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Written by Sen. Tom Harkin   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 16:35

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) today delivered a speech on the Senate floor in advance of a vote on the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

*As Prepared for Delivery*

“Mr. President, I oppose this legislation to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. This is one more step in the wrong direction, one more capitulation to our fossil fuel habit, and one more accelerant for the global warming that threatens our children’s future.

“We have known that burning fossil fuels is bad for our air and water for well over 50 years. When we passed the Clean Air Act in 1970, and again when we strengthened it in 1990, we did so largely because of the harmful impacts of fossil fuels, because of the air pollution coming from burning fossil fuels in our power plants, our homes, our industrial facilities, and our vehicles. In those years, when we faced the clear evidence of widespread air pollution, we took strong actions. I remind you that those bills passed with bipartisan majorities of over 89 percent here in the Senate.

“We have known for over 30 years that burning fossil fuels increases carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We have known for 20 years that those increases are likely to cause global warming and climate change. And for the last 10 years, we have had solid, overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence that the earth – both the continents and the oceans – is indeed warming. According to NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, 9 out of the earth’s 10 warmest years on record since 1880 have occurred in just the past 13 years, and 2014, is on track to become the warmest year of all since 1880.

“And in the face of this all of this evidence, what are we doing? We frequently find ourselves seeking to open new fossil fuel resources – or to expand production – and if that isn’t enough we are going to do it by increasing production from a notoriously dirty source, the tar sands of Canada.

“Mr. President, decreasing our use of fossil fuels is a monumental task. I recognize the very extensive role that energy resources, including fossil fuels, play in our lives – from easing my travel here this morning, to providing the lighting and heating and electronic services we’re using in this Senate chamber here and now, to enabling the construction of our cities and highways. But that is where we should be focusing on our energies – on reducing not increasing this reliance.

“But reducing fossil fuel dependence also creates a huge opportunity – and unlike building the pipeline it also offers major opportunities for creating new jobs. Proponents of the pipeline like to talk about the jobs it will create – and it will create a few jobs for a few years. But if instead of building the Keystone pipeline we committed to retrofit our buildings sector at an accelerated pace – to weatherizing our homes, our offices, and our schools and institutional buildings we would generate more and better jobs while also realizing low cost ways to actually reduce emissions.

“One study found that retrofitting residential and commercial buildings had the potential to reduce consumer demand by 30 percent by 2020 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 gigatons each year – at a savings of $680 billion. A second study found that retrofits could save $1 trillion in energy spending over 10 years and reduce CO2 emissions by 600 million metric tons each year – that is fully ten percent of our emissions.

“And what would retrofitting do for jobs? According to the Rockefeller Foundation it could create 3.3 million new jobs. Far more than construction of one pipeline could ever hope to generate and jobs that would last more than a couple of years.

“We already know how investments in renewable energy pay off. Up until about 10 years ago, Iowa produced essentially no energy. All of the energy used in Iowa -- for farming, for heating and air conditioning and lighting our buildings, and for transportation – came from outside the state. Today, Iowa gets over 25 percent of its electricity from wind. Iowa offers a similar success story when it comes to transportation fuels. Because of our 12 biodiesel plants and our 42 ethanol biorefineries, Iowa now exports about as much liquid fuel as it consumes. And both the wind production and biobased industries have meant good jobs for the people of my state – jobs that will be around longer than it takes to lay some pipe.

“Mr. President, the Keystone XL pipeline is one more shortsighted effort to increase our reliance on fossil fuels. It is a sad excuse of a jobs project – particularly when we know the way to create more and better jobs while simultaneously reducing emissions and saving money. I call on my colleagues to join me in opposing this Keystone XL pipeline bill.”


Simon to speak at summit of first responders PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Ken Lowe   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 16:32

Lt. Governor will address challenges to rural ambulance service


SPRINGFIELD — Lt. Governor Sheila Simon will address emergency medical service providers and local stakeholders Wednesday at the second annual Illinois EMS Summit.

The summit brings together first responders, medical service organizations and local officials for workshops and panel discussions about the recruitment and funding challenges facing ambulance services in rural Illinois.

Simon was among those who called for the summit’s creation. As chair of the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council, Simon has advised the General Assembly on improvements to EMS in rural communities.


DATE: Wednesday, Nov. 19

TIME: 12:45 p.m.

LOCATION: Northfield Inn, Suites & Conference Center, 3280 Northfield Drive, Springfield


Change in Leadership for Iowa’s Premier Gun Rights Group PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Kurt Liske   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:36
Barry Snell follows Jeff Burkett as IFC President
There’s been a change in leadership within the Iowa Firearms Coalition. Jeff Burkett has retired from his
position as president of the organization. Burkett is being succeeded by Communications Director Barry
Snell. Burkett will join the IFC Board of Directors where he will remain active with organization.
Burkett has been with the organization since 2008 and has served as president since 2011. He’s played a
key role in many major projects, including: changing Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting system from
May Issue to Shall Issue, the creation of a Dove Hunting season, and fighting off proposed weapons bans
in several Iowa communities.
Barry Snell has served as Communications Director for the Iowa Firearms Coalition since early 2014. A
lifelong shooter, Snell’s professional experience includes a political science degree from Iowa State,
legislative work in the Iowa Capitol, and public service in both Iowa law enforcement and the US Army.

Snell and Burkett have already coordinated on many projects, and the change in leadership will not have
any effect on day to day operations.
Iowa Firearms Coalition is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, 2nd Amendment advocacy group. Responsible
for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting process, IFC’s members work to protect
and enhance 2nd Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively
seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports.

2014 Holiday Seal of Approval Winners Announced - The National Parenting Center PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by David Gaynes   
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 10:09
MONDAY - NOVEMBER 17, 2014 - The National Parenting Center has released its 24th annual Holiday Seal of Approval report.  The final report of 2014 follows two months of consumer testing by parents and children at The National Parenting Center's test centers.  Parents can read reviews of all the award winning products from this and all three 2014 testing periods, Spring & Fall as well, at They can also find TNPC on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep up with our posts on Pinterest
The Seal of Approval evaluative process gauges consumer reaction to products currently being marketed to both parents and their children such as toys, games, books, videos, websites, educational products, etc.  Each is reviewed on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, price, packaging, design, stimulation, desirability, age appropriateness, instructions and more.  TNPC's Seal of Approval is ultimately a peer-to-peer review program to recognize and highlight products and services that have been met with a "thumbs up" by parents.

Since 1989, The National Parenting Center has established itself as North America's leading parent advocacy organization.  TNPC offers advice and information to parents on issues that range from pregnancy through adolescence.  The National Parenting Center's home page, offers visitors free access to hundreds of articles on parenting issues as well as Seal of Approval reviews.  

To schedule interviews with the president of The National Parenting Center, David Katzner, please contact TNPC's Media division 818-225-8990 x-252.  For electronic images (like the sample ones included here) and/or the official PDF report of the entire Holiday Report which features all the reviews of the winning products, please submit your request via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Governor Quinn Statement on Passing of Former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Katie Hickey   
Monday, 17 November 2014 16:02

CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn today made the following statement on the passing of former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne:

“Jane Byrne leaves a legacy of tireless service to Chicago that will never be forgotten.

“Her work on behalf of the city’s children and underserved communities has meant thousands of Chicago citizens are better off today because of Jane’s heartfelt dedication.

“The city’s first and only female mayor, Jane Byrne was a barrier breaker and a role model for countless women who had stared too long through the glass ceiling.

“She brought transparency to the city budget process, was Chicago’s first mayor to march in the Gay Pride Parade and was the nation’s first big-city mayor to successfully enact a ban on handguns.

“Renaming the Circle Interchange in honor of the former mayor has rightfully placed Jane Byrne among the city’s iconic leaders.

“Jane Byrne was a fearless trailblazer who has made our state a better place. She will be missed. Our thoughts are with her daughter Kathy, grandson William and their entire family today.”


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