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Friday, 23 December 2011 16:18

Simple Succulent Smoke

BBQr's Delight smoke cooking through the holidays and winter.

IDEA: Smoke flavoring ham or fowl adds a truly old time seriously rich succulent edge to food.

PROBLEM: Too much smoke can overpower the natural flavor of the food and smoking food can be labor and time intensive and requires special equipment.  Not true any more!

SOLUTION: Lightly smoke the food before you cook it in your oven. Put BBQr's Delight pellets in aluminum foil and make a pouch by folding the foil over and sealing the edges closed.  Poke one or two toothpick holes in the pellet filled pouch.  Now using your barbecue grill place the pouch directly above (on the grate) medium heat (yes, even in the winter).

Once the smoke begins, place food into the grill set a bit away from the heat and adjust the burner to low. The idea in this scenario is to smoke flavor the food NOT to cook it. Close the hood and smoke for an hour or so. The result is an incredibly rich wood flavor and mouth watering aroma. Now remove from the grill and begin cooking in your kitchen oven as normal. The good part is you need not be a BBQ smoke cooking expert to do this; just be skilled enough to fold aluminum foil.



BBQr's Delight Real wood pellets in foil pouch or cast iron pot make cooking with smoke incredibly tasty, economical and easy

Smoke for grilling: For grilling steaks, fish, hamburgers, etc. prepare BBQr's Delight pellets as above  and place on your grill's grates with the burner set at high heat and wait for the smoke. When the smoke starts pouring out, place in food, sear, and then reduce the heat to your preferred final grilling setting, close the hood and finish grilling as normal.

Cooking sets: BBQr's delight makes great cooking gift and sample kits some which even include a cast iron pot to switch out for the aluminum foil pouch.  Now you can simply pour BBQr's Delight pellets into the pot and place it on the grill for smoke in a few minutes.

Affordable: A $3.99 one pound bag can do at least 8-10 flavor packed outings so if you can afford about 40-50 cents per outing to make your food taste outstanding then this is for you.

Regardless of method, you have 14 favors of genuine wood smoke (not artificial chemicals) to pick from and no water soaking is necessary as with wood chips--yeah it is that simple!

With BBQr's Delight you can pick from or make your own secret mix: Mesquite, Hickory, Orange, Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Sugar Maple, Oak, black Walnut, Mulberry, Sassafras and genuine Jack Daniels Whiskey Filtering Charcoal, Alder and Savory Herb.

Clean up takes about ten seconds.


BBQr's Delight

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