast to Our 2nd Favorite Adult Beverage PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Ginny Grimsley   
Monday, 22 September 2014 07:30
Wine Aficionado Shares Tips for a Full-Bodied Experience

Slide over, sweaty mug of brutish beer; wine has stepped up its game!

In the past two decades, zins, cabs and chardonnays have soared in popularity among imbibing Americans. The preference of just one in four in 1992, its now the alcoholic beverage of choice for 35 percent of us, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. At the same time, beer has taken a tumble, from the favorite of nearly half of us to just 36 percent.

“Wine is an adventure in a glass – something other cultures have recognized for centuries,” says Howard Kleinfeld, author (as Howard K.) of “Dial M for Merlot,”, a fun novel about a lovelorn nerd whose world snaps to life with his first wine tasting.

“For a long time in this country, we viewed wine as an elitist beverage. Just to be eligible to uncork a bottle required a scary level of sophistication. I have great respect for connoisseurs and the sommeliers, but if you’ve ever attended a wine tasting, you quickly see wine is actually the great equalizer.”

For those who’ve never visited a vineyard or sipped a Gewurztraminer, Kleinfeld offers these tips to free up your palate -- and your psyche -- for a full-bodied experience.

1.  What’s the best wine?
You’ll find all kinds of lists purporting to distill the top 10 or top 100 best wines of the thousands upon thousands of new releases each year. They are a wonderful resource for information and a great starting point, but there is no substitute for personal exploration.
“The best wine is always whatever’s in your glass at the moment,” Kleinfeld says, “unless whatever’s in your glass makes you grimace, in which case …”

2.  Don’t drink it if it doesn’t make you happy.
Life really is too short to not make the most of every moment – and every sensual experience.
“I learned that in 2007 when I was diagnosed with throat cancer at, what I felt was, a very young age,” Kleinfeld says. “I got through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation with the love and support of my family and friends, but I lost my sense of taste for a few years.”
Cancer-free and with all of his senses intact, Kleinfeld says he has resolved to enjoy every sip of life.
“Don’t waste your time on wine you don’t enjoy. Save it for cooking,” he says. “Drink something that puts a smile on your face. And remember – there are all kinds of smiles.”

3.  Go ahead and shell out $50 or $100 on a wine you just have to taste again.
A lot of us think California and Napa Valley when we think domestic wines, and while The Golden State is the No. 1 producer in the country (followed by Washington, Oregon and New York), every state now has wineries. That means that wherever you are, there’s a wine tasting room within driving distance.
“If you go to a wine tasting and you sample something you absolutely love, something you know you want to taste again – maybe with a steak, which they don’t usually have at wine-tasting rooms, go ahead and buy it,” Kleinfeld advises.
“Forget that it costs three or four times what you (might) usually spend for a bottle of wine. Splurge. See tip No. 2.”

4.  Forget the red with meat, white with fish and chicken rule – unless it works for you.
The idea of pairing red wines with red meats has to do with the bolder flavor of both. Fish and chicken tend to have milder flavors, as do many white wines.
“But there are so many exceptions to those ‘rules’ you may as well just toss ‘em,” Kleinfeld says. “They don’t take into account the range of flavors of meat, fish and chicken, especially when you consider all the different ways they can be prepared. And if you’re not a fan of Riesling, for instance, you won’t like it no matter what you pair it with.”
Be an adventurer, he advises. Open a few different varieties of wine when you sit down to eat and explore different pairings.
“The entrees and wines you best enjoy together are the perfect pairings for you.”

About Howard Kleinfeld (Howard K)

Howard Kleinfeld is a full-time wine enthusiast, part-time foodie, and first-time author. His new novel, “Dial M for Merlot,”, written under the pen name Howard K, follows a 30-year-old math whiz’s intoxicating journey of wine discovery. Kleinfeld is a longtime singer-songwriter whose compositions/productions for advertising, TV shows and indie films have earned him Emmy, Telly and Addy, awards.

News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Dapo Kolawole   
Friday, 12 September 2014 14:21

DAVENPORT– (September 9, 2014) – Citispoon Inc., a Davenport based mobile app solutions company for restaurateurs and diners, announced today the beta launch of their 360 degree diner and restaurant app beta solutions. Citispoon provides diners and restaurateurs a way to prepay for their dining experience while eliminating no-show diners.

Diners can search and pre-purchase a table which eliminates wait times, guaranteeing a table. Diners that choose to secure a table at a restaurant get a confirmed table which in turn increases revenue for restaurants and reduces or eliminates no-show guests. Diners that sign up for the service through a mobile app receive notifications of restaurant table availability.

Citispoon provides convenience to users by presenting the information to you based on your cuisine preferences. These notifications will be tailored to set times of the day you would like to know restaurant table status.

Citispoon allows you to conveniently use your mobile device to access restaurant table’s status and secure a table thereby saving time and money

Restaurants that partner with Citispoon can use our Citispoon One app to solve the problem of reservation no-show guests by providing real time status of table availability. Citispoon is set out to “increase revenue for restaurants by reducing or eliminating the cost associated with no-show diners” said Dapo Kolawole, Co-founder and CEO of Citispoon Inc.

Citispoon will offer two apps, Citispoon and Citispoon One the diner and restaurant apps. The diner app will be available in IOS and Android while the restaurant app will be offered in Android only.


Citispoon, Inc. is a startup technology company created out of the need to enhance the diners experience as well as increasing revenues for restaurants. Citispoon Inc. is headquartered in Davenport, IA. For more information, go to

Distillery Expanding In LeClaire PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Ryan Burchett   
Thursday, 11 September 2014 16:24

Le Claire, Iowa, September 10, 2014 – Mississippi River Distilling Company is breaking ground on a new barrel storage warehouse and patio area in downtown LeClaire.  The nearly four year old distillery is increasing their footprint in order to age more of their popular Cody Road Bourbon and Cody Road Rye whiskies.

The project has been talked about since the distillery’s inception in 2010.  “The city owned the land directly south of our building and the vision was always to have some sort of public plaza there.” said Mississippi River Distilling Company owner Ryan Burchett.  “The idea was to break up the buildings and allow for river views from the highway.  But we never figured out the details on how it was to be developed because the empty lot to our south hasn’t been developed yet.”

Over the years, demand for the distillery’s Cody Road whiskies has grown.  They now have distribution in 22 states and 3 foreign countries.  “We’re thrilled that people want our whiskies.  But with more people buying it, we have to be putting more away in barrels to keep up with demand on down the road.” Said Burchett.

As space got tight in the existing facility, owners say the perfect opportunity presented itself right beside them.  “We needed space and the city had an empty lot sitting next door.”  Said owner Garrett Burchett.  “So we offered to purchase the lot and develop it in exchange for a public easement on top that would allow for visitors to access the plaza area as originally envisioned.  We gained over 1,400 square feet of barrel storage and a patio; the city gets the public area we all hoped for from the beginning.”

LeClaire Mayor Bob Scannell says it is a win-win for everyone.  “From the City’s perspective, we have a great business in LeClaire that continues to grow.  With this investment, the distillery gets stronger and we get a nice addition to our riverfront.  It’s all done with private dollars and returns the land to the tax rolls. It’s just great progress for all of us.”

Burchett says the construction should be complete in about 6 weeks. “It’s kind of like a big concrete garage, so it shouldn’t take too long.  The top will be at street level and will be a large patio with public access from Highway 67.  Our tasting room will have a door out to the plaza as well.  Underneath will be a 57 by 25 foot barrel room.”  The project is being handled by Friemel Construction of Bettendorf.

As this construction commences, LeClaire city officials are beginning to consider a separate brewery project to the north of the distillery.  The new Green Tree Brewing Company goes before the LeClaire Planning and Zoning committee on Thursday with hopes to break ground on the LeClaire riverfront later this fall.  “With everything going on in downtown LeClaire, we through this would be the perfect location for our new brewery.”  said owner Richard Day.  “With the distillery next door, we think it will make the area even more of a destination and give LeClaire another first class attraction.”

The brewery also plans construction of a similar plaza area just north of their building.  “The City has another 25 foot plaza area just north of our development.” said Day.  “We’re proposing to handle the construction exactly the same way as the distillery has.  We think it’s a great solution for all involved.”


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