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1766 America’s Young ‘Globals’ See U.S. Role Differently, Author Says Ginny Grimsley
1767 Cornyn, Grassley Celebrate ‘Meat Monday’ Grassley Press
1768 Branstad, Reynolds pledge continued efforts in addressing the drought’s impact Iowa Iowa Governor's Office
1769 Governor Quinn Signs New Laws To Protect Illinois Seniors Nafia Khan
1770 Surveys Show Religious Men are Vulnerable to Pornography Ginny Grimsley
1771 Governor Quinn Signs Law to Increase Opportunity for Asian-Americans Nafia Khan
1772 Doggy Portraiture Forces Reexamination of Animal Life & Value Ginny Grimsley
1773 USDA Challenges Employees to Donate 1.8 Million Pounds of Food for Feds Feed Families Food Drive USDA Communications
1774 U.S. Slow to Repatriate Abducted Children Among Hague Treaty Nations Ginny Grimsley
1775 Harkin Report Details Impact of Sequestration on Health, Education, and Labor Funding Sen. Tom Harkin
1776 National crackdown on synthetic drugs Grassley Press
1778 Jobs Expert: Standardized People Won’t Win America’s Future Ginny Grimsley
1779 Braley Statement on Passage of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act Jeff Giertz
1780 Grassley Asks FDA to Explain Instructions to Contractor on Documents Grassley Press
1781 Top U.S. Energy Department Official Visits Iowa, Calls on Congress to Extend Clean Energy Tax Credits U.S. Dept of Energy
1782 Milan Resident Rewarded Free Fuel for Good Deed Lilly Chow
1783 Hearing on Judicial Independence and Civics Education, with testimony from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor Grassley Press
1784 The ‘Musical Chairs’ Spiritual Trend Ginny Grimsley
1785 Governor Quinn Signs Laws To Reduce Disability Parking Abuse Nafia Khan