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Written by Kira Ayish   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 12:47

Braley Statement on President’s Jobs Address


Washington, DC – Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) released the following statement tonight after President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress on job creation:

“I hope tonight’s speech helps refocus the debate in Washington right where it needs to be: on creating jobs and growing the economy.

“Ideas like extending the payroll tax cut for middle class families and investments in roads and highways should attract support from Republicans and Democrats.

“I’m proud that tonight, Jan Heister of Peosta, Iowa and owner of Premier Tool, joined First Lady Michelle Obama during the speech.  In February 2010, I introduced the Back to Work Act, which provides tax incentives to businesses to hire unemployed workers and my provisions passed into law in March 2010. Since that time, over 100,000 Iowans were hired using this tax incentive, and some of these workers were hired at Jan’s company, Premier Tool. I visited Premier Tool in January 2011 and I was so proud to talk to Jan and some of the workers hired through my Back to Work Act. I’m glad the President has also recognized the good work done at Premier Tool, and invited Jan to attend tonight.

“Focusing on strengthening the middle class – what makes America great – is exactly what we need to be doing to get our economy back on track.  Now, it’s time Congress gets to work on these ideas so Iowans can get back to work.”

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Braley’s Protecting Veterans' Homes Act Moves Forward in House

Washington, DC – Today, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs unanimously passed Congressman Bruce Braley’s bill, the Protecting Veterans’ Homes Act. This legislation would protect veterans from being foreclosed upon by banks and would give returning soldiers time to get their finances in order after long deployments. It passed unanimously as part of a larger legislative package and will now likely proceed to the House Floor.

“Our veterans often return from combat only to face new challenges,” said Rep. Braley. “Whether it’s an injury or a financial crisis caused by long deployments and time off from their civilian jobs, our veterans deserve to know that we’re standing up for them. This bill will give our soldiers enough time to get back on their feet and get their finances in order before being kicked out of their homes. This is the least we can do for the brave men and women who serve this country.”

Currently, similar protections for veterans are set to expire in December, 2012. Rep. Braley’s bill would make these protections permanent and would extend the grace period from nine months to a full year for veterans returning from deployments.

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Braley: Jobs Plan Should Focus on Boosting Iowa’s “Struggling Middle Class”


Washington, DC – Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) released the following statement today before the president’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“Creating jobs and growing the economy should be Congress’ number one priority, but it sure hasn’t been lately.  That’s why Iowans are so frustrated with Washington right now.  All they see is partisan gridlock and nothing getting done on jobs.


“That’s why I hope the president uses tonight as an opportunity to refocus on job creation.  I hope his job creation plan makes helping the struggling middle class a centerpiece.


“We need to act now on ideas like extending the payroll tax cut for middle-class families, providing incentives for the hiring of veterans and Iowa Guard members, and investing in our aging roads, highways, and infrastructure.  Then we need to pay for them.  These proven job creators are ideas that I expect would attract bipartisan support.”

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Braley Statement on Labor Day PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mark Noble   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:28

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) released the following statement on Labor Day, which falls on Monday, September 5:

"On Labor Day, we honor hard-working men and women who provide for their families and keep America strong. By doing this, we're celebrating the American dream - the promise that anyone can make it in America. In recent years, though, many Americans have lost their jobs and are struggling to achieve their own dreams. On this Labor Day, let us honor those who work hard every day, and also those who want to work hard but have been unable to find a job due to the recession. These are the Americans I will be thinking of this Labor Day."


Local Legionnaire hears President, top government leaders make their case to nation’s veterans PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Norma Seehusen   
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:19
Minneapolis (Sept. 1, 2011) – Norma Seehusen was among more than 3,000 leaders of The American Legion attending the nation’s largest wartime veterans organization’s 93rd National Convention in Minneapolis.

Seehusen is a member of Post 588 in Pocahontas, IA and is active in programs that benefit veterans, their families and the children of this area. Highlights of the three-day gathering included addresses by President Barak Obama, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Gen. Eric Shinseki, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Al Franken and Rep. Michelle Bachmann, among others.

President Obama told Legionnaires that while the United States is in a time of fiscal restraint, that the restraint won't include cutting benefits of America's veterans.

“As a nation, we're facing tough choices as we put our fiscal house in order," the president said, getting a standing ovation from the crowd of thousands in the process. "But I want to be absolutely clear: We cannot, we must not, and we will not balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. And as commander-in-chief, I won't allow it.”

Secretary of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki said that VA and the Department of Defense "will spearhead a government-wide effort to reform the way members transition out of the military services. Every member will receive the training, education and credentials needed to successfully transition to the civilian workforce or to pursue higher education."

House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi told delegates, "In the weeks ahead ... Congress will take up the budget at a table of 12," Pelosi said. "I want The American Legion, and all of America to know - that the values of America's veterans will have a strong presence at that congressional table. I want to assure you that as we reduce the deficit, America's veterans will not be short-changed. Meeting the needs of our veterans ... is a value of the American people that we will protect in those negotiations.

"Supporting our veterans is a bipartisan cause,” Pelosi said. “That's the beautiful part of it. It's a place we can all come together. America's veterans have earned our respect by their actions, their bravery and their valor, their willingness to step forward and serve on our behalf."

Among the major events preceding the Legion's 93rd National Convention in Minneapolis was a veterans hiring fair produced jointly by The American Legion and the United States Chamber of Commerce. Legion organizers praised the hiring fair as among the most productive of recent Legion-sponsored career fairs and credited the U.S. Chamber's participation, through its network of local and regional chambers of commerce, for its success. The Legion hiring event was the 19th in an initial series of 100 veterans career fairs to be co-produced by the U.S. Chamber and veterans' advocates nationwide as part of its ‘Hiring our Heroes' initiative.

Kevin Schmiegel, vice president of veterans' employment programs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, announced the impending rollout of three additional components in the organization's concerted campaign to employ military veterans. The official announcement of the program expansion will be made on Veterans Day, said Schmiegel, but Legionnaires were being given a "sneak preview."

Delegates to The American Legion National Convention also heard special reports from two dozen committees and adopted resolutions that will guide the organization’s legislative and operational efforts for the coming year.
National Commander Jimmie L. Foster reported on progress made during his year as leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization, praising Legionnaires for their successes in advocating for veterans, a strong national defense, Americanism and youth programs.

The convention ended with the election of Fang Wong of New York, a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and Vietnam War veteran, as the new national commander.

Seehusen and other American Legion leaders left Minneapolis with a renewed sense of urgency in meeting the needs of today’s military while helping other veterans and the nation. Issues high on the agenda for the coming year include: jobs for veterans, supporting our armed forces during the war on terrorism; reducing the backlog of VA disability claims and veteran homelessness, returning to the American people the right to protect the U.S. Flag from desecration and immediate enforcement of immigration laws with no amnesty.

On 9/11 Anniversary, Remember Legacy of Those Lost PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Sen. Charles Grassley   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 07:50

by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley

A decade after vicious terrorist attacks killed thousands of innocent people and caused immeasurable grief to victims and survivors, America has shown the world that 9/11 may have changed life as we knew it, but it has not changed America’s commitment to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The national tragedy tapped an overwhelming sense of solidarity and sacrifice among Americans from across the country. Consider the selfless acts of courage and patriotism from the moment the hijackers commandeered three airplanes on that clear September morning 10 years ago: from the passengers aboard United Flight 93, to the first responders who reported to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the heroes who serve on the front lines from within the nation’s military and from behind-the-scenes in our intelligence and counterterrorism operations. Thanks to the allegiance of public servants and private citizens, our men and women in uniform and our captains of commerce and industry, the United States of America continues to serve as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity to the rest of the world. Those who sought to undermine the exceptionalism of the American people underestimated the resiliency of the American people.

Just consider the recent protests across the globe, where after decades of oppression, the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have thrown out autocratic regimes in the pursuit of self-government, economic opportunity, higher standards of living and personal freedoms. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 offers Americans and our friends around the world the opportunity to embrace the common threads that tie us together.

For more than two centuries, the United States has attracted millions of newcomers to live and work in the land of opportunity. Generations of Americans have scaled the ladder of economic and social mobility, enjoyed the freedoms of press, speech and religion, and embraced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, risk-taking and innovation. Unleashing the power of the individual has served as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity for the last 235 years.

Along the way, the United States evolved as an economic, cultural and military leader in the world. The 9/11 terror attacks dealt a devastating blow to America and all of humanity. And yet, 10 years later, America still stands as the shining city on the hill. Despite the economic downturn, America still bears the promise of better days ahead. Despite high unemployment and unprecedented public debt, the American Dream still serves as the magical elixir that ultimately defines the nation’s resiliency and bone-deep belief in the goodness of America.

That bone-deep belief in the goodness of America flows through the veins of those called to serve their country in the U.S. military, including one of Iowa’s own hometown heroes who lost his life in the line of duty this summer. Jon Tumilson enlisted in the Navy after graduating from high school in 1995.  A 35-year-old Navy SEAL from Rockford, he was one of 30 Americans killed in one of the deadliest attacks on U.S. forces since 9/11. Barbara and I were able to pay our respects to this fallen Navy SEAL at his funeral in August. The long-time Iowa Hawkeye football and wrestling fan left behind family members and loved ones, including his beloved Labrador retriever named Hawkeye. The black lab led family members into the school gymnasium for the service and proceeded to lie next to the casket of his owner. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. The image of Tumilson’s dog lying next to the flag-draped casket brought three words to mind; loyalty, loss and love.

Let’s honor the memory of the many Iowans who've died in military service since 9/11, and all the soldiers and veterans who have served their country to protect U.S. national security and preserve our American way of life.

May their sacrifice remind us of their bone-deep belief in America’s goodness. As policymakers return to Washington, D.C. and Americans observe the 10th anniversary of 9/11, let’s keep their legacy and love of country close to mind as we work to put America back on the right track towards economic growth and prosperity.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Governor Pat Quinn Takes Clemency Action PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Katelyn Tye   
Thursday, 08 September 2011 07:48
CHICAGO – September 2, 2011. Governor Pat Quinn today granted 74 and denied 99 clemency petitions. This action marks another step in a series of clemency decisions aimed at eliminating a backlog of more than 2,500 cases that built up during the previous administration.

The 173 clemency petitions acted upon by Governor Quinn are part of dockets ranging from 2004 through 2007.  Each person granted clemency has recently undergone a criminal background check through the Illinois State Police’s Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS).

Since taking office, Governor Quinn has acted on 1,529 clemency petitions. Governor Quinn has granted 591 and denied 938 petitions. Those actions include granting 604 pardons and authorizing 11 people who had already received pardons to seek expungement of their convictions.

For additional information on the granted clemency cases, please contact the Prisoner Review Board at (217) 782-7274.


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