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IOWA GROCERY SHOPPERS MOST INTERESTED IN TASTE, PRICE WHEN THEY BUY MEAT, POULTRY AND DAIRY: New Iowa Farm Bureau Food & Farm Index Also Highlights Importance of Food Labels PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Andrew Wheeler   
Monday, 13 January 2014 10:14

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – January 10, 2014 – When it comes to meat, poultry and dairy products, “price” and “taste” drive most purchasing decisions of Iowa grocery shoppers, according to new research from the Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm IndexSM, conducted online by Harris Interactive® in November and December of 2013.  Nearly 8 in 10 Iowa grocery shoppers cited price (79% for meat/poultry; 80% for dairy) and taste (76% for meat/poultry; 77% for dairy) among the most important factors to them when buying meat, poultry and dairy products.  That finding on price was consistent, even among higher income Iowa grocery shoppers (those who make $75,000 or more).

The next most important considerations for Iowa grocery shoppers are “food safety” (39% for meat/poultry; 40% for dairy) and “nutrition” (41% for meat/poultry; 37% for dairy).

The Iowa Farm Bureau Food & Farm IndexSM surveys Iowa residents between 20 and 60 years old who have primary or shared responsibility for household grocery shopping; 502 such respondents were interviewed for this wave of research. It is the first in a semi-annual survey of Iowans to study the factors driving their food purchases.

Iowa grocery shoppers read labels

While the survey points to the common sense food priorities of Iowa shoppers, it also shows they’re hungry for more information about how or where their food is grown or raised.  About two-thirds of Iowa grocery shoppers (68%) pay attention to such labels on their food.  Among those who do, the highest percentages say labels indicating that the food was raised in the U.S. (50%) give them the information they are seeking, followed by raised locally (43%), hormone free (36%) or antibiotic free (32%).

“This survey shows us there is an opportunity for farmers to share how they raise farm animals

or use antibiotics to protect the animals’ health and that’s an important issue because here in Iowa, where we lead the nation in several types of meat production, there are too many Iowans who don’t understand the ‘big picture’ of antibiotic use on the farm,” said Dr. Scott Hurd, DVM, PhD and Associate Professor, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Hurd, who served as Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety at the USDA in 2008, directing all federal meat and poultry inspection, says advances in feed, housing and veterinary medicine guide the care of all food chain animals and by law, there are strict withdrawal guidelines.  “That means no animals are on antibiotics when they go into the food chain, so there are zero antibiotics in meat.  Furthermore, Iowa farmers are also subject to standards of care on the farm which require regular supervision, ongoing research and certification programs to make sure animals raised in Iowa are kept safe, well-fed and pain-free,” he said.

Farmers agree the Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm IndexSM shows a need for conversations to continue with consumers. “This shows us that Iowans believe their food is safe, but they want information about their food, so this is an opportunity for all farmers to connect with them and clarify a few things.  Since many Iowa shoppers pay attention to labels that claim the food is ‘raised hormone free’, they need to know that all foods come from living organisms and all living organisms have hormones.  In fact, science has long documented ( that meat or dairy products have a fraction of the amount of hormones that cabbage contains.  This is an opportunity for critical food safety dialogue,” said Craig Hill, Iowa livestock farmer and president of IFBF.

Farmers more trusted than doctors regarding food safety questions (Click here for Infographic)

The Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm IndexSM also showed that when it comes to the most trusted sources about food safety information, farmers (26%) ranked higher than dietitians/nutritionists (16%), medical professionals (11%), the government (7%), food companies (5%) or chefs/cooks (2%).

Additionally, 50 percent of Iowa grocery shoppers ranked farmers in their top three – the highest

percentage for this status – followed by dietitians/nutritionists (46%).


Harris Interactive conducted the survey online on behalf of the Iowa Farm Bureau, within the United States from November 21-December 2, 2013.  A total of 502 Iowa residents aged 20-60 were surveyed, who have primary or shared responsibility for grocery shopping for their household.  For a complete methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Laurie Johns at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About Harris Interactive

Harris Interactive is one of the world’s leading market research firms, leveraging research, technology and business acumen to transform relevant insight into actionable foresight.  Known widely for the Harris Poll, Harris offers proprietary solutions in the areas of market and customer insight, corporate brand and reputation strategy and marketing, advertising, public relations and communications research across a wide range of industries.  For more information, please visit

For more information on the Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm IndexSM, please visit Iowa Farm Bureau at


About Iowa Farm Bureau

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation is a grassroots, statewide organization dedicated to enhancing the People, Progress and Pride of Iowa.  More than 153,000 families in Iowa are Farm Bureau members, working together to achieve farm and rural prosperity.  For more information about Farm Bureau and agriculture, visit the online media center at

News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Marco LaNave   
Friday, 10 January 2014 13:58

Private luxury suites, Suite Level, and Sky Deck seating available for two nights Valentine’s Day weekend

DAVENPORT, Iowa (JAN. 9, 2014) – Quad Cities-area couples seeking a uniquely romantic setting and dining experience this Valentine’s Day weekend can now make their reservations for a Valentine’s Day Dinner in the private luxury suites, Suite Level or Sky Deck at the award-winning Modern Woodmen Park.

Couples can choose either of two nights this Valentine’s Day weekend to enjoy a four-course gourmet meal at the venue voted the Best Minor League Ballpark in a nationwide vote by and USA TODAY. Couples may choose to rent a private luxury suite, a table on the stadium suite level or take in the spectacular view of the ballpark, Centennial Bridge, Mississippi River and downtown Davenport from a table in the glass-enclosed, climate-controlled Sky Deck.

“The Valentine’s Day Dinner treats couples to an wonderful atmosphere, delicious meal and delightful evening at Modern Woodmen Park,” said River Bandits co-owner Dave Heller. “The unique setting, first-rate service and fantastic dining experience at this unique venue provides Quad Cities couples a truly memorable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Dinner reservations are available for Valentine’s Day, Friday, Feb. 14 (5-9 p.m.) or Saturday, Feb. 15 (5-9 p.m.). Couples can choose a table on the Suite Level for just $80 per couple, Sky Deck for just $90 per couple, or a private, candle-lit luxury suite for $100 per couple. A group of four may share a suite for $200, a group of six for $275, and a group of eight for $350. With each dinner, the couple will also receive a complimentary pair of tickets to any 2014 River Bandits home game.

Every meal includes a shared appetizer, in addition to a a soup or salad, and an entrée with two sides, followed by a shared dessert. Couples may also add to their evening with a bottle of champagne or wine.

Reservations can be made by calling Taylor Satterly or Alli Costello at 563-324-3000 or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Reservations must be made by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6.

“The Valentine’s Day Dinner is one of the most popular special events at the ballpark, and it is a splendid opportunity to experience the most premium areas of a year-round venue,” said General Manager Andrew Chesser. “We look forward to hosting each couple that celebrates this Valentine’s Day at Modern Woodmen Park.”

UP NEXT: Season-ticket holders can still guarantee their same seats for the upcoming season, but time is running short! Ticket-plan holders must renew their plans with a $50 deposit per seat by Jan. 31, in order to keep the same seats as last season. Contact your account representative or call 563-324-3000 today to renew your ticket plan. To order ticket plans - with new lower prices - for next season, call the River Bandits box office at 563-324-3000 or visit to download the season ticket order form. Season ticket and mini-plan packages start at just seven games and begin at less than $40. Call a River Bandits account representative today to choose your seats and get the details of our various mini-plan packages.

ABOUT THE BANDITS: Having just been named Ballpark Digest's winner of Best Ballpark Improvement in America under $1 million, the River Bandits ownership is making one of the biggest improvements to Modern Woodmen Park since the ballpark was first built back in 1931! A new Ferris wheel, standing 112 feet over the playing field, is opening this spring, along with a carousel, a new ride called a "Drop and Twist," an expanded zip line, and many other new games and attractions. In 2013, the team unveiled a new 220-foot long dual zip line, a rock climbing wall, and a number of new bounce houses. The team's major league affiliate, the Houston Astros, just saw all six of its affiliates reach the playoffs - the first time in a decade any MLB team can claim such success. The River Bandits were one of three affiliates to reach the championship round and one of two to win their league championship.


Local Distiller Awarded Iowa Homebrewer of the Year PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Ryan Burchett   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 13:04

Le Claire, Iowa, January 8, 2014 – While he distills whiskey for a living, Mississippi River Distilling Company’s distiller Scot Schaar is big into fermenting brew at home as well.  Schaar was recently honored as the 2013 Iowa Homebrewer of the Year.



To be eligible for this distinction, a homebrewer must enter and place in three of four competitions throughout the year in the state.  The competitions are held all over Iowa with 26 different categories and sub categories.  Each entry in the various categories earns points.  Schaar entered multiple brews in each competition.


Schaar was also honored as the runner up in the 2013 Midwest Homebrewer of the Year (MWHBOY) competition.  This competition encompasses 13 Midwest states and 15 competitions throughout the year.  Points are accumulated by winning first, second or third place in any of the homebrew competitions in the MWHBOY Circuit.  A brewer's accumulated points are multiplied by his winning percentage (his ratio of medals to entries) to calculate his net score, upon which the competition's rankings are based.  In 2013, Schaar medaled with 26 of his entries.


“I’ve been entering competitions for 10 years, a little more serious in the last three to four years and then sending samples out to farther competitions,” Schaar says.  “The competitions really help with brewing by reading the judges’ feedback as well as talking to other homebrewers and hearing other techniques.  Craft beer has gotten huge in the past five to ten years.  My equipment and craft has also grown over that time starting with just a pot on the kitchen stove to now having a fairly extensive system in my garage.”


In addition to entering homebrew competitions, Schaar also judges similar homebrew competitions.  He says judging is another good way to expand your palate and learn things to incorporate into his own beers.


Schaar has one more prestigious competition to go.  He has two beers qualified for the Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing competition (MCAB).  This is an annual national championship competition for homebrewers.  Brewers qualify for this event by competing in various qualifying events.  Placing first in any MCAB recognized category qualifies the entrant for admission into the MCAB championship competition, known as a “champions’ championship” in the homebrew circuit.


Schaar started at Mississippi River Distilling Company in October 2012.  He had watched the business from the ground up and often helped during bottling nights and other events.  His knowledge of brewing naturally translated into distilling.  “His brewing background has been a huge asset to Scot and to our company.”  said owner Ryan Burchett.  “Until it goes into the still, making whiskey is a brewing process.  So we’ve definitely learned from him. He has a real passion that shows in his beers and in the spirits he makes here.  We’re really excited that he is getting some formal recognition for it.”

Chipotle’s stealth move into pizza PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Peter Romeo, Restaurant Business newsletter Vice President & Editorial Director   
Thursday, 19 December 2013 14:58

It could be the biggest Duh! in restaurant history. Entrepreneurs of all stripes and levels of capitalization are jockeying to become the Chipotle of the pizza market.  Why wouldn’t Chipotle make a run at becoming the Chipotle of pies and sauce? Turns out it’s doing exactly that.

The burrito chain issued a statement Wednesday that confirmed reports of a quiet entry into the so-called better pizza market. Since May, it’s been running a pizzeria in Denver in collaboration with local restaurateurs Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson. Chipotle said a search is already underway elsewhere in the city for second and third units of Pizza Locale.

The fast-casual concept could be a Chipotle without the rice and beans. Customers move along a prep line, specifying what toppings they want on their pie to a pizza maker on the other side of the glass.

True to the set-up of virtually all better-pizza start-ups, Pizza Locale features a high-temp oven that bakes the pies in a flash. Chipotle said the cook time is less than two minutes.

The concept also hews to the emerging segment’s model for serving wine. Red and white selections will be sold from a tap, eliminating the need for servers to uncork a bottle.

The press release notes that Stuckey is a master sommelier. Business partner Mackinnon-Patterson is a chef. The two collaborated on Fesca Food and Wine.

They make no mystery as to where they drew inspiration for Pizza Locale. The press release specified that the concept is a fast-casual reduction of a full-service restaurant in Boulder, Colo., that also operates under the name Pizza Locale.

Confirmation of Chipotle’s venture, apparently triggered by a Denver-area blog post and a story in The Wall Street Journal, is the second announcement this week of an entry into the pizza market by a dominant player in another quick-service segment. A Subway franchisee has disclosed plans to open a pizza version of the sandwich concept on the campus of the University of Nebraska.

Creekside Vineyards Wants You to Make Merry With Them PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Food & Dining
Written by Jen Mital   
Thursday, 19 December 2013 14:20
Top 5 Reasons to Make Merry with Us
There is a bit of fantastic inside every bottle & breakfast...
#5. We Live Local
Winemaker John Mital & Neighborhood D'Vine Vineyard Owner Dick Ghys unload La Crescent Grapes at the Winery

* working with Illinois vineyards, 5 within the greater QCA

  • * purchasing ONLY wine bottles MADE IN THE USA

* supporting local artists & carrying their products  (cards, jewelry, paintings, hand turned bowls, even CV keychains)


* Embracing our partnerships with Indigo Wellness, Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park, Oakwod Country Club, Two Rivers Massage, Pinnacle Country Club, & DeBord Catering & Cafe


#4. Quality over Quantity

Every vintage is unique, and we seem to be on a roll... 2011-2012 vintages earned a total of 17 MEDALS, including 2 GOLDS! (& we haven't even released all of 2012!)
October-December Releases
2012 Sundaze Seyval
2012 Rock Island Red Frontenac
2012 Blushing Bonnie Chambourcin
2012 Country Road Chambourcin Limited Reserve

Try them all at the Preemption Tasting Room, Tuesday-Sunday, 1-6pm
(Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, & New Year's Day)
#3. We Give Back
Kellsey McGuire signing a bottle of Hope
to be auctioned off for Candy Bar Bingo in February at the Stern Center. Photo taken September, 2013 @ CV Wine Terrace at the Hope in a Bottle Kick Off.
Creekside Vineyards Supports:
Ribbons for Kellsey: $4 from every bottle of Hope supports children with epilepsy in the QCA

River Music Experience

Rock Island Broadway Historic District

Sherrard Academic Foundation

Sherrard Pumpkin Fest

Arrowhead Ranch

American Red Cross, Time for Tots Daycare, Sherrard Library, National Wild Turkey Federation, BiState Awareness Ride, & Others

#2: Our Inn Packages are Priceless
reviews from

Heaven on a Hill, 5 stars on June 30, 2013

"My husband and I stayed for our anniversary. We could not have been happier, Bev and Don have a wonderful place. Relaxing, quiet and peaceful. Great food!"


Absolutely the best B & B, 5 stars on August 06, 2013
"Don't miss this place! When looking online for a place to spend a girls weekend
... It was the most wonderful trip I have had in years!"

Quiet country inn close to the Quad Cities, 5 stars on November 02, 2013

"My husband and I recently spent 3 nights at Creekside and we couldn't have been more pleased. Owners Bev and Don are very welcoming and extra accommodating. Food was superb - we never had room for lunch and hardly needed dinner after Bev's wonderfully prepared breakfasts. We would highly recommend this beautiful, off-the-beaten-path gem of a B &B."

For more information on the Inn, click HERE
#1. We Celebrate You!

Gift Baskets Available
As a THANK YOU, we now have MONTHLY DRAWINGS at the Tasting Room.  This is December you could win a $40 gift certificate to Ski Snowstar!
We offer volume discounts (5% off 6 bottles, 10% of a case)

Every Veteran's Day we give away a night's stay at the Inn to honor a veteran (thank you for your service!)

We offer a Case Club Membership with automatic enrollment; read about this HERE!
Enjoy the Holidays!
John & Jennifer, Don & Bev Mital
Creekside Vineyards Winery & Inn
Join Our Mailing List!
Catch Us Around Town...
Sat. Dec. 20th, 3-5pm:
Wine Tasting at Ski Snowstar Lodge (Andalusia, IL)

Mon. Jan. 6th, 6:30-7:30pm:
Hobby Wine Making & Vineyard Planning with John Mital ( Sherrard Public Library; RSVP appreciated)

Sun. Jan 12th: 3-5pm:
Wine Tasting at Ski Snowstar Lodge (Andalusia, IL)

Jan 13-17: CBS4 WHBF Weather Trivia:
Watch for a chance to win Creekside Vineyards Gift Certificates!

Sat. Jan 18th:
River Music Experience Winter Wine Festival (samples galore) @ the Stern Center (enjoy a glass of Creekside Vineyards wine in partnership with DeBord Catering)

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