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1951 Gov. Branstad names members of the Iowa Public Information Board Office of the Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad
1952 Fortune Magazine on Fast and Furious Grassley Press
1953 Finding Heaven at Home For Believers & Non-Believers Ginny Grimsley
1954 Oil & Gas Industry Leaders Warn of Problems with L.O.S.T. Travis Korson
1955 A reminder: fact sheets on gun-walking are available Grassley Press
1956 Grassley investigates allegations against dental clinics Grassley Press
1957 Braley Discusses House Passage of "Kadyn's Amendment" Jeff Giertz
1958 Help America’s Forests: Join the Arbor Day Foundation in July and 10 Much-Needed Trees Will Be Planted in National Forests Arbor Day Foundation
1959 I Am Staying In My Post As Iowa/Nebraska NAACP Education Chair Jonathan Narcisse
1960 Gov. Branstad announces parade details Iowa Governor's Office
1961 Governor Quinn Takes Bill Action Monday, June 25, 2012 Leslie Wertheimer
1962 Key Fast and Furious Documents Posted Grassley Press
1963 Kids Help Create Program to End Bullying Ginny Grimsley
1964 IRS whistleblower office fixes must continue; Grassley seeks further accounting of progress Grassley Press
1965 White House press secretary on Fast and Furious Grassley Press
1966 Grassley asks the President to detail scope of executive privilege claim for Fast and Furious Grassley Press
1967 The Parents’ Legacy – In The Children’s Hands Ginny Grimsley
1968 Fast and Furious assertions retracted a second time; more evidence of interest in press fallout Grassley Press
1969 Executive privilege assertion with Fast and Furious documents Grassley Press
1970 Religious Embrace Helping Fuel Support for Gay Marriage, Expert Says Ginny Grimsley